A Really Weird Stupor……

Them concealed foundations of heaven, who holds back my flood gates of salvation?  Let the dawn from the East ascend my abandoned churches, who mourn the promise from her long-awaited hero.  How I have worshiped a harlot in this land of ZERO.   How my box of voices wants to speak with Thee, but a robber sold the message to a talking tree, with the lie that the cost was free.  How now do I find my way to this man who bleeds?    

So a local merchant told me to drink this wine, but I thought him unkind…… I wasn’t thirsty.  So I fell into sleeping right then and there, odd dreams of  a lion and lamb, they were weeping.  I tried to wake up but they said its to late, gotta open my eyes at the end of my gates.

I saw two angels playing a game of chess with a crying baby saying he’d do the rest.  I had to start running cause the class was a started and my hair was a mess, was it straight or was it parted?  Then I saw a wise owl how lived in the dark and he pointed to a rainbow that turned into an ark, that confused me.  So I asked a growing tree on the side of the road and it told me the path that could lead to tommorrow…..I said that I counldn’t…it said I would with a wink .  It said the path of so many will lead into sorrow so he gave me a bus pass that said straight and narrow so I took it.  


by: Jason-John Swartz


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