From a spiritual child to spiritual adulthood.

The sensation of the Creator is felt within the Divinity ( collection of all the souls).  It is not sensed within a persons egoism which is the actual barrier separating the Light from entering the vessel (soul)  As we achieve adhesion with the Creator our feeling is the feeling of the love He is sending to all souls not just one soul.  Imagine feeling every single persons bliss at one time within you.  Imagine the sensation that every persons heart is but a piece of a collective heart (Divinity).  Imagine knowing that even the people in concealment are there too, but cannot feel that yet.  All one big family with gradually more and more love cells within the collective spiritual body waking up from unconsciousness to conscious awareness of their true and eternal state.  The connection is so intense that at the same time you feel the suffering of the pieces still dreaming their sad dream of separation.  You feel that suffering too however you know that in time the whole spiritual body will be healed by the Creator.  If a person is only functioning at the level of “Only For Myself” within his will to receive, he feels only himself.  As the corrections occur you at one point see yourself and others as pieces of the one collective soul (Divinity), this is called the small state.  When this blueprint is finally constructed within you the “seeing” becomes “feeling” and that is called the Big state, or spiritual adulthood.  A person goes from attaining to attainment.  Once this is attained we are called MAN, until this time we are still in the state of becoming MAN.  Like all children becoming adults, mistakes are normal and expected, and why would it be any different with our FATHER ABOVE.


By: Jason- John Swartz


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9 thoughts on “From a spiritual child to spiritual adulthood.

  1. Very deep, but the final line is exquisite in context. Blessed be.

  2. Thank Steve,

    How have you been? Its snowing today here in Canada Quebec. The kids are out making snowmen =).

    • I’m good. We got our snow a day earlier here, just over the line in Vermont. The weather forecast indicates it might all disappear over the weekend, though.

      • YA the weather must be pretty similar to Quebec, how far is Vermont from the Canadian border? Vermont seems like a very nice place. On TV it sounds like Vermont is very community oriented. Buy local,ect ect, plus PBS channel lol.

  3. Like a danse partner, everyone and everything is swaying to the rythm of one’s desire. And the more one wishes for his dance partner to shine, the more light is revealed between them.

    • Well said Dan =)
      I remember at the beginning of my search for the Creator I was really turned off about some people going to hell and others going to heaven.
      I remember feeling that if I got to heaven and even one person was not aloud to enter that would be hell for me. Deep in my heart I knew that bad people were actually very empty and sad inside. They did not need punishment and hate which would only strenghen their darkness, they needed alot of love. They needed love to reform their hearts. Being overcome with evil within you is already hell and you don’t need any other eternal hell.
      I remember saying that if I could be this forgiving then imagine the One that gave me this heart….imagine how much more pure His love would be.

      I thought that this was just my feelings, but I am glad that even at the beginning of my path where I had no clue where I was going or what I was supposed to do, that I could sense within my darkness that we were all one. I used to feel like an Alien because I other people keeped on saying, ” I hope he burns in hell” and it never made sense. I remember being so frustrated with my own evil inside that I once told God that if I had to burn in hell then I would love him will I burned in hell. I am so glad that we will all eventually make it as one man and one heart. ADAM RELOADED…..Sounds like a good movie title LOL

  4. So true, we learn by making mistakes. Otherwise, how can we grow? We are all children, immature, still growing, in spiritual terms. We have to give ourselves time to learn what it takes to accomplish what we are supposed to do on earth. I believe we are here to serve each other, unconditionally, and this takes a lot of time to master, but with the help of God (Truth, Light, etc) it can be done.

    • It is amazing once you start to really share that love through good intentions and loving actions knowing that it pleases your father Above. All that joy that I kept only for me before was never enough. Now the more I give to others the more I seem to have. I am still making many mistakes and that darn ego loves to ruin the party, however I know that the Creator will make my correction his priority as long as I make his WIL my priority. I am so happy to get up everyday knowing that I have a purpose in life….. like the song says, ” I did what I did before love came to town”. LOL

    • Well said, let our intentions towards the Creator guide us back to awareness of his love us and all others. =)

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