One Father to Another

Thank-you to my Father Above who is the one who fills my heart daily with love so that I may give His gift to my children.  I know the One who sends me my strength and with Him, may I add to that foundation daily with the good deeds and kind gestures that I do to please the Creator.  Guide my steps  so that my children may learn Your ways through my actions and not merely by wise sounding speeches lacking your true Spirit.  Give me the patience that You have shown me all of these years, so that I may embody patience with my children.  Let You continually remind me of my own disobedience to Your commandments when I discipline my children, so that my discipline towards them be benevolent towards their development and dressed with Your Mercy.  Give me the proper speech so that I may say what their souls need to hear and not what my pride or vanity sometimes leads me to say.  Shield me from all trappings of arrogance, when dealing with such innocence.

To the children you have bestowed upon me in this life, I know that they do not belong to me, but are intrusted into my care for a certain time.  May I accomplish my task of pointing them back towards you so that through their relationship with me they may come to understand their Father Above.  May they realize that if a flawed and simple man such as myself can love them this much imagine their Father Above, imagine how much more He must love them.

All that I have written and wish for them I cannot do with out You.  You who has worked miracles upon my heart and are showing me everyday how to walk in Your ways.  Do not let these word above become a hypocrisy upon me, but with pure intention and humility I ask of you to make me your servant.


By: Jason-John Swartz


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2 thoughts on “One Father to Another

  1. Darlene Lacombe on said:

    So beautiful a prayer…thank you for sharing with us…love to you Jason! xx

  2. Love to you too =)

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