What Heaven ???? Who’s hell ????

When understood from a place of true love all faiths and spiritual teachings can be powerful tools for Unity and inspiration.

Anytime faiths and spirituality are used to preach separation between this great family of souls called  humanity, we must ask from what place that voice is coming from

For since the great fall, man has eaten the stale fruits of separation, and worshiped the great idols of exclusivity.  What spirit has adorned the man with a heart so prideful, that he suffers the burden of heaven only for his promised reward and not for the lost and sinful?  Our Father blessed us all  to suffer in sin, so that no man could accuse the other.  What purpose is a righteous man but to carry lost souls in darkness within his own heart through hurdles and boulders until the least of them have ascended?  What soul would leave his brother and friend at the gate, to enter Heaven with joy and celebrate?  Could you do that to your brother?  A single souls good deed, puts a scale of merit for the whole of humanity and another’s deceit robs the bank of all our salvation.  Can this great family of God be divided, and still call it HOLY?

I too believe in a hell…….Its separation from God AND  my family I Love.

Is it redemption to merely believe if your heart can’t perceive whats before you? 

These words that I say may sound harsh in a way so forgive me, but my heart sheds a tear from these walls built from FEAR…….yet I love thee.


By: Jason-John Swartz


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