Interesting Free Site

Found what they have to say very interesting.


No charms, magic or astrology involved with this site.



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4 thoughts on “Interesting Free Site

  1. Thanks, Jason. The free course looks particularly interesting.

  2. Yup I did the beginner, intermidiate, advanced course last year. Helps ease ya into the terminology that Kabbalah uses. Talks alot about the Light and vessel that you here me talking about in my writings. I like the use of these terms because it is not paticular to any faith or religion.

    I checked the other Kabbalah site from the USA, founded by BERG. Did not like it……whole bunch of new age mixed into one+red string charms blah blah stuff LOL

    If you go under the categorie section on the right side of the screen on http.//kab.tv./eng and click on Kabbalah Revealed Full section you will get the full overview to get a feel of what these are focusing on.

    • Actually, I started the free course. I’ve already listened to two of the three lessons already archived, and hope to be fully caught up by Sunday’s lesson.

      “I like the use of these terms because it is not paticular to any faith or religion.”

      I have already heard some claims that are suspect, but I reserve any discernment on that since it is probably a matter of POV and trivial. Terminology seems more of a curse than a blessing, too; it is why many people think they have exclusive knowledge when they really only express it differently. (I am a fair scientist because I tend to maintain a fair supply of skepticism.)

      • Skepticism is always a good thing. I too object to exclusivity. I think many paths lead to revelation. One thing I like about the whole Kabbalah Site from bnei Baruch center is all the stuff is free, so I know there intnetion is not to make money on people with the site. Thats already a good thing LOL. Anyways let me know what ya think when ya done browsing around the site. See ya =)

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