Finding Peace Within…… While We Walk In The Chaos Without.

Do not be discouraged on your quest to self-realization, for when you stumble do not say to yourself that you have failed, instead you should say that you have not succeeded yet.  For is not a saint a sinner who did not give up?  Do not be hard on yourself, but be very hard on the things inside you that prevent you from achieving your goal. 

Like a child do not hesitate to ask “why”, and please do not settle for the answer, “just because”.  The answer will be found within you, but just remember it doesn’t come FROM you, remember where all true answers come from.     

Yes indeed it is difficult to practice, yet practice makes perfect.  Our soul is like learning to play an instrument.  Proper and regular practice allows gradual mastery.  Like a child who sounds horrible when he first harshly hammers at a toy guitar, the parent allows him to make noise because they know that it is the first steps to becoming a wonderful musician.

It is your yearning and desire with proper intention that will bring you good fruit when harvest time comes.  What merit does it bring a person to accumulate all sorts of knowledge and not use it for their own correction?  In fact wisdom used for anything else but the individuals own self correction only grows the arrogance and self-glory which separates them from true attainment.

What arises the strongest emotions in a parent?  When a child seemly achieves everything naturally without much effort?  Or when the child struggles and remains steadfast in their effort with a proper attitude toward failure as well as success?  Surely the heart flutters more in the latter case.  Let this perspective be the approach towards your spiritual development. 


By: Jason-John Swartz


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2 thoughts on “Finding Peace Within…… While We Walk In The Chaos Without.

  1. Darlene Lacombe on said:

    I have not succeeded yet! And yes we are really hard judges on ourselves at times.

  2. Wonderfully expressed!

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