Spiritual Groups

What is connection and from what level must this connection be made?  We see that cultures as well as individuals are flavoured with such a grand array of differences that barriers from this disparity can overwhelm these attempts at Unity and Connection.  Yet like the grand ocean with its ever uncertain and changing surface the true seeker of Unity must find the common ground, not among the turbulent opinions at his surface, but dive into the depths of his own ocean to find the common desire of everyone.

The first discernment is the understanding of the barrier which causes mans inability to form a true and lasting unification within himself as well as outside himself.  Mans inability to find unification within  his own fragmentation, is reflected by his inability to form any true and lasting unification with his environment outside .  Mans consciousness forms an apocalyptic battlefield within himself with his ever-growing attempts at virtue are throated by his opposing forces of vice.  Each side waging war on his awareness as he becomes a living contradiction to his own pursuit of happiness.

Each individual must come to the revelation of the dysfunction within his own selfish nature and come to the conclusion that only assistance from a level of consciousness above his can aid him in acquiring his salvation.  Once this is seen within himself, then the next important step is to realize that all of humanity is under this same influence, at varying degrees.  This nature robbing himself and all of humanity from Connection and Unity, is called egoism and all of man is born into it and is influenced by it.  So man must gather each within their own egoism and connect only in their common desire to be freed from this Darkness (EGOISM)

Egoism is the will to receive only for yourself, and it is the complete opposite nature of the Upper Force permeating the Infinite Universe which sustains everything.  Egoism forms a shell around the individual allowing only drops of this Infinite and Altruistic Force  from entering his consciousness or vessel of reception.  However this Infinite force is all of humanities key to Connection, Unity and correction.  So what can man do?

All that man can do is desire for this Infinite Altruistic Force to correct the shell of Egoism that is preventing all of us from connecting in Unity to the UPPER ONE.  Effort must obviously be made by each individual, however this must be done with direct influence from the Upper one, and mans focus must be on his own part of egoism, not the parts within the others. Communication with this Force is from our desire and intention only.  If we desire to be corrected in our will to receive only for ourselves and have this Force give us a new desire and intention, then it will happen.

So man must unite still within the influence of Egoism and connect only with the common desire for the Upper force to give them a new nature which is a change from Egoism to Altruism.  Therefore as man gather together with an intention that they themselves can correct their own egoism using rationality and logic then they will stumble.  However if they gather and connect only on the level of desire for correction by the Upper Force and Intention to do this for the collective then HELP FROM THE UPPER FORCE WILL COME.

On a personal note I have seen the hatred that can surface when people try to Unite.  They talk about Unity and loving everyone, however soon conflict of how groups should be run, or how some one is expressing themselves, personality differences, and all the other daily conflicts reveal the barrier called EGOISM, that dark nature. 

Therefore they did not form a connection between everyone desire for correction.  That was the only connection that needed to be made.  You can be with a room full of the worlds worst EGOISTS, however if they see that they are the worlds greatest Egoists and have a desire for correction, then I form a bond with them only from that desire.  I imagine that during the gathering it is only my desire for correction and the others desire for correction……NOTHING MOREIt is really not important if I disagree with their interpretations of things, if I see their egoism in every action they perform.  It is just my desire connected with the others desire for correction that is the spiritual vessel.  It is just our common yearning for the Cosmic Consciousness, Upper Force…call it what you would like. 

My message to any of my friends who gather together for the common goal (SPIRITUAL GROUPS):

We must understand that we are a bunch of egoist and each of us will take our turn saying dumb things and unbeneficial comments.  Some of us while gathered will become over inflated in our grandeur, or want to lead the group.  Of course we are going to do that, did we gather together because we are already SAINTS?  We have gathered only within our common desire, yearning and intention to ask the Upper One to correct us……  NOTHING MORE.  What ever material is read, is only so that we can draw the LIGHT that will reform us.  If we live within this common desire, it forms our connected body, and the vessel for the very LIGHT of our salvation.  Any friend who wishes another to leave in his heart has thrown the very cup of his salvation to the ground, and has wasted the common wealth of the collective Assembly of this RIGHTEOUS DESIRE.      

 Allow people to be at what ever degree they are at, even if it is within the great depths of EGOISM.

Let the effort in the work on proper intention and common desire be the vessel and connection.

Limit expressing you own personal inner states and focus on feeding the common desire & intention.  The Light will do the work while you make the effort.

Your inner states are your own conversation with the UPPER one, keep your own beloveds relationship for you and HIM.  Talk about all the spiritual states in the words, just not your own present state at that moment.

You can discuss common states that can arrive on the path, but try not to make your group a visit to the psychiatrist.  Because then the group becomes the solution to your suffering instead of the Upper One.  It is obvious that the problem lies somewhere within you only, and that is normal, because we are not at the final correction.


by:Jason-John Swartz


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