Individuality and Egoism

When I refer to Egoism, I am not referring to the sense of individuality of a person, the unique I-ness of an individual.  There is no dysfunction in my opinion with that aspect of separation.  Cells within a body are separate units in themselves however they function with a collective unity and receive for themselves only what is necessary for their existence.  When I speak of the word egoism it is a selfish desire to take as much as possible from the environment at the cost of everything and everyone else.  It is a self-absorbed desire to benefit only oneself, an intention to receive for your pleasure only.  Therefore Egoism by that definition is extremely dysfunctional and metaphorically speaking a cancerous cell, and leads to the inevitable downfall of the body.    

Nature, the Universe, the Creator, God or any other name you want to call this Force is the exact opposite. It is pure Altruism, desire to bestow.  The desire to give and give of itself unconditionally and Eternally…… Infinitely.  So why can’t  the majority of us feel this force surrounding us?

Egoism being the complete opposite quality causes a barrier and does not allow the Upper Force to enter our souls and make contact.  It is not that the Creator does not shine His Light on us when we are be egoistic, the Light does not change it is unconditional and Eternal.  It is the spiritual dynamic of similarity of form and disparity of form that creates the ability of the vessel and the Light to either join or remain separate.  It is just that they are complete opposites and when egoism is clothing our soul the Light cannot fill us, and it remains only surrounding light which is the bare minimum to merely sustain us.

So the Light actually grows the Ego within us to a point where it becomes to hard to live with and then we start to try to get rid of it.  Finally when we begin to see that our personal egoism is the true source of emptiness and trying to fill it only grows it more, we begin to look for an escape and the Creator is the logical medicine..  So our egoism is what man needs to correct, and since he finds himself completely imprisoned within the ego comes to the conclusion that only the Creator can change this nature within him.  As the person still within egoism makes attempts to near the Creator help from Above initially as surrounding Light and gradually the long-awaited penetration of the Light into the vessel (soul) occurs in  proportion to the persons developing altruistic intentions.

If we are to take a higher perspective on the whole situation, the Ego in the end is what pushes the person to seek the creator.  The expansion of the desire for union with the Creator and the yearning to be rid of this evil is what grows the vessel to receive the Light.  The initial suffering from the ever-growing Ego is what pushes us to run as fast as possible back to union with the creator.  This is what they call and darkness turned to light.  We realize that even the evil eventually falls into the Creators final plan to reveal His Godliness to His creation which is the soul.

Yes the soul also joins the assembly of souls as common desire to be fill with the light of the Creator, which is the Holy Divinity but the soul is always a unique piece of the collective soul so please don’t try to get rid of your I-ness.  Your soul is still always going to be that unique and individual piece of the Unity.  So cherish it !!


By: Jason-John SWartz


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6 thoughts on “Individuality and Egoism

  1. I agree that there is a difference between individuality and egoism (or self-centered perception.) I have encountered writings that suggest ego to be a major obstacle concerning spirituality, just as you seem to be here. Allow me to offer a couple of examples to strengthen your writing here:

    In “Awakening to the Spirit World,” a book about shamanism, Ingerman & Wesselman write, “Our false sense of self can only affect our spiritual side temporarily, so the advantage of gratitude is that it engages Spirit by coopting the personality, thus separating it from the clutches of self-importance” (p. 22).

    The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism tell us that: life is suffering; suffering is due to attachment; attachment can be overcome; There is a path for accomplishing this. The path for accomplishing this (The Eightfold Path) is a path of detachment… where the ego is transcended, IMHO. (See http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/buddhawise.html).

    I also believe this to be a fundamental principle of spiritual Christianity that is lost upon the religiously inclined.

    • I really love Buddhism because it really points to the self-created illusions that we live in that creates our own suffering. I am trying to remember, I think they call it mara or maya, one of them being illusion and the other the great tempter. Eastern thought of gowing to the deepths of being like the ocean away from the ever changing waves on the surface. On our surface events come and go, some pleasuable some not, but at the deepth everything is constant at rest eternal.

      However I personally find that buddhism shrinks or desires so naturally our suffering decreases cause we desire less. However in Kabbalah it says that we are the desire to receive, and the force of the creator is the desire to give. Once we try and fill that desire with everthing from this world we realize that it is fleeting. However if we change the desire for worldly things and keep that huge desire but for the Creator, then sensation of light can grow that desire infinitely without trying to make it smaller. Meaning we are suposed to have this infinite desire cause the infinite light is supposed to fill it, but we are trying to fill it with worldly stuff.

      Therfore wrong intention.

      Crap I gotta go I’m at work and we just got a arm fracture to do. i didn’t recheck what I just wrote so it might not make much sense HEHE LOL. Keep up the discussion cause I want to here more of what you gotta say.

      • I have understood life to be suffering because of attachment to “worldly” things. To detach ourselves from such things opens the door to enlightenment, to see beyond the illusion you mention, to see spiritual truth.

        BTW, thanks for the Kabbalah recommendation. That is a subject I also find fascinating.

  2. The best site for Kabbalah in my opinion is http://www.laitman.com. From there you can connect to other kabbalah site, there is even kabbalah Tv on the site that has 24/7 live kabbalh studies and discussion. All the books and material are free, I mean there is enough info to read for the nexxt 10 years LOL.

    It is a very almost scientific approach talking about forces and , intentions, and desires and how they work within our inner lives. It supplement well any other teachings cause they call it a wisdom and not a religion so no theological stuff . It is stictly the study of the force of the universe and you. I love it.

    Since you seem very knowledgable on Easten teaching, my favorote is the Tao Te Ching …….Help me realize to do less and allow things to run there natural course. The act of not doing is actually …..not so passive is it. LOL

    I will defintiely check out those links you posted….and this better not be the last time we talk =)

    • My preferred translation of the Tao Te Ching is by Derek Lin. His notations are easily related to contemporary living. The associated website is http://www.taoism.net/. The act of not doing is much like being a rock in a fast moving stream; there is a lot of pressure to move (do). There is a lot of work involved in not doing 😉

      • I totally agree Steve, allow the universal porcess to unfold, when you have a Job to do, do it …then walk away without having expectations. I love how Eastern teaching tend to use negation
        ( what not to do) to point to the way. Allows for the message to continually renew itself in more profound and subtle ways. Just like the Tao…..its infinite

        So today let us both go to the deepths of our oceas and not be affected by the ups and downs, and changing movements of life evets on our surface. =) see ya later

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