The Creator: A Blueprint For Parenting – A Blueprint to Life

As a parent I have on occasion been to self-absorbed in what I was doing and sent the kids off to play when they wanted to spend time with me.  I am not proud of it, but sometimes we just get self-absorbed and think of our pleasure first.  I’ve actually done that sometimes because I wanted to read up on spirituality or scripture.   How ironic is that?   Then I realized that the Creator treats me exactly like I treat others.  So here I am trying to get closer to the Father Above, by telling my kids to leave me alone and go do something.  Then I wonder why I can’t feel his presence within me sometimes.  Its like He told me to leave Him alone too and go play by myself.  The Creator will always present himself to you the way you treat others.  That is not a fact, just my experience with how life seems to interact with me.

It is for that reason that I have started to try to use my Father Above as a blueprint for parenting.  My father Above shows patience with all my silly antics, so I should be that way with my kids.  I have done so many mistakes in my life, over and over again, yet my Father Above still draws me close to Him and forgives me when my heart repents.   When I really need the Creator he has never left my side, so I will be darn sure to be by my children when they need me.  I reflect the love that my father Above puts into my heart back to Him, by loving my children with that joy.  In actuality I imagine it is just me and the Creator, and all other people, my close family, friends, strangers are the Creator in disguise and he will treat me as I have treated the least of them. 

I remember when I was in total concealment of the Creator, and I was scared, sad and tired.  This was during a depression right before I called out to the Creator to save me, which he did in his time.  Thinking back again at my lowest point I felt dead inside, and it was hard to be a great dad even if I wanted to be because I was empty inside.  I went through the motions hoping it did not show, hoping my darkness inside did not rub off on their innocence.  I think I played the part but looking back nothing was radiating from my heart at that point.  Thats when I came to the conclusion that you can’t do a darn thing right without a strong foundation with the Upper Force.   

I think we have no love of our own, it is all the Creators.  The love that is in our hearts is the Creators love for us and we share that love with others.  He gives that love to all people and if we share it with others we get more of that wealth.  I truly believe that the human heart in the end will be granted from Above the capacity to hold all of the Creators love and that in the end our hearts will become the Holy Grail that holds Eternity itself within it.

If the Creator’s love for us is unconditional, then I must love others in any condition that they may present themselves.  He never gave up on me and I was in a pretty bad condition within my heart.  Having lived through that I can’t hate so-called bad people anymore, cause they just seem sad to me.  The Creator lifted me up when I was in that lowest point in my life.  I have felt his presense save me when I was at my most wicked and ignorant states of spiritual poverty.  Sure he let me dig myself a real nice hole, but when I truely repented within my heart he saved me everytime.  So I will make darn sure that I will never kick someone who is down.  No matter how “BAD” they appear to me.  Of course we don’t have to like the egoism at the surface, but we must realize that behind that egoism is the soul.  Each person on this Earth has within them a true potential for unconditional love to dwell within them.  Maybe if we all stopped hating the spiritually impoverished they would have a chance for greatness.  We must still love the soul hidden behind our enemies.  Sometimes certain souls just need to experience what God is not, so that when they do experience Him they realize the true gift that they have just received.  Maybe a saint is a sinner who never gave up.  If my love for others is conditional, then I will sense that the Creators love for me has conditions too.

I realized that being a parent is a wonderful way of understanding the physics of the Upper ONE.


By: Jason-John Swartz


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4 thoughts on “The Creator: A Blueprint For Parenting – A Blueprint to Life

  1. On “two commandments hang all the law” (Matt. 22:36-40 KJV). It should be noted that the second commandment mentioned is described as “like unto” the first, and that is simply to love others as yourself. This in itself is the material for a blog, but I think you already did that here.

    You apply the analogy of the child/parent relationship to an individuals relationship with Upper Force well. Surely, we must learn to let Spirit flow through us in both directions. To that end, I can think of only one thing to add to what you have written: “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3 KJV).

    My oldest stepson is career Navy, divorced, and the custodial parent of two. A few years ago, when he had sea duty and his ex-wife couldn’t take the children, they came to live with us. They were preschool age at the time. Perhaps it was being grandparents and/or the maturity that should come with age, but my wife and I were fascinated by seeing the world through their eyes. At that time in our grandchildren’s lives, everything was new and full of wonder. They evoked memories of our own early childhood and how wonderful life was then. They still have that ability even though they are older and a little more jaded by life’s experience. They taught us to appreciate life despite the negative things occurring in the world around us.

    To appreciate Life with the awe and wonder of a little child is to revere the Upper Force, I think. The circuit becomes complete, and the flow is unbroken. IMHO, it is important to not only love and teach children, to provide an excellent example to live by, but also to enjoy them and learn from them. Don’t wait for grandchildren or older age to do this.

    • Very true Steve,

      I will take that to heart and remember that. I like your use of spirit in your writings.

      Here is my next post, any suggestions? Maybe some qoutes from scripture that come to mind.

      I have a soul which is a specifc desire to be filled with the Creators Light that surrounds me. I also have a nation of other desires that surround my soul. These nations are desires for things of this world and the pleasure of the senses only. These nations have no desire for the Creator.

      When the Light enters a vessel (soul), it imparts to the person its qualities and with it the spirit (MIND) of that Light adorns the consciousness of the vessel. So the Light enters our vessel and gives us its spirit ( MInd), with it the elevated desires, thoughts and intentions. ( ALtruism). Like a new person is born within you that takes pleasure in pleaseing the Creator. However if this Light does not enter then the spirit (MInd) of the Light cannot adorn the vessel , and the vessel is left with the spirit it was born into. ( Egoism) This is why man cannot correct himself on his own without the Creator, bacaue his nature is the root of the problem. Man is a will to receives for His own benefit only. His will to receive is not the problem only the intention attached with it, “For Himself”. However with a realization of this nature within ones self, a demand for the Creator can be made to change this allowing the Light of correction to adorn our will to receive with a new intention, “For the Creator”. If a person realizes that the Creator wants to fill him with infinite Light and therefore give him the Holy Spirit(Mind) so that the creature can know the Father, then a person works with the Creator through prayer that he may be given from Above this new nature (intention) FOR THE CREATOR We cannot NOT what to receive, however we need to start wanting what we were made for, and that is to be filled with the Creators Light. Which adorns our vessel with the Holy Spirit ( MIND) so that we can come to know our father. Unless we come to the Light, then we cannot know our Father. The father is known only with the Holy Spirit (HOLY MIND) and the Holy Mind comes only from the quaility of the LIght entering the vessel (soul). The Light is the offspring of the father his only begotten, because the Light is the only thing that emanates from that great unnatainable Essence.

      This is how the book has been revealed to me….not saying it is correct, but this is what has come out of my heart while reading the scipture and I wanted to share that.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, but my use of spirit is probably attributable to a couple of things. The Gospel of John has always been the most inspiring gospel to me, and here we find “God is spirit” (John 4:24 NIV). To speak of God as Spirit also seems to help transcend the limits of religions, and prejudice due to past trespasses. I also feel more enriched by learning from other cultures, rather than trying to convert or subvert them. Spirit is most fascinating.

    I am not accustomed to being asked for suggestions in matters like this, and I am a student of life myself, so any suggestion I offer may not be correct either. However, in the spirit of kinship, I will share what comes to mind from reading what you have written thus far: John 5. The bulk of the latter part of that chapter is about the oneness of spirit between the Father and the Son.

    The Jewish leaders are trying to trap Jesus (again!) in John 5. Jesus mentions how they study the scriptures and adds, “These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life,” in verses 39-40. I see this particularly as a reference to the Tree of Life in the garden, which I suspect might trigger your knowledge of Kabbalah.

    John 5 might cause one concern about a loss of personal identity should oneness with Spirit be attained. Here I would note a not uncommon complaint that I have heard over the years which essentially is: “If there is a God, why does He allow [this], [that], and [another atrocity] to happen?” The answer to this is also found in the beginning where God gave dominion over the earth to humankind (Gen 1:26), so it is that God doesn’t allow these things – we do! This is fundamental in understanding a relationship with God as demonstrated in Genesis 18 when Abraham bargains with God concerning the fate of Sodom. Is this the mechanics of prayer?

    Oneness is a relationship, not an assimilation (IMHO). Here also the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) comes to mind. However, Psalm 19:9-11 recommends oneness with Spirit as finer than gold and sweeter than honey, if we return to consider oneness in the context of John 5.

    Okay, that’s enough for me. BTW, Vermont is adjacent to Quebec. I am about 50 miles south of the border – south of Sherbrooke.

  3. I’ll check out Luke and Psalms, thanks. I like your open spirit, and the fact that you want to get to the heart of things and not scratch on the surface. When things are in the spirit of sharing no suggestions are wrong. =)

    See ya later 50 miles =)

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