“Blessed are the poor in spirit”

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”

Mathew 5:3

Only when there is a sense of lack or emptiness can man enter a state where he now desires to draw near to the Creator.  He comes to realize that he can do nothing in his state, but pray to the Creator to liberate him from his spiritual poverty. 

It is necessary for man to experience both the nearing and subsequent distancing of the Creator.  If the person is continually in a high spiritual state within his inner sensations all the time, the individual will soon come to forget that all comes from the Creators Light.  He will no longer desire to come into adhesion with the Creator.  He will begin to think that it is his own qualities that bring him to divinity and righteousness.  Then what need does he have for the Creator if the light now comes from himself?

The soul is a desire to recieve the light of the Creator.  The soul itself can house the Light and be filled with the Creators light, but has no Light of its own.  Therefore the spiritual declines and the distancing of the Creator is necessary, so that the poverty is sensed and the continual renewal of the prayer and union with the Cretaor can occur.  The distancing of the Creator also allows the person to still perform proper spiritual actions without the pleasure and confidence felt when the Creator nears him.  This allows the soul to mature and walk of its own two feet in faith.  This way the person begins to understand that it pleases the Creator and the Divinity, when a person makes honest effort without sensing the pleasure and joy.  The person can be assured that his intentions are for the Creators joy and not his selfish desire to receive only for the reward.

With this knowlege the person can still work during spiritual declines knowing that it brings joy to the Creator.  The person has faith that the Creator will raise him from the dust and that the emptiness and lack of joy is actually beneficial to his spiritual correction and growth.At this point wether the person feels that the Creator is near or far from him he continues to work for the Creator because he knows that in pleases his maker.

It is important to realize that the Creators Light is constant and does not change.  The Creator does not in reality move closer and farther from him, however this is how the person percieves this within his sensations.


By: Jason-John Swartz


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2 thoughts on ““Blessed are the poor in spirit”

  1. Great article, totally what I needed.

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