Change only me!!!!!!

It is my feeling that besides me, all of the events and people sent my way are from the Creator.  We are all interconnected parts of a collective soul even if it does not feel that way to us in our present states.  Therefore all of us are under the influence of this unified field, and the only free will we have is to work with it or against it within our intentions.  Working towards the intnetion of creation is called the path of Light.  Working against it is called the path of suffering.  Our free will is in the path we take with our intentions, but it is still under the influence of the Upper Force.    Even the varying inner states and emotions and desires that awaken from seemingly nothing are sent to me from the Creator. Therefore I should not waste these moments sent by the Creator to pray and asked for different situations, because each moment is the Creators dialogue with you.  What is the Creator telling you through these events.  All things are from the Upper One sending me exactly what I need at that specific moment.  If it appears that there is an opposite force going against the Creator, it is only because the Creator wills it to be that way.  Even the evil within this world that has dominion for its alloted time will serve as a driving force to bring to completion the will of the Upper One.  Yes of course there is evil in the world, and evil is not the nature of the Creator, however it is allowed to manifest itself and exist for a purpose which becomes revealed as humanity evolves towards its destiny.  In fact the outward reality seen through events and circumstances are in some ways a mirror of our inner attitude towards the Creator and others.  Humanity is a collective entity and the Upper Force uses the individual for the benefit of the totality.  However these events and circumstances often go against the individual desires for that specific person.  However when we begin to want to work for the totality and realize the complexity of the system we realize that what is good for the whole is often against the individuals wants and desires.   Hence the reason why seemingly unfair events occur to individuals, however this view is from the separated individual and not from the perspective of the collective need.  However if an individual desires to work for the correction of the totality of humanity, then the individual blows and turmoil are understood, and put into proper perspective.  This does not make them any less painful however seeing things from our own narrow point of view is always painful.    It is through the proper attitude and perspective that all events can be justified as beneficial to the collective and from this correct attitude help from Above can be received during these difficult events.  When events cannot be justified a person cuts themselves off from the Upper Force and is left to deal with the events on their own, which is very difficult.  They then depend on other individuals which usually fall short and causes further suffering.  Only a connection with the Upper Force can allow a person to understand the purpose behind the suffering seen within our world.  This suffering is not for nothing, and proper understanding and work with the Upper Force through understanding of the Universal law can greatly begin to diminish the suffering occurring.  We can truly change our world by changing ourselves and once we are changed we continue our effort not for ourselves but to bring Light through us to others.  There is always work to be done.  First for our individual correction, and then as a way of passing the Light to others through continued efforts and application of what we have attained.  

I demand only that the Creator prepare me as a proper vessel to house his LIGHT. I am like a container and I am only as good as what I hold within me. So I do everything to demand the Upper one to change ME……not change things outside myself.  What do I know in this state of concealment what is needed to correct my vessel.

Therefore witchcraft, tarot cards, lucky charms and shrines ect, even if it is called white magic and used with good intention or to help others, it is implying that we know what is needed to benefit another.  We do not know what states, circumstances, and events are needed for their vessel to become a resting place for the CREATOR.  We often only see what benefits their earthly existence, and no matter how grand it may be all these accomplishments return to the dust or with time are forgotten.  There is nothing eternal in them and the Creator pays no attention to it, it is not important towards to totality.   The Creator benefits only the eternal part which is real and this often means at the expense of pleasure and Glory in this world.  The Creator promises not Glory in this world, but Glory in the eternal one.  Always do what you can in kind words and actions for another, this is needed.  However never pray for things, people, or events to change because we do not know what other souls need for advancement.  It is difficult enough to know how to advance along our own correction.  The path of suffering is the Creator pushing us to correction just like the narrow path of LIGHT to heaven is pulling us towards our collective destiny. So praying for anything other than to ask for ourselves to change is to imply that the Creator needs consultations and can be bribed with prayers.  This does not imply that we cannot feel compassion, empathy for others who suffer and connect our hearts to what they are living. However what happens must happen and is all within the blueprint of our collective salvation.  So be there for each other and help other people with our actions, however in our heart we should never feel that this should not be happening.  Do not curse the present moment because it is the only connection you have with eternity, and he who cannot accept the present moment cannot connect with the Upper One.  God does not in my opinion stop bad things from happening to good or bad people. However having HIM dwell with you during your deepest suffering give you the support, insight and strength to get through it.


by: Jason-John Swartz


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One thought on “Change only me!!!!!!

  1. Inspiring post! thanks for sharing.

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