Development of Spiritual Sensation

If a man in this world has no eyes then he cannot see the solar light that surrounds him.  If a man is born without eardrums then how can he be told about the wonderful symphony of sounds in this world?  No it is as if to him, the world is devoid of that kind of vibration.  He cannot even imagine the quality of this tool of sensation.  If he was born in solitude he would never even miss this sense organ, because how can you crave that which you have never tasted?  He would never realize that his lack of ability to hear would cast him from this auditory dimension, even if he was surrounded by this dimension he could take no part in its bounty.  He would never crave for this substance having never tasted it.  However a person born into this world with fully functioning senses will definitely feel a lack and deficiency if he were to lose a sensation and therefore be cast out of one of his worlds of sensation. 

People born without certain organs of reception only come to a sense of lack or deficiency because the people around them inform them of this lack.  If a person is born without a certain sense and remained in solitude no realization of a lack in one of the tools of sensation would appear within the individual.    A craving comes only from the memory of a once experienced substance.  So it is with all of our sense organs which allow us perception and navigation within this physical world.  If a person was born with no sight, auditory perception, devoid of taste, or sense of touch and scent, what world would exist for Him.  How could he within his sensations exist in this world when his observed world is felt within his brain and is feed by continual input from his 5 senses of reception.  These five senses allow a person to take in the surrounding life and create an image called physical reality.  

However it is within reason to asertain, that even if he exists in this physical world as a thing, he cannot take part in any of its bounty unless his body is equipped with proper vessels to sense the surrounding Life.  So from this reasoning man could be presently in the spiritual world in complete unions with the Creator, surrounded by His LOVE and not yet have a functioning tool or vessel to sense and receive this reality. 

What are our tools to perceive the physical world?  Our 5 sensesWhat are our 5 senses ?  Vessels that receive something outside of  our pysical body.  Where does our image of these outside phenomena appear to us?  Inside of us.

From these above questions one may ask another set of questions.

What is the tools to perceive the spiritual world (CREATOR)?  The soul.  What is the soul? It is the sense organ for our spiritual body.  What is a sense organ within the spiritual world?  It is our soul which is a vessel that receive something outside of our spiritual body.  What is outside of the soul?  The soul is a vessel and surrounding it is only the Creator, but we cannot feel it unless we develop our soul so it acts like a sense organ to feel.  Where will the sensation of the Creator appear for a person? 

All physical sense organs are based on a desire to receive.  And through this desire we recieve the pleasures of that physical world.  With the 5 senses we receive pleasure from the physical world, and if we don’t we suffer from the lack of that pleasure 

The spiritual sense organ is the soul and it is a desire to receive the spiritual (CREATOR).  And through this desire we receive the pleasure of the Creator.  With this sense (soul) we receive from the spiritual world (THE UPPER FORCE).

We need only develop this new spiritual sense through exapanding this desire and yearning within us for spirituality.  The desire is the vessel and the effort made toward developing this desire within us is our key to new spiritual sight.

A true desire and yearning for the spiritual within our heart is the only true prayer that one can send to the Creator.  It is the only thing that we need in this world, which is why it is said that all prayers will be answered.  We don’t get what we want from prayer but only what we need, and we all need but one thing.

Therefore man has ONE purpose, ONE need, ONE soul, ONE love, ONE prayer, One destiny.

We are all One within the ONLY ONE.


By: Jason-John Swartz



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3 thoughts on “Development of Spiritual Sensation

  1. Wow, this is really what I was seeking for. Thanks!

    • Thanks Justin I am glad that you were able to find something meaningful within my postings. If you may have noticed I speak a lot in general terms such as Light and vessel. I try and make it acceptable to all faiths and teachings. I presently am commenting on the Gospel of Thomas and how it relates to my understanding of the Light and vessel (SOUL), however in the future I will also be commenting on the TAO TE CHING, Buddhism, and other teachings as I love to see the essence of what I have found in my heart within all teachings.

      If you Like my writings please feel free to check out this website which I call the sudy of the physics of the spiritual forces. I speak really about such things as the Light and the vessel, and the barrier that egoism causes, and most important, the puropse of egoism and its gradual correction.


      I am not pushing anything on ya, but this site was the start of an amazing journey for me. I followed the links at the end. Let me know what you think =)

  2. What’s up, just wanted to say, I loved this post. It was useful. Keep on posting!

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