Night and Day: Keeping It Simple And Sweet

God He Gives

And He takes Away

But every Night

Brings a brighter Day.

So send your prayer

To change your ways

And draw the LIGHT

A brand new Day



by: Jason-John Swartz


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3 thoughts on “Night and Day: Keeping It Simple And Sweet

  1. Renaissance on said:

    What is the Light? Why do we feel great when it appears? When will it be our turn to see the Light ? How will the Light appear to us when we see it?

    • Read my other post because these questions are answered in them. Then if you have questions I can send ya to a site that changed my life. If

      Let me say this….There is a Creator and you do have a soul and it is the soul that is like a extra sense organ to sense the creator. All that you will feel will be within you, not any wierd mystical stuff. The world will not change but your qualities will. All will be felt and unfolded within you. Changes in how you view yourself, others, will be transformed. You will feel, love expolding infinitely out of you. You will feel like all your throughts are nothing but pure wisdom. You will understand the meaning of life. You will justify the Creator and Creation

      There is a trinity. The father is the Unnatainable Essence, the wisdom felt as love could be called Christ, and the female aspect of the Christ is the Holy spirit which is understanding. I can point to hints on what to focus on, but it will be your intention and desire for the Creator that will in the end guide ya.

      May I point out that it is all about proper intention. Desiring only to change yourself. It took me 15 years of searching only to take a few steps into true spirituality. The journey is infinite

    • After thinking about your question a little more last night, this posting below is what I came up with. Hopefully this will help ya more than my previous reply.


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