Light Adds Flavour To All Things !!!

I have found that true love is not an emotion, but an awareness. Most people who I have met who have been truly touched by the LIGHT begin to see a lot more the connection in things than the separations. When the Creator enters the vessel that you have prepared for HIM through your yearning and striving in your own wilderness within you, all of your previous ways of worship become deepened. They are never annulled or discarded, however from a deepening of your heart comes a deepening of understanding and connections between all things. At the end of our collective correction will be the long promised and awaited revelation of HIS love for all. So with joy walk among all of his creation and have the courage to accept all of life’s ways of worshiping HIM. For in the end all is within HIM, as he will be forever within US….on that faithful DAY. Let even the most mundane of daily chores become a way of worship.

It  is with you in mind; as a fellow brother in the LIGHT, that I write this to Noel for warming my heart with his nice comment. Thanks for bringing my next post out of me with your own beautiful message.



By: Jason-John Swartz


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2 thoughts on “Light Adds Flavour To All Things !!!

  1. Allow me to thank Noel for inspiring you also!

  2. Your my Tao inspirer Steve =) But not limited to that of course . True gathering of friends(spiritualgroup/Church) is to inspire each other in our common desire for the ONE

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