Divinity……One World, One Love One Heart

A person is sent a spiritual ascent from the Creator and as the Light enters the vessel the person is imparted a new spirit which renews the mind with its own qualities. A persons intentions are elevated, and impure desires seem to flee his consciousness as he receives an influx of heavenly thoughts, insights and understandings.  It is important for him to say in his heart, that he has been rewarded with a gift from the Creator and he has been allowed to enter The Creators Palace to play with his gifts.  The joy and pleasure a person receives must always be redirected back to the Creator, by realizing that the joy that one is feeling is only a small part of the joy felt by the Creator and His Holy Divinity.  Each soul (desire to be filled with the Creator) is only one part of the Collective Assembly of souls, that great and Holy Divinity. Understanding that the joy he is feeling is only a fraction of the actual joy felt and received by the Assembly of Souls (Divinity), his pleasure is not in his own reception, but knowing that the Divinity is receiving pleasure.  That way by working to please the Divinity a persons intention is always in order to bestow to others, which pleases the Creator..  If a person enjoys only for himself then he cannot stay in this state, because reception only for oneself in the spiritual world means separation from the Creator.   The joy felt from the whole is always greater than the joy felt by the part and from this understanding he may do unto others as he wants others to do onto him.  Knowing that the joy he brings unto other parts of the Divinity will surely please the Divinity which he too is a part of.  Once this level of attainment is achieved how then can he hurt another without feeling that he has hurt himself?

When a person is sent a spiritual descent, the Light does not enter his vessel, from lack of a proper intention.  Desires, and thoughts that a person previously understood as impurity, return from lack of the Holy Spirit that has fled from his vessel.  What strength does an empty vessel have in itself to overcome the spirit of impurity?  Only with faith that the Creator will bring Mercy upon him for the sake of the suffering Divinity, can he direct his prayer away from his own benefit back to the Creator..  What else can the person offer with his prayer to the Creator?  At this moment it is important that the person pleads for the Creator to help him.  Not for his own suffering, but because he knows that he is only feeling a small part of the suffering occurring within the collection of souls, that Holy Divinity.  The Holy Divinity must be approached like a mother that suffers for her lost child when a person is in a spiritual descent or exile, because she cannot nurture him.  The same way like a good child who want to please his mommy we love all others sinners especially because it bring joy to the Holy Divinity, your mommy Above.    

This is the way a person does not fall into thinking only for himself,  knowing that his pain is always lesser than the pain of the Supernal Mother, which is how the Upper One treats the collection of souls.  A person starts out seeing this Divinity in his mind, which is a small state or spiritual infancy.  When the blueprint in his mind turns into an actual sensation in his heart then this is a big state, which is spiritual adulthood.   Like in this world childhood is a state of becoming and mistakes are necessary in developing.  All good parents forgive their children because they know not what they do, and it is even more so with the Creator.


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