The Tree of Life

Oh how wonderful it is to have the Fiery Rain of my Father descend upon my consciousness.  To flood my nothingness with His Appellations.  The lightning flashes of  Wisdom appearing as to adorn my fields with garments of Understanding.  How Love and Compassion have begun to grow its vines within my heart.  I fear harming this newborn  bud of LOVE sent from ABOVE, that has sprouted in my garden at the dawning of the new morning..  With great Praise to the Heavens I tend to my garden with the Joy and Vitality of a child.  How can such Beauty have appeared from the dirt beneath my feet, that I have trampled during my toils and tribulations.  Truly from my own darkness has Light come forth within me. No longer will I drink the knowledge of my captivity, but ascend that highest mountain to its end……A NEW BEGINNING.

Glory is the One Above who daily sends His Begotten to Shine His Light on my kingdom so that as I am still below, I may come to know my Father Above.


By: Jason-John Swartz


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2 thoughts on “The Tree of Life

  1. so beautiful, i love this post. It is inspiring. Please do check out my blog

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