Commentary on “The Gospel of Thomas” excerpt 2

(2) Jesus said, “Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.”

Translated by Thomas O. Lambdin

Man is born into this world, and is given from the Upper One the 5 senses to receive from this world.  He absorbs the beauty of this world with his eyes.  He tastes all that this worlds has to offer from his mouth.  Through  his nose he inhales the smells of this world.  He feels the touch of others and this world through his flesh.  He hears life’s melodies through his ears.

All of these he uses to receive from this world, and he derives pleasure from this world from them.  However all of these pleasure are fleeting, and the moment that the desire becomes filled the pleasure disappears.  Like all things of this world, they are born and they die.

However when a very special desire awakens in a person, and he wishes to know the meaning of Life itself.  When a small desire to understand his relationship to this grand mystery he finds himself immersed in awakens, he is compelled to seek out the answer.  For if he creates a proper environment around this small desire it can become a burning desire within him, and all other desires seeing who has sent this desire bow down in worship.  Therefore the other desires are not destroyed, but become corrected and fall into their proper function.   It is this special desire that is to know his MAKER, that becomes the vessel for the revelation of that answer.  It is that very special desire which is the SOUL itself.  However the pleasure received from having this special desire filled is not fleeting,  for it becomes an eternal fountain of joy and wholeness.  

So it can be understood that the desire for the spiritual (Creator) is the soul itself.  It is a desire created by the Upper One and it is awakened by the Upper One.  Once it is awakened we are compelled to seek its fulfillment.  The desire and yearning becomes like a pulling force towards adhesion with the Creator.  Surly a desire sent from the Father will reach perfect fulfillment, for HIS will is perfect. 

“When he finds, he will become troubled”

What would cause a person who seeks the Creator to become troubled?  When we have no desire for the Creator then, no LIGHT can enter the vessel.  The light only enters when there is a desire for it.  The desire for it only awakens when the Creator decides to awaken it.  Once awakened however it is up to us to nurture this desire into a burning desire.  The Creator only awakens it, however we must nurture that desire like it is a child within us.  Until this awakening from ABOVE,  we remain in darkness and see nothing wrong from living a life merely from the 5 senses.  We are satisfied with this level of existence and it is the will of the Creator that you find pleasure in this manner until he wishes to awaken you.  However when we seek we begin more and more to reveal our own darkness (egoism) and we realize how opposite we truly are in our nature from the Upper One.  We make all sorts of attempts at reforming ourselves, and become very frustrated, confused and exhausted with our attempts to live up to the spiritual standards that have awakened in us.  However it is these very efforts and failures that grow the desire and yearning, allowing more and more Light to enter, and more and more darkness to be revealed.  So therefore we can begin to see that “When he finds, he will become troubled“, because the Light of the Creator begins to shine and reveal all of our need for correction.  Do not feel discouraged with the evil that is revealed within you because it is the Creator showing what must be corrected so that you may become a temple (vessel) for HIM.  However there is initially a great blow to the person when they realize that it is their own EGOISM that must be corrected and nothing else. 

The evil that you reveal within yourself  are the very stepping-stones to your salvation.  The evil that is not revealed, becomes a disparity with the Creator and from this disparity HE cannot dwell within your vessel. 

So do not be troubled with the evil within you but be glad that what you once could not see in you has been revealed to you as a gift from you FATHER for your effort to move closer to HIM. 

It is like a basement with a crumbling foundation.  There is no light down in this basement and the owner never sees that it is in danger of falling down.  However someone gives him a light and for the first time he sees the needed repairs that must be done on the foundation.  Initially the owner is in great despair at the state that his foundation, and is ashamed that he never saw the danger all those previous  years. However the one who gave him the light is a great architect and he says, “Be happy that the light I gave you showed you the needed repairs, for now we can repair the danger together”.

If you study and become prideful then please wonder where that pride is coming from.  For what have you within yourself that has not been given to you from your Father?  If you realize that everything revealed within you comes from your Father, then praise the Glory and not the vessel that houses it.

  For a vessel is only as good as what it is holding inside.  So let us prepare our vessel so that it becomes worthy to contain such PERFECTION


by: Jason-John Swartz



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