Clothing Please…..

Know ye not that thou art desire wrapped in clothing?  Therefore choose thee wisely which desire ye offer up to Mine Alter.  For I devour that which is not of Mine Spirit.  Come ye naked, so that I may adorn thee with garments worthy of Mine Temple.

Oh how I have soiled myself with vain desires of this world.  How I have intoxicated myself with elixirs of delusion and forgetfulness.  My heart has longed for things against my Father…..vain glories have I brought upon the Alter and only vanities have been heard from the darkened choirs of my Temple.  Desire, Desire, all for myself, and none for Thine Promised Inheritance to me.  How I have squandered your gifts in pursuit of nothingness.  Dust to dust, ashes to ashes have gone my offerings.

I have nothing left and lie naked in the streets of my own fornication.  They laugh at me within my own Temple and defile my altar, while I moan and groan,  more of them gather.  Harken to my plea Father, mine own children of rebellion wage war against me.  They see my vulnerability and in the setting of the Sun will make advancements.  Turn my most darkened winter solstice into the coming summer.  Spring from my repentance the waters of thy mercy like the morning dew.  Destroy the Temple and lay waste to the alter, so that you may rebuild it anew.  May all the vileness be gone with the wrath of your salvation upon me. 

Oh sweet morning Glory who rebuilds me from mine own rubble.  Blessed, blessed the new day, my pot makers coming with HIS heavenly clay.


By: Jason-John Swartz


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2 thoughts on “Clothing Please…..

  1. This is truly deep. It requires being read more than once.

  2. I was definetly on another plane when I wrote that one. he he

    Gotta stop listening to Bob Dylan on the way to work….=)

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