All I can do in my uncorrected state is yearn for the Creator and make efforts in my actions, internal and external to move towards adhesion with HIM.. As he reveals Himself I feel his qualities or flavours within me. Yet before I know it I feel Him distance Himself from me. This is good, because if he was to dwell within me continually I would believe that it was me and not Him who is GOOD. So like the waves of the ocean he advances and withdraws within my sensations growing my faith in HIM, and desire for Adhesion.

While I know that the Creator is One, as His Essence shines through my own veils (screens), it is as if to me that he reveals HIMSELF in an Infinite number of ways. So yes the truth is ONE however it sings to us through many.


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  1. What makes you think that you can’t be good on your own? And why do you feel that God is distancing himself from you? God dwells in you AS you. He made you in his image, so you CAN be good on your own. I believe people put too much stock in what God wants of us. Yes, he knows when the sparrow falls, but does he really care? Sparrows fall all the time. Likewise, we go around in our lives doing our best to do well. Humans in general are innately good. They love. They will cooperate.
    Don’t make yourself feel badly because you aren’t perfect. God doesn’t want you to be perfect, he wants you to be human, because that’s the way he made you. In his image.

    • From experience. lol

      I can be good on my own. I can choose to do things for myself or do things for the Creator and others. I can do that by myself. However when I function from my own egoism in the end I suffer and usually make others suffer to. When I say that God is distancing himself from me it is only in my inner sensations. Like the songs say the sun can’t shine everyday. The Creator is the giver the Force of bestowal. He created us and the rest of creation and we have a will to receive. All of creation is basically a will to receive so am I, nothing wrong with that. However our intention should be to receive for the well being of others and the pleasure of the Creator. Take what you need, nothing more.

      I don’t feel bad about the darkness that is revealed within me. I am glad that I see the need for correction. It makes me happy to reveal NEW WAYS THAT MY EGO GETS THE BEST OF ME. I consider the ego like dirt on a mirror. The more that the ego(dirt) get wiped off the more the mirror can reflect better. I am not hard on myself, I am hard on my ego wghich is the barrier between me and the Creator. The soul is made in the image of the Creator not the human ego, don’t justify humanities selfish will to receive only for one self.

      True that we are all vessels for the Creator and in reality there is nothing but him, but making an effort to connect with the Upper force all around us is not a bad thing. Humans at this point, me included are still like unripe apples, the Creator is not finished preparing us as vessels for Him.

      Anyways this is just my silly opinion, I am in no way a authority on the subject. Words are often a bariier between people, I say something and you understand something else. You say something and then I misinterprete. I just want to make connections with people who love the Creator and respect all opinions. I am sure that we agree with a lot more than we disagree with.

  2. Darlene Lacombe on said:

    great !!! xxx profound…

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