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Prayer for my Darn Body

While my lungs are heavy from years of sinful inhalations of toxic sense addiction, you Lord through your Love and Mercy have given breath to my soul through Your Holy Spirit within me.  While my flesh lays heavy a burden You give my soul the breath of Life when I need You.  What wonderful irony to feel short of breath from past indulgences and feel within my soul Your Holy Spirit who takes my breath away…. but in a good way.  Sure I hope for a miracle today, that my lungs may no longer burden me, but if I have a chose between praying for my lungs or praying for a lost soul to feel for the first time Your love, then I chose the latter.   So every day that its hard to breath I smile and know that today I prayed for someones elses life to be easier to live.  I was given a healthy body and I took advantage of it that’s the truth.  Just another story from another person who took the road most traveled to a party many never come back from.   So now I pray that through your Love that my burden be a blessing and my past stupidity make me all the wiser.  

I once thought that I had an iron stomach and party after party I drank my gut with no cares or worry.  Now that I don’t drink no longer my stomach is paying the tax collector for past abuses.  However day by day even with the bitterness in my belly a constant bother lately, your always there to give me courage and that part is always sweet. 

I just had to write this down and let it out a little.  I ain’t writing this to complain, Lord knows my case really is not that bad, but a little sickness can be good medicine for a sinner like me.  In all honesty I am such a stubborn ass that pain is the only way that God can get me to change my ways, cause looking back He gave me enough hints, but I was stubborn.  I am learning to listen to Him more and more these days.  Thanks God for not giving up on me when I had given up on myself.  Thats the God honest truth    It is amazing how I am happier now having all these silly health issues and having found God in my heart than I was when all my body was perfect but my soul could not find God.  I pray for all those people out in the world who are suffering physically and want you to know I am thinking of you.  I used to let the slightest physical problem destroy me with worry.  It is really hard to deal with illness without knowing that God is by your side.  I can really say that since God has touched me in my Life and I can feel Him, that he has not done anything to fix my body yet, but he sure has done miracles on my soul, and it makes the burdens that much easier.  So I thank you God for lifting me above the burdens of my flesh into the Spirit so I can find peace and joy daily.  May all of you find that peace that comes from our Living God and a direct relationship with HIM.       

Now with all that being said, can you fix my stuffy nose I am out of decongestants.  ( Just Joking)


By: Jason-John Swartz

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