The Wall of Tears

There is a place within the heart called the Wall of Tears, it is found when man has forgotten the Creator and attempted to walk the path alone.  Then from frustration and exhaustion he cries out to the Creator to help him, because he knows that it is only the Creator that can help him.  From the deep need and yearning for the Creator to perform this correction upon his soul, he draws within the Light of correction.  The mercy of the Lord adorns his true prayer and the Creator wipes away his tears in the answer to his request (Prayer)

Scripture is rich in imagery of this barrier that all people reach as they attempt to escape the egoic prison they find themselves enslaved to.  The Wall of Tears are within our hearts and only when the desire and yearning for our own correction is pure enough do we each find it.  Your suffering on the way to the wall softens your pride into humility, and you  lay as vulnerable as a newborn, ready to be reborn into your next spiritual degree.

   The Wall of Tears is a place in our heart that only the Creator can help each of us trancsend. 


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