While Unity may seem to be a great concept, when an individual begins to try to make an honest effort they quickly come to the realization that this is extremely difficult nearing the border of impossibility. Even groups of individuals with common goals soon experience first hand the difficultly with Unity. Even within families this desire for Unity can be a great challenge. The more the volume of individuals assembled the more obvious the lack of Unity.  This is even more the case with the topic of religion, spirituality and the Creator.

The desire to unite may be noble, to work together for the good of the whole seems utopian in intention however why is it the more that we try to unite the more it seems further from our reach?  There is division between religion as well as within religions.  Divisions between religious people and spiritual people and so on and so forth.  However I see a window where Unity can occur and it is not in the beliefs themselves.  How can unity occur there, it cannot they are too different.  However the desire to reveal the Creator, and a common intention behind all forms of prayer and worship can occur.  It is my sensation that the Creator is revealed through a pure need and desire to unite with Him.  It is my sensation that when our intention is for his Glory and not our own, his emanation can cloth us.  We sense His abundance as a joy, peace, and serenity that is beyond our understanding.  When this is felt you cannot, NOT fall in love with our Creator.  You begin to want to work for the Creator, there is no threat needed.  Therefore all religions have the potential to build this desire, and to purify this intention.  The Creator searches the heart of humanity only.  If a person has a true need and desire for the revelation of the Creators goodness to his creation, the doors of mercy and wisdom of His ways will not remain closed to anyone.  We must focus on the desires and intentions behind a persons worship…..not how he worships and what language or phrases he utters them in.    

Lets be honest with each other, some Peoples attitudes and personalities might just rub you the wrong way. You my remain silent and act civil however before long the negativity becomes overbearing for most and down comes the whole structure.  However even if this or that individual may be completely opposite in outer qualities we must try to realize that the desires to come closer to the Creator are our bond.  His desire and my desire form a union between us as a collective prayer.  This is where our possibility of Unity lies!!  He or she may have completely different beliefs about the Creator, and this separates us.  However within the heart of these different individual may be the COMMON desire, the common need, the common intention.  Obviously if you do not agree how a person is acting, please leave that persons presence politely.  If you completely disagree with how a religion or group operate then of course do not follow.  However the people within even these places may have a common need desire and intention, however they show it differently. Work within societies laws to non-violently change things, and do not revolt if your efforts do not bare fruit, sometimes there is a higher reasons for unjust things to happen. It is tragic from our narrow perspective especially when something effects you or those close to you personally.  However the masses and the collective advance and evolve through the unfortunate path of suffering and it is only through sometimes very tragic events that the majority recognize the need for change.  Very few from each generation consciously and willing follow the path in equivalence with the Creators plan.  However these few carry the torch of redemption for the masses and with happiness carry on their souls the burden of heaven one could say. 

It is like we are all drowning in the water pulling on each others hair thinking maybe this can pull someone out of the water. We cannot fix a problem in the same state of mind that created it. We must go higher, we must somehow ascend above and see less of and individual perspective and view it from a collective whole.

We must first realize that it is not a group of people who need to change, it is all of humanity. We must realize that our purpose is to work on changing our own nature, not the person to the left or right of me, not this belief structure or that one over there. We can change the world only by changing ourselves.

So for now the only Unity that humanity can hope for is to Unify in one common desire. The desire to reveal the One Eternal Force that is the Light of our salvation. The Force that reforms and corrects our selfish will to receive only for our own personal benefit, and transforms it into a desire to bestow back to the Creator and the collective souls in order to please the Creator.  We must work to receive the Creators abundance with proper intention.  The equivalence of form within our desire, intention can be our bond and together with this bond ascend the mountain of our differences and together receive the purpose of creation. The revelation of His desire to do Good to His creation.

We must bond in a common desire to reveal this Force and Pray as one man and one heart to bring into equivalence our intentions towards each other and the Creator. For Him to adorn and dress our will to receive pleasure for our own benefit, with an intention to bring pleasure to our Creator. As our intention and desires become more and more equivalent to the desire, intention and thought of the Creator we will reveal this Force


By: Jason-John Swartz


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