It is my feeling that there is the Essence of the Creator that can never be attained.  However the Light Emanating from the Unattainable Essence is possible to be felt by the soul.  The Light being a Pure Force of Bestowal and the soul a vessel (desire) to receive this Light.  The Unattainable Essence (FATHER),  can make contact with our soul through the Son (The Light) and the sensation and wisdom and other qualities are then experienced causing the renewal of our mind and gradual correction of the soul can be called ( Holy spirit).  Consciousness and Mind can be expressed as spirit.  When we have a Holy spirit our thoughts, desires and intentions are in similarity with the Light.  When we have a darkened spirit it is in disparity with the Light, which is Egoism.

This is how I  understand the New Testament in my heart.  Because the spiritual world is sensed within me, I continually try to tie what the scripture is saying with inner actions and therefore the Messiah to me refers to the emanated light of correction.  Presently I feel a spiritual Light that fills my desire to make contact with the Creator, then I understand that only through this Light (Messiah) can I get to the Father.  To me the Messiah is the personal relationship that one senses with the Light, Messiah is the Light of correction, which first illuminates our disparity to the Creator and causes us to repent.  Through the realization of our own force of impurity, a true desire for the Creators Light (Messiah) can be made in our hearts and through continued efforts with proper intention gradual corrections are performed upon us.   Therefore it can be said that mans salvation comes only from the LIGHT or Messiah, which is a Pure Force of Bestowal Emanating from the Essence of the Unattainable.


I am not saying that this is the truth….but this is how it feels like to me, and how I have built my relationsgip with the Creator.

Unattainable Essence = Father

Light Emanating From The Essences = Son (Messiah)or(Christ)

The Influence It Has on The Vessel = Holy Spirit

The Vessel for the Light = Soul

Now if  God sends his only Son (offspring) to save us, then it makes sense to me that  The Fathers (Unattainable Essence) only Son is the Light Emanating From the Essence.(Messiah, The Light,)  It makes sense that if we do not know the Light (Son) then we cannot know the Father.  So the Light, Only Son, Messiah all points to the same Pure Force Of bestowal.

If this is the Light referred to in all spiritual teaching, then everyone is talking about the same thing and Language is getting in the way.

Buddhism speaks of enlightenment, which can be refered to the enlightenment of our vessel with the LIGHT OF THE CREATOR.

Buddhism speaks also of  NOTHINGNESS, and no self.  They refer to Nothingness when speaking about Essence, because there cannot be any attainment.  Our sensation of the Creator is only through the filling of our soul (VESSEL) which is Enlightenment.  No self is refered to the Ego which we often believe to be us, and is in actuality the barrier to connecting with the ONE MIND.  Also there is NO SELF in the Essence because again there is no attainment.

I see no real difference between the two experiences expressed in this wisdom and other faiths.  I see only barriers caused by language and a possible desire for monopolization of Infinity.  

As if anything can have a monopoly on INFINITY, or better yet certain groups be excluded from INFINITY.

It is easy to say my GOD and your GOD are not the same.  However try saying your INFINITY and my INFINITY are not the same.   Doesn’t sound right does it?  When we begin to use language which are basically symbols representing the corporeal world, to express eternal states beyond time and space in the spiritual, it is normal that a barrier can occur between proper communication.  However individuals attaining a certain degree within the spiritual world sense that the light is all surrounding and omnipotent.  They sense that it is fact constant and that it is our similarity and disparity that create the illusion that the Creator is treating us differently.  For all is sense within our vessel.  When the ego is corrected enough yet still present to a lesser degree the individual is certain that he is a pert of a collection of soul, who form a body.

I am also not saying that there was not an actual man who embodied the Light at such an exalted level that he was the complete personification of the thought of creation and a bridge between the vessel and Light. Who am I to know if it was divine providence that sent Him.  I judge from what is written, and I know that the origin of the parables are from a very elevated spiritual state.  I take do not take away from the importance of a Historical account, but in fact hopefully enrich the account with my personal experience of it..  However I am trying to unveil the trinity and how it function within me to the best of my ability and only with the purest of intentions.   I am trying to connect my inner experience of Light with my love of all scriptures especially The New Testament.   

This is simply how I feel inside and in no way saying that this is the TRUTH. I am just trying to join all the dots.  I know that this can be a very personal and I do not want to offend anybody, just trying to share,


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4 thoughts on “TRINITY IN MY HEART

  1. Language is not an exact science. Sometimes it is difficult to translate experience into expression. We do not have control over how the expression is translated into understanding, either. In the end, we probably can be certain only of our own experience. It is the force of bestowal that causes us to want to share (bestow) our revelation with others, but it is egoism that causes us to assume that another person’s experience is from a different (lesser) source. The latter is also known as elitism and is quite contrary to humility.

    As a side note, I was watching the PBS presentation of “The Buddha” earlier today. I couldn’t help but notice a parallel between the Buddha’s solitude under the bodhi tree, his temptation by Mara, and the beginning of his teaching and Jesus’ time in the wilderness, his temptation by Satan, and the beginning of his ministry. It has been my understanding that Buddhists do not believe in a singular and supreme god, but the mention of Mara suggests this may not be as simple and straightforward as we might assume.

    I really enjoyed reading this post!

    • I am 101% in agreement with ya buddy. I also see loads of similarity between buddhism qoutes/ tao the ching qoutes and Jesus and his parables. Especially the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas….I love that one.

      I am actually going to start writing some posts and putting qoutes from both buddhism and the biible as to bridge the gap between them.

      I think that just like alot of religions and faiths buddhism can be wrongly interpretated. The ONE SELF refered to in Buddhism to me points to the Collective soul or Divinity which appears as the illusion of the egoic self is revealed. The ONE MIND can be the one LIGHT ect ect. I think that it is all language again. However I have seen even books on Buddhism that seem very ATHEIST in there portrayal.

      I am glad that you appreciated this post. =)

  2. Great and inspiring post!! Your explanation about the Unattainable Essence (Father) and the Light (Messiah) is an interesting way of further explaining what the Gospel is all about. The manifestation of the Light in our Vessels (souls) is also a great way of saying how the Holy Spirits operates. The Light teaches us about the Unattainable Essence (Jesus teaches us about God). Language is definitely a limited way of describing our God. The similarities between Buddhism and the Gospel is an interesting idea I want to explore further. I see that we are similar in the way of approaching Truth. I look forward to reading more from your blog.

    • I try to connect all things and not separate anything from that PERFECT love which is my FATHER. I know that the separation that I see outside myself is only the separation that has not yet been reveal within me. For one day I will gaze out towards all things and see nothing but HIM.

      It is so beautiful when you start seeing the ONE thing said MANY ways

      Deuteronomy 4:35
      New International Version (NIV)

      35 You were shown these things so that you might know that the LORD is God; besides him there is no other.

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