Down By The River

As a person’s faith as well as understanding of the structure of ones soul and its relationship with the Upper Governance matures and expands, it no longer necessary for the person to reach such low spiritual states of concealment from the Creator.  However fluctuations within the sensation of the Creators proximity does still occur it is often not necessary for deep spiritual exiles and concealments to occur.  With consistent work on desire, and intention towards bestowing to the Creator, areas in need of correction surface and are recognised more rapidly.  At this level the individual is able to imagine the next level of correction mentally however within their heart they are honest enough to realize that they have not yet attained that degree yet.  At this degree the individual does not feel like a large barrier such as a wall of great height is blocking them, because they can see the future state in their mind.  It is for this reason that they call this state a river.  Like a person who wishes to cross a river and can see the other side, but requires assistance in order to cross.  The assistance from the Light at this degree is called, walking on the water.  The person’s faith is strong enough at this degree that the Light allows the person to seemingly walk above the obstacle,  Like walking on water.


by: Jason-John Swartz




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4 thoughts on “Down By The River

  1. Dude. You mind if I link to this post from my own web site? This really is just too awesome.

  2. So deeply written! What inspires you most?

  3. I have had the blessing of being born into spiritual exile from birth. There I lived and was raised by the shadows of the Creators concealment from me. I suffered the torment of an orphaned child who’s Father Above he had never known. My daily bread I ate, the molded bread of yearning and the hunger pains of doubt. I feared my emptiness would spread though eternity until the day of my ressurection.

    T’was the Light who revived me and from the endless abyss, was made space for Him to dwell within me. All these year searching for the House of My Father, and it was I His temple.

    This is my motivation because I have known the purpose of human suffering, it is through this very suffering that a place…..no a need for Him came from. How can you yearn for the Light without going through darkness. It is when you can leave the self at the door, that all other can see themselves within you.

    Thanks for the question I think I just wrote my next post LOL

    Thank you for the inspiration. =)

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