Is that the Creator changing or just me?

The pure force of bestowal which we sence within our spiritual vessel and call Light emanates from the Unattainable Essence and is constant and eternal.  The Essence and the Emanations coming from that source which we call Creator do not change in response to the creation (Soul).  It is the fluctuations within the vessel (soul) itself as it changes from one spiritual state to the next which gives the sensations that the Creator is performing certain actions.  Hence the Creator, the Light is always surrounding the soul and available for it, however it is the soul that is not able to always have the proper intention for the reception of that Light. All of this is occurring within the soul itself while it is already, surrounded in the Creators Light but has not developed its vessel (intention) to receive and sence it.  As equivalence between the light and the vessel occur the soul is said to be ascending until reaching the final correction and enters Eternity the state of perfection and never-ending Light.

Our physiological body that we use to navigate this physical word have instruments which allow us to navigate this world.  The sense organs of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin receive light waves, sound waves, we taste and we smell odours and feel touch.  All of these are basically vessels of reception.  You receive all the pleasures of this world from them.  We desire to see beautiful and exciting things from this world through them.  We derive great pleasure from the scent of a flower or your mother’s home cooked meal.  We are moved by our favorite music and the different tones of musical instruments.  We crave certain foods that stimulate the palate and possibly bring back childhood memories of you mothers special secret recipe.  Finally one of the most powerful vessels of reception in this world the sense of touch and contact and all the pleasures that humanity craves and derives from this one.  This is how we receive the pleasures from this world, and they are all vessels of reception and the intention is always for your pleasure.  They are instinctual and we share them with the animal kingdom.  If we live and receive only from them we live on a level of this world and all of these vessels stop functioning at the death of the physiological body.  What use do we have for them in the spiritual world?  In the spiritual world there is only the force of bestowal, the Upper force, the Light, the Creator and the physiological organs of reception, eyes, ears, nose, ect are not designed to sense and interpret the spiritual light of the Creator. 

So how do we sence the Creator?  From our soul.  What is the soul?  A vessel of reception.  What is a vessel of reception ? A desire.  However this is a very special vessel of reception.  It is a very specific desire to reveal something outside of the realm of the physical world.  It is a sense of lack that cannot be filled with anything from this world.  We continue playing with our earthly desires for wealth, honor, respect, power and they leave us with maybe a few moment of joy but that soon leaves us too.  All the while this small tiny emptiness in the form of questions continually haunts your mind and heart.  What is the point of all this?  Is there a point?  Is there a God?  If there is a God then what does he want?  All of these questions come from the soul,  comes from the desire to reveal the Creator to draw near to HIM.  It is a desire for the revelation of the Creator, it is a need to feel the spiritual Light.  Initially this may only be a small desire a tiny lack amongst your other numerous, giant earthly desires.  However this tiny point in the heart, initially as small as a mustard seed, is destined to expand and within that desire to reveal the kingdom of Heaven.

 “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches.” (Matthew 13:31-32)

Initially your desire to come into contact with the Creator is very small, when compared to all your other earthly desires.  it is the smallest desire among a field of egoistic desires.  Though the desire to move towards the Creator is the least important one when compared to the others, yet when this desire grows, it becomes the largest and most important desire in your life, so that all the events in your life can become a way of fulfilling it. 

All people have this tiny mustard seed of a desire to reveal the Creator, therefore all people have a soul.  However at the level of a mustard seed it is an extremely small and undeveloped desire.  The demand (prayer) is not strong enough to receive the Light yet and no sensation of the Creator can be felt.  The world seems Godless at this level and the person feels separate from all other people and feels they must fend for themselves. This world is the only world that exists for them as they only perceive from their earthly vessels, the eyes, ears, nose, ect.  They have no desire for the spiritual, therefore no vessel to receive the Creator, therefore no sensation of an Upper Force exist in their reality, and the spiritual remains as a fairytale. 

It is important to understand that the tiny point of a soul within a person cannot be activated or awakened by another persons continual attempts to push them towards the spiritual path and the Creator. The tiny point in the heart, the soul is activated by the Creator Himself, through an Awakening from Above.  It is not our will but the will of the Upper One that begins to grow the mustard seed of the desire which is this persons soul.  If the person does not have this desire yet, then it is the Will of the Upper One and part of the Thought of Creation.  This persons spiritual exile is not to punish him, but to allow through the path of suffering, for this person to come to a conclusion on their own that only the Creator can save them and bring them into everlasting joy and happiness.  This is the importance of not judging these people who have not received their desire and Awakening from Above for it is the will of the Creator.  To judge these people is to feel that it is not the Creator that governs His creation in perfection.  At this point you yourself fall from grace and throw divinity to the dust and enter your own spiritual exile, because you cannot justify in your heart the Creators actions.

It is my hope that at this point it is clear that it is not the Creator performing all of these changes and movements, but the fluctuation in the amount of Light entering and exiting our soul at any given moment.  Why does the Light increase and sometimes decreases?  It is because sometimes we are able to achieve equivalence of form within our intentions and sometimes we cannot.

However once an Awakening from Above occurs and the individual becomes interested in divine matters, it is good to share with them the importance of making attempts to move towards the Creator. It  is good to bond with these individuals to join together all the desires under one intention, in order to Reveal the Creator.  Since the spiritual world is a world of thought, desire and intention, if we all have the same desire, thought and intention then it is said that we are like one connected body through the law of equivalence of form.  In the spiritual world distance and proximity is the result of similarity in the quality of the desire, thought and intention.

It is therefore the soul which is a desire for the Light of the Creator, which is a vessel of reception of the Creators Light, which is how we can sence the spiritual world, in this world as well as after the death of the physiological body.

The soul however must allow the Light of correction to adorn it with the proper intention to receive the Light in order to please the Creator and not to merely receive the Light for its our personal enjoyment.  This is because the Thought of Creation is for the Creator to do good to his creation. 

This is accomplished once a person can be in this world, while all desires, thought and intention are in adhesion with the Upper World.  The Creator is everywhere and infinite, however the Light is felt within you, the revelation is an inner process.  The kingdom is within you NOW, some of us just don’t feel that yet.

 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21


By: Jason-John Swartz


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4 thoughts on “Is that the Creator changing or just me?

  1. I like your thoughts here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kabbalah on said:

    Great post thank you

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