The Fall Had To Happen _Genesis_ Dad kick me out of the House!!

When a child is still within the womb of its mother, it is one with the mother.  The mother nurtures the child and gives it everything that it needs.  The mother creates, supports, sustains and loves the child and they are one with each other, in complete adhesion.  However at this fetal state the child can never know or understand the provider, or understand the relationship they have towards each other.  It is still a very unconscious existence on the part of the child..  So at conception the newborn is rejected from the womb and through the cutting of the umbilical cord the childs new life as an individual begins.  It is as if the child is cast out from the previous state by its Creator (MOTHER).  All of this is necessary and benevolent on the part of nature.

We understand in this world that all of this is necessary and it is through this process that a child can grow to know and understand their parents and finally become similar to them. 

 So the Creator created a situation so the soul he had created would not stay as a helpless child.  In the spiritual world if there is disparity with the Creator then one cannot be in adhesion with Him  and is cast away.  So the Ceator purposefully found a way to create separation with the soul so that it would not reman as a helpless baby.  Dad kicked us out of the house and told us to get a LIFE……   an eternal one !!! 

In spiritual terms man is the force of bestowal and woman is the force of reception.  Hence a man gives his seed (Bestows) and the woman receives (reception).  These are forces and has nothing to do with men and women on corporeal terms in the world.  We are speaking only of FORCES.  Eastern teaching speak well of the YING YANG.

This is why this process of the souls journey from the garden of Eden to the Fall and the gradual return is explained in this way.  The Creator is a Pure Force of Bestowal and so creates a man who spiritually speaking point to the force of bestowal also, ADAM=MAN=BESTOWAL=SIMILARITY=ADHESION.  Hence both are similar and in the same likeliness and therefore in adhesion.  However the Creator wants the soul to receive from him so he creates a women EVE=WOMEN=RECEPTION=BEGINNING OF DISPARITY which is spiritually speaking the will to receive.  The next part is the serpent which is the intention to receive selfishly.  The Creator knows that if the soul can become selfish then complete disparity will occur between the Creator and the soul.  This is so that the soul can be delivered out of adhesion with the Creator and begin its conscious ascent back to the level of adhesion.  In reality all is Good and benevolent for the evolution and growth of the soul.  However by eating the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, somethings begin to be good and others bad, which occurs when disparity from the Creator occurs. 

It is the Creator that has set up a system where the soul gradually became more and more separate to the Creators qualities.  The separation also created the One soul to fracture and separate into more and more individual pieces of the One soul.  You and I as well as the 7 billion others are pieces of the One soul and all we got to do is correct our little piece of the puzzle.  Like your part of putting Humpty Dumty back together again.  LIke drops from a pond we are of the same substance yet feel alone from each other. However drop us back into the pond and we are all one creation.

Creator created one soul in his image.

Creator is  a Pure Force of Bestowal ( Altruism)

Spiritually speaking man=bestowal

Hence Adam the first man in His image( Bestowal)

Eve is created as the force of reception which is necessary because the Creator want us to receive everything from Him.(Will to receive)

The Serpent is the way of cutting the spiritual umbilical so the soul can become independent and mature.  This is by becoming opposite the Creator (EGOISM/SELFISH RECEPTION)

In the Creators Adhesion all is only Good = TREE OF LIFE

Disparity from the Creator creates good and evil = TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL (TREE OF DEATH)

Tree of Death is spiritual death from the concealment of the Creator. Tree of life is revelation of the Creator.  

The Creator had a desire to create a creature and to fill it with infinite pleasure.  Once the Creator had this desire and thought, it immediately  happened and a soul was born.  A soul being a perfect vessel to receive all the Creator thought to give to the Creature.  However at this point the soul is a lot like a child in the womb.  Even if it is in complete adhesion with the Creator it does not know it.  It is like a fetus in a perfect state yet unconscious of it.  So the creator had to separate Himself from His creation, so that it could be born out of HIM into a new world and from there grow to the Height of the Creator.

It is like a father who has built a powerful empire and struggled all his life to build it.  Then the if the  son inherits the empire from the father, surely the son can never love and appreciate the empire as much as the father who put his whole life and effort into it. 

Therefore the Creator has built and prepared for us HIS KINGDOM, but so that we can love and appreciate it as much as Him, he has built a system of work and labor so that when we finally inherit the Kingdom, through our efforts we can come to love and appreciate it as our own.  To be given such an inheritance would bring too much shame on receiving it, however if we work and earn it through our own desire, efforts and intention then we can joyfully rceive what our Father has prepared for us.

So be happy that our Father kicked us out of the HOUSE.





We started out Unified yet unconscious and after the fall we have become separate while gradually awakening, so that in the end we can be Unified and Conscious,


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