I see it too……just differently.

It is very difficult to sometimes deal with other people’s negative behaviors.  Perhaps that is an understatement, and you are thinking, ” It is always difficult to deal with those individuals with a stormy cloud over their head”.  It is extremely difficult for most people, because they are possibly trying to deal with their own stormy weather of emotions within themselves.  We all know these situations and encounter them unfortunately all to often, perhaps even daily.  The temptation to run off into a secluded cave or deserted island has perhaps even passed through your mind, I know it has for me.  This can be especially difficult when these types of people are close work colleagues or family members.  Here you are trying to be pleasant, and think positive thoughts, making an effort to follow some sort or spiritual path, your office or fridge is plastered with inspirational qoutes….isn’t it?  You read books and scripture and realize the importance of trying to treat others as you would want to be treated.  It can really get under your skin especially when you are making Herculean sized efforts to play nice.  Or maybe you can play the part and act like it doesn’t affect you on the outside, but on the inside your screaming, or possibly even crying.  Some people are so hard on themselves that they are the ones that start feeling guilty for all the awful scenarios and judgmental thoughts going on in their heads.  I mean doesn’t it say in most spiritual teaching to not judge or else you will be judged?  Ahhh…..this spirituality stuff is driven me crazy.  Does this sound familiar……cause it sure does to me.  So how can we achieve a spiritual state where we can truly love our enemies, where we can not judge them, where we can forgive and all that other holy stuff we are reading about.  There is a big difference between looking like we are doing these things externally and actually feeling these things internally.  I may look like I am not judging someone by putting on a poker face and remaining silent, but what if inside I am ripping this person apart.  What if I appear to not react aggressively towards a person by not hitting back, but inside I am wishing them dead.  Having all of these awful thoughts and feelings about the other people and at least not putting them into action is a great first step.  At least you are at the state where you desire to correct this within yourself, and because you have an altruistic desire for correction you have already taken a very important step on your spiritual journey or as I like to call it the path of correction.  The majority of the population are still at the level of reacting to these impulses and thinking later, or even worse than that….not even giving it a second thought.  However if you are still reading this post then, you don’t want to be nicer than the majority.  Inside you is a true burning desire to be rid of this hateful and judgemental nature within you.  It has become your mission to find this heart of gold, and you don’t want a transformation of outer appearances, but a true inner transformation and renewal of your mind. 

This is the New Creation reality spoken of in 1 Corinthians 5:17. The work of God within is perfect. He has left nothing out and nothing undone, but now the new child of God has the responsibility to renew his mind. “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2)

The key to this is in your intentions, it is always about your intentions.  The work of developing the proper intention is the keys to the Kings Palace.  The Upper Governance is perfect and cannot be bribed or manipulated in any way. Once you got a true heart-felt demand for correction and your intention is right then the help will come, every time.  When I say every time, I mean every time, however at the same time I also mean over time.  The healing usually happens at the, Wall of Tears which is a place within you that you arrive at when you feel totally frustrated and helpless, having tried on your own to change and failed.  At that point you realize that only the Creator can heal this suffering and a heart-felt demand for the Creator to correct you can occurs and the mercy of the Creator falls upon you just like that.    The strength and insight to perform this correction will be given to you.  The Light surrounding your yearning will enter and fill this empty space with the Light of correction and what seemed impossible to correct within you will suddenly seem so easy and where you felt confusion and emptiness will be peace, joy and understanding. 

Psalms 119:165) Great peace have those who love Your law, And nothing causes them to stumble.

 Of course you didn’t directly fix the problem, the Creator did, when His Light entered your desire for correction and your vice turned into virtue.  By working on the proper intention of  “not for me” but ” for the Creator” you call upon the surrounding Light to enter your desire for correction   If your intention is  for your own ego then the energy to do the work will come from exactly that place, mainly yourself and you will gradually become exhausted, confused and frustrated.

Luke 16:13

New International Version (NIV)

   13 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”


  This is actually a gift from the Creator too, because how else will you get to the Wall of Tears?  If however your intention is towards pleasing the Creator then, help from Above will gradually come with continued efforts in the form of Upper Light.  So yes you have to make an effort, but the effort should always be on your intention, and the development of the next prayer which is basically a demand from your heart for the next correction.  So hopefully you are beginning to notice that the Creator is still bringing you closer and closer to correction either way.  However, one way is Him pushing you with blows called the path of suffering, which eventually over a much longer period of time brings you to the Wall of tears.  The recognition of the need for the creator again enters you heart, the proper prayer is complete and as mentioned before the Light enters the vessel and performs the necessary correction once again.  The other way is by the faster path of Light when you consciously make the effort and somewhat begin to understand and feel to some degree the Upper Force acting on you.  The path of Light is more of the Creator pulling you along the way and well the other way is Him pushing, and well nobody likes to be pushed around, especially by the Creator.  However this is the path that the majority of humanity has taken through-out all of its history, except for very few from each generation.  However this is not the case at this point in our present day when the inertia of past generations efforts is mounting and helping all sincere efforts to bear fruit. 

We must aim high to reach the highest goals. To produce the best fruit requires work, time, patience and perseverance (James:5:7-11

So again there are two paths that lead to the correction of humanity, the path of suffering where humanity is pushed by the Upper Force or the path of Light where humanity consciously works with the Creator through proper intention tied to our efforts.  Allowing the Upper force to pull us to the finish line of our correction instead of the unpleasant pushing part is the differences between both paths. 

This is why it is said that the Purpose of Creation is the Creators desire to do Good to His Creation.  As we work more and more with the Upper Force this is no longer merely a hopeful belief, it is a direct attainment.  You see this happening in your life and you feel the desires initially as emotional emptiness and lack of understanding become transformed into joy and understanding.  Then you cannot help but name what you have attained.  However those who have not attained cannot name and will have no clue of what you’re trying to explain to them.  They will be listening but not hearing or think that you live in some fairytale world and possibly delusional.  Once you attain a certain spiritual level or degree you cannot bring your friends and family along.  They must desire it on their own and work with the Creator at their allotted time and at the will of the Upper Governance.  The Upper Force will awaken and influence the point in the heart within each person as He requires and when He requires in order to Complete the Thought of Creation, which is to bring his creation to the revelation of his desire to do good to His creation.

When we start to actually experience this, then you are functioning and working with the world of Forces, the Creator Himself.  A.K.A THE SPIRITUAL WORLD.   You may start to feel its influence and see its workings in very subtle ways initially, where you still have tons of doubts, however the influence of the Upper Force becomes clearer and clearer as each corrections occurs. When gradually the insight, and wisdom will start flowing out from within you like a little stream at first, and as you ascend the ladder, this wisdom will become an eternal spring and you will drink only from it and thirst no more.  By drinking only from it and thirsting no more, I means that you will derive more and more pleasure from this spiritual work and corrections.  All the while doing the work your faith and trust in the process will increase, which is an amazing feeling of safety, and Joy.

John 4:14

New International Version (NIV)

14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

  As the corrections occur, closer and closer union with the Upper force develops within you and your earthly desires for fame, honor, wealth will seem more and more pointless and much less important.  Your desires for the basic needs of the body such as, food, sex and shelter will still remain, however they return to a more balanced state.  So you still work, play with your family, do the dishes and function in society, on the level of this world, however you are at the same time working and aware of the forces in the Upper world as well.  You begin to understand that the root of everything that happens in this physical world is in the Upper World, and the influences of the Upper Forces are played out in this world.  Like the roots are in the Upper World (cause) and their influence  descends to this world like the branches of a tree (consequence).  If you understand the structure of creation and the Forces acting upon it then you can attain the degree of  Be in this world  but not of this world.  This way all calculations are based on the laws of the Upper World and not of this world, which are laws from the Ego’s perspective.

Now returning to the initial topic of how to deal with difficult people in our lives and to not hate them and judge them externally as well as internally, we can understand why some people are awake and others are not.  The purpose of suffering in the past, present and how that can be minimized both collectively and personally in the future. 

If a person has not received an Awakening from Above and is still functioning and serving their Ego.  They do not see that their Ego is destructive and causing them and others harm.  They have no spiritual desires yet and because they have no desire, then no demand for the light can be made ( prayer) and they receive pleasure only from receiving in this world.  The Creator still wishes to give to his creation at this level and this is why at this stage the individual see’s no dysfunction in over indulgence of this worlds desires. However as the Upper One Awakens a person, more and more suffering occurs from these pursuits and the desire for spirituality begins to enter the persons thoughts.  More and more they come to the conclusion that these pleasures are fleeting and the Awakening from Above begins.  However the Ego’s demand for more is always increasing and as the desire increases it reaches a point where the person cannot fulfill this desire and the lack of filling it is sensed as emotional emptiness, basically suffering from not fulfilling ones dreams and ambitions in this world.  Hence the endless pursuit of happiness by attaining more wealth, bigger cars, more power,  more alcohol, more drugs, more sex and on and on.  Obviously this makes very selfish people, and eventually mad or sad people to the extremes of violence.  However how can you hate these people when you yourself have been a slave to the Ego’s desires. Until the final correction of all the souls, even the individual who attains very elevated degrees within the spiritual world is always under a certain influence of the impure Egoistic force.  In fact the Ego’s temptations are the work that the individual uses to continually cleave to the Creator, through a free will to use the intention ” for my self” or ” for the Creator”. 

 Sure some people or under the influence much more and some much less.  Some of the Ego’s desires society actually admires and some not so much like addictions.  However the root of all this suffering is the growing Ego.  The growing Ego of the individual as well as the growing Ego on a Global scale.  So it is simple….the mad, sad and what we call bad people are still unawakened people under the force of Egoism, when they begin to Awaken they will go through the same process as everyone eventually must go through, by the path of suffering or the path of Light.

This does not mean that when somebody is being awful in a situation that you say this is wonderful.  No, however you recognise that this persons behavior is not beneficial to anybody including himself.  You recognise the force of Egoism controlling his every decision.  You recognise it only to the point that the Light has revealed it within you.  When you recognise the evil within you and have come to the understanding of what must be done and how the correction is done by the Light and you no longer hate the person.

Luke 6:42 How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

You hate the evil within them but there is now understanding of why the Ego is there and how the Light will correct it eventually.  So the more you reveal your Ego and the subtle games it plays on you.   You understand that all of humanity has been a slave to it and that slowly but surely the Creator is Awakening us and with Him we perform the correction of this Egoism.   How can you hate your enemy when you have suffered the same affliction, basically the Ego.  At that point if a person is being difficult to you, you have more compassion and understanding.  You can better deal with the person in a much more wise fashion.  Most important of all you will be able to say the correct thing to neutralize the Ego, because you are not responding from the level of the Ego, but from Above it in what ever spiritual degree you have attained.  You can still politely point out that their behavior is not beneficial however inside you will not hate them anymore.  You will see the Egoic program running its course within them and not judge the person or feel superior.  You will be functioning from a perspective that is much more aware of cause and consequences and it will be a wonderful feeling to finally and truly not judge them or hate them.  You will connect to the person’s soul not matter at what level of development it is at.  Even if it is as small as a mustard seed.


By: Jason-John Swartz


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14 thoughts on “I see it too……just differently.

  1. I really appreciated this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    I am curious as to what country you are in.

    • I am from Canada, in the province of Quebec. I live just outside our Big City Montreal, in a more country setting. I am 32 years old with 4 step kids and 2 children, however they are all my children in my heart. I work at the Lakeshore General Hospital, assisting in the Anesthesia Department, during operations mostly. I love being able to be there for people during these hard times in their life. It is important for me to show them that someone really cares about them, because the hospiital environment can be very cold and scary sometimes.

      How about you? What is your story =)

      • Since you are in Quebec, does that mean that French is your first language and English your second?

        I am in the United States in the MidWest. I am married with three sons, two of whom are grown and married. I have five grandchildren. We are living in an unfinished house after living 5 1/2 years in a tiny RV…which I blogged about previously to this blog.

      • My first language is english, however I can read and speak french. I cannot write french very well, it looks like a second grader skill set. Our house is 135 years old, it was the first school house in the area, so I know about renovations LOL. Home is where your heart is and from the looks of it you got a pretty nice mansion LOL

  2. Pingback: Negativity, Love and Change | Reflections from Beit-Shalom

  3. We have been blessed with a nice dwelling in Beit-Shalom. Once it is finished, we hope to start a fellowship here. I designed it to have as much open space as I could in a 30 by 40 foot footprint.

  4. You said it all Jason… in Islam we call this biggest struggle jihad an nafs, about unfortunately we have all been entrained for far too many years in believing in the extrovert, making those not so extrovert socially unacceptable. As the times call on all of us to reflect, yet it is the extrovert who becomes lost in projecting something other than their true selves. May we all learn to “… connect to the person’s soul not matter at what level of development it is at. Even if it is as small as a mustard seed.

    • Thank you hwaairfan,

      We are all fighting an inner jihad in our hearts against our own darkness. We must yearn for our correction and win back our heart and crown it with the Light of the Creator. This can be done only by submiting our will to the Creator, realizing that only He can change our nature. We can win this struggle if we submit ourselves to becoming happy servants to the Creator.

      I served my own selfish KING that great deciever Egoism for most of my life. It brought me nothing but pain and suffering, and benefited no one. If I must be a servant then I will serve the TRUE KING OF KING, the ONE GOD. =)

  5. Hi Jason – thanks for sharing. My perspectives as much as they’re debunked from spirituality and other terms related to light-love etc, are based on one single principle: equality as life and within that, the points that we take on in application will only be loving= giving to each other that which is necessary to live in dignity = equal money system. While it is in the making, we support ourselves to become self responsible beings, self honesty, self forgiveness are the tools and all of it comes from one single point that we as a group got together by – destonians.com – desteni.org and the forum there wherein you’ll be able to read several blogs like my own, all stemming from the same principles that are now the principles of our lives.

    As you might’ve read, I stopped all religions and spirituality and any other belief. I base my reality on tangible facts where self forgiveness is but a tool – nothing magical or religious – to give myself a second chance to direct myself in common sense = what’s best for all. Anything else is certainly points that I share as what I have walked in this process of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness where no god, no belief, no positive or negative feelings are required to be self-directive. That is the law of our being and so, there are cool points here but the ‘god’ concept just sticks out as something unnecessary.

    We are one and equal as everything that is here = any concept or idea of ‘god’ is then equal and one as myself and within that, the entire ‘superiority charm’ is debunked – let’s stick to the facts, no need to follow scriptures when you have enough common sense.

    Thank you for visiting my blogspot and I suggest you also read what’s been posted before. Enjoy

    • Thanks Marlen,

      I will definitely read some of your previous posst as well. Equality of Life…..lets make it happen. It doesn’t make sense to me that people are starving to death in places like Africa and other places we are following wieght watcher from over consumption. How can a global body function with such disparity. I like this movement that you are following may it chnage the world one person and effort at a time.

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