Learning To Walk

Submission….what is submission?  Submission is acceptance of the present moment, because you know who sent it to you.  The present moment is HIS dialogue with you.  Thats why they call this moment the present, because it is truly a gift. That is the power of now, and where your relationship with HIM is found.  Submission the souls left leg.

Prayer….what is prayer?  Prayer is the yearning for HIM.  Let your yearning open your gates and allow wisdom to flow through you.  Your yearning for HIM is the very prayer from your heart which will call HIM to you.  If you have no desire for HIM, then ask that he gives you that desire.  If you cannot understand the present moment yearn for HIS understanding.  Prayer……the pure yearning for your BELOVED.  Prayer the right leg of your soul.

So walk HIS way through prayer and submission and you will find HIM.  However it is even more accurate to say that walking this path will allow HIM to enter, because He has always wanted you to know HIM.  So smile and know that I love you and follow these footsteps in the sand with me.


By: Jason-John Swartz


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4 thoughts on “Learning To Walk

  1. Beautiful simple, yet profound article. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you during this holiday season. Connie

  2. “the present moment is His dialogue with you” Beautiful statement. the present is all we have, all that really matters, which connects us to God. Worrying about the future, or regretting about the past separates us from living in peace, separates us from connecting to God. Maybe this might be the way to find God more. thank you.

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