My Darn Egoism Again

So subtle my own egoism, and how clever the great deceiver blends into the tiniest corners of my good intentions.  “Why didn’t I see it before“, is my constant reply to the revelation of my own forces of impurity.  How I am filled with the wonderful whispers of wisdom as she visits me so unexpectedly.  Like a child I am taken back from the insights that she paints upon my heart. However within the shadows of my alleyways, wait those infants of hypocrisy. Glory, Glory to the Most High Up “, they cheer with fervent enthusiasm, only to sell her pearls for their own glory.

My desired intention for writing this blog is always to thank the Upper One for his revelations within my heart.  So with gladness I write these devotions to HIM.  I write what he has put in my heart and send it out into the world through these writings and let him direct others to it if HE so wishes.  However lately I have found that I am looking at the STATS SECTION , and in my heart I have become seduced by the number of people who comment or visit.  The weeds of  ambition have blossomed within my garden, that I tend to for my FATHER.  I have even gone to other people’s sites with no intention of truly reading in great depths what they had to say.  My intentions were  on some occasions to lure then back to my den of thieves.  What Light is there behind a cleverly phrased sentence, if the intention is for my glory and not HIS? 

So I am grateful that this subtle revelation has been shown to me by my FATHER.  I know that His Light has entered a once concealed place in my heart and revealed to me my true nature once again.  So I write this to my friends so that the Light my enter my previous transgressions.  I leave you with this message of forgiveness because I know that my darkness lays waiting for the next thought and desire to cling to…….FATHER SHEILD ME.



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2 thoughts on “My Darn Egoism Again

  1. Hi, your entry made me smile. I, too, get caught up in the numbers sometimes. It simply astounds me that so many people read our blogs. And from countries all over the world. I am so very aware that I do not write what I am posting…I simply hold the pen and let my mind open to the messages. So when I am tempted to bask in the numbers, I immediately remind myself that the numbers have nothing to do with who I am and the work I do for my Creator. Thank you for reminding us to put the glory where it belongs! hugs, pat

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