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Ramblings In My Head And Stirrings In My Heart

Oh Great and Glorious Mystery of Mysteries, my Heavenly Father.  Pour forth from your mercy thy Living Word, your Eternal Wisdom my glorious Redeemer.  Let your wisdom emanating from thy throne of Eternity, shine upon me as to baptise me in your spirit of truth and understanding.  Give me a pure heart that loves without reason. 

For it is with  the pure of heart that the living word dwells within.  It is not what the mind perceives our the intellect believes that is our salvation, but when an honest heart in man comes to you in need to be freed.  Who claims to know the heart of another?  Is it not the maker of hearts who judges His creation?  Then let me not judge others, but instead I invite your living word into my heart and ask for my redemption to be revealed to me daily.   I ask this of you so that I may daily be renewed into your mercy and grace and be transformed into a light upon this world.  So that through the love you give me I may give to others and they may know that our Living God has truly come to dwell with his people.  Give me an appetite to serve you with all my heart and let this be my bread from heaven.  Bless me with a heart that feels others as myself, so that I may know what is lacking in them and do the will of my Father in heaven. 

Then let us not confuse the inner life we live with the outer appearance of things.  For what we see with our eyes will surely pass away, yet what we hold in our heart is eternal.  So I ask my God to plant within my secret garden a love for wisdom and a spirit of truth and understanding, so that I may know the unseen things within me that matter.  Shine what is darkened and water what has withered so that I may flourish in my inner man even as my outer man is dying. 

Blessed be your children who appear upon the earth like flowers and come and go with the seasons, but I know in my heart that with God all ends are a start to an eternity of new beginnings.


by: Jason-John Swartz



It is when we willingly leave the self at the sacred door of that Great Unknown that all others can then reside within you as you.

We reasonably think that by crucifying the self for God we will restrict, limit or even annihilate ourselves , yet giving up your own heart as a willing sacrifice allows God through His Grace to open your soul to feeling everyone elses heart. You do not lose your heart, but gain a new heart that feels others as itself.

How often we think that we must perfect this heart of ours when in reality it is a gift from God that changes the hearts of men.  Dear lord everyday I offer my self as a willing sacrifice, so that daily my will may die and that your love not mine shall be resurrected within the secret chambers of my heart.  If lord it is through my merit and strength that such beauty has come to reside in the gardens of my heart, then let me boast and Glory in myself.    Yet I know that it is you Lord that has saved me from myself.  You have raised me from my concealment of you and made me as a child again at the feet of a loving father. 

Give me a heart that can love you like a son loves a father.  Change my heart so that I may love you the way you love me.  I beg of you to change my nature into a heart that pumps out love to others. I am tired father, of justifying and rationalizing my hatred and anger.  Give me a heart that loves my opposers and shine into my mind the Glory of your wisdom and understanding so that I may be adorned with a divine power within my heart to forgive and therefore love my opposers. 

I do not want to merely believe in Christ, but I pray that I may know Christ in me as my new heart and renewed mind.  I know what I am and who you can make me into so I am asking.  Give me the nature  of your son so that I to can love like Christ.  Give me the nature of your son so that through my new heart I may live in the heart of all mankind.   I ask for this as a fool who does not even know what he is asking for, because I have tried to do it on my own and its impossible.  Oh blessed suffering and endless failure that has shown me how much I need a savior.  Save me from myself, for I am a man speaking to you as a child.  Show me your ways father I am ready to listen.

by: Jason-John Swartz


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