Tell Me Your Name

I wrote this message after reflecting on a post from, http://ourbeitshalom.wordpress.com/2011/11/19/living-in-a-darkcave-or-wheres-the-light/ 

I think writing a post from another bloggers questions is a wonderful way of forming a connection,  so thank you very much  Abigail.

Light is always surrounding my vessel, which is my soul. My soul is the one desire among the other nations of worldly desires, that is pointed straight towards the Creator. When I change my intention from, “for myself” to “For the Creator”, I can reach similarity to the Force of Bestowal which I call His Light and through equivalence of form the Light can enter my vessel. However I cannot always overcome my selfish intention to receive only for myself,and therefore I plead with the Creator to correct my desire and intention, and to adorn my vessel with the proper intention (for the Creator)

So I bring to the Creator with Joy my revealed evil, so that I may have need in His Mercy and Grace. What need would I have for the Light if I perceived only perfection within myself? So with Joy and good pleasure I return daily to my Fathers House, with the knowledge that it brings HIM pleasure to help HIS BELOVED.

As the surrounding Light that is destined to completely fill my vessel, (desire for the Creator) performs the corrections so that more and more of the Creator can be revealed to my soul, His endless pleasure transforms my suffering. The Light is One, however within my sensations Grace, Mercy, Truth, Judgement, and His infinite variations are revealed to me. As I live them, the Name of the Creator is revealed to me, within that special desire, my vessel for the KING, my SOUL.

The name of the Creator is not revealed in words, but from the power that descends from His Heaven, that mighty river….Zeir Anpin. ….The Kingdom of God within you.

For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.  1 Corinthians 4:20



By: Jason-John Swartz


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2 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Name

  1. I am glad that you found my post questions good food for thought!

    The Creator has given us His name in His word. It is YHWH…or YHVH…depending upon how you transliterate it. It is there for anyone who wants to look! Imagine it! The Creator wants us to know His name. He has also given us the name of His Son…Yeshua/Jesus!

    • I’m glad we met on this site. This way I can create an environment with freinds who can constantly remind me of the importance of the Creator and the salvation in HIM. I beleive that creating a proper environment is important for my spiritual wellbeing. People can have a strong influence on each other, so creating a garden of people around me who have a common desire is a real pleasure.

      When I go out into the world I can feel the emptiness and suffering of others who are still searching for their answer to life. Sometimes it takes its toll on me and I get caught up in its currents, so when I can connect with others I remember that we are all one in Christ (The Light of the world))

      “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” John 8:12

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