What Is This Love?

I have seen what earthly standards call love.  I have seen a love that is conditional.  I have been that heart that loves only what is similar to it.  I have been limited to calling love a mere emotion.  I have been blinded by a love that’s not giving.

What is this precious Love that has touched me so profoundly?  Why do my words fail to explain what has occurred here?  I have been visited by a Love that has no reasons.  I have been given a gift that my prior actions do not deserve.   Truly this Love comes not from a selfish sinner such as myself, yet it has found a dwelling space within me.  Then again is it really in me, or have I been consumes by it?  Perhaps it is better to say that it is clearing a path so as to travel through me.  I have attained nothing, in fact I feel at times  that I have lost everything within it.  It is ever-changing in its manifestations which makes any attempt at expressing it pale in comparison to experiencing it.  It whispers in the silence of my heart saying, ” come see”.

I have been wounded in Love and now being freed from my own darkness I fall like dead before this Light within me.  From a slave to a willing servant I have been freed from my shackles and willingly put on new chains.  The chains of Love, that have bound me with a unceasing fervour.

This Love is not even an emotion, but an awareness.  It strips off all knowledge of things and bears the pure longing of ones soul and the burning desire within the heart of all things.  How can such a Love create barriers?  Indeed it does not even break the barriers between people but completely transcends them.  With this Love I rejoice at the saints, but my heart explodes even more before a sinner with such passion to the point of sharing in their sorrow and suffering.  I know the suffering of a soul lost in sin, and I bear witness to this Love that has lifted me up.  It is through this Love that I myself have come to love both the sinner and saint.  

What is this Love that has filled my soul, and brought this prideful sinner to his knees in awe?

I think I know who you are………

I think I know what you have done to me…..

All I can say is I Love you too.


By: Jason-John Swartz

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8 thoughts on “What Is This Love?

  1. thank you for sharing
    this Love has no opposite!
    this Love is expansive and transcends yet is tangibly and palpably present within our very body!

  2. Darlene Lacombe on said:

    Speechless…. xx

  3. Wow! Profound, touching and true! This is a Love that cannot be explained with mere words, but can be experienced.

  4. Love, it’s so moreish isn’t it, and fascinating and powerful and in all it’s varied and sometimes tainted forms it can be amazing and yet painful, but nothing compares to God’s love. I have once tried to fathom and explain love in it’s different forms/expressions and wrote a blog about it, in fact I think it was my first ever blog and that’s what got me started, I just felt like love was so misunderstood, perceived to be so many things it’s not, and so often rejected in its purest form. Anyway, I’m rambling but you are very eloquent and your words hold much truth. :] xx

  5. this love is valuable, beautiful, all consuming, i understand how very profound it is.. This is a touching write.. 🙂

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