Labels ??? I am who I am.

I am uncomfortable with setting labels onto myself.  Labels lay heavy on my heart.  I don’t have anything against labels such as Christians, Atheists, Muslims and what not.  However for me I am what I am and that feels comfortable to me.  With this perspective I can look at others on an individual basis.  What are you as an individual?  What does your heart desire and your being yearn for? 

Organized religion may save a person’s life and offer great comfort.  To another it is a reason to disagree with others who are different from them in beliefs or other things.  So I can’t say nor do I want to say that it is right or wrong, good or bad.  It is in my opinion what one does with it. 

I feel like the whole world is my congregation and all of humanity is my brothers and sisters.  I feel others joys and suffering inside my heart.  To me humanity is a collective organism, like a body.  A collective soul some may say.  Why can’t humanity find unity while allowing for others beliefs to be respected.  Peoples beliefs and perspectives vary depending on their inner evolution and development.  It is a state of the heart thing, I think.  As love flourishes inside a person view change and the important thing become clearer.  Who cares what someone believes if it does not enter the heart.  Unity will never be found on a mental sphere, only on the level of intentions and emotions.  The true heart of the matter.

Find your way, your truth and live it.  It is fine to be certain in your faith, but the moment that others become in opposition to you because of that belief, I become weary.  Love others the way you would want to be loved.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated.  Does anyone one organization own the rights to these words?  Or does all of humanity own the rights to these words.  If we all lived by these words alone unity between us, nature and the great mystery of life and creation could have a chance to flourish.

No one can see the quality of another’s devotion.  No one can see the heart of another, only the one who created the heart and soul can and should be the one reading them.


By: Jason-John Swartz

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8 thoughts on “Labels ??? I am who I am.

  1. Find your truth and live it – great stuff! That’s how I think too. Actually, the whole post is full of thoughts I have found myself thinking! It’s the same – I won’t label myself just because it will be misunderstood by many. One label means so many different things to different people. And I am still me. Not the label in someone elses mind. Just me 🙂

  2. It is good to hear from you. It has been a long while. You sound a little frustrated, though.

    “Why can’t humanity find unity…”? There is a story that tells us they did have unity once. Everybody spoke the same language, and all agreed to build a great tower. Do you recall this story? It is a deep mystery.

    “…[T]he moment that others become in opposition to you because of that belief, I become weary.” Aerosmith sang, “It’s the same old story, same old song and dance, my friend.” It’s like watching the same old reruns over and over again. It is a sign of age. When you were young and everything seemed fresh and new, it got your hormones flowing. As you get older… not so interesting anymore.

    “…[N]ature and the great mystery of life and creation could have a chance to flourish.” Humankind has flourished to number over 7 billion. Of course, there is less room for nature, so more and more animal sign is found in our population centers these days. There is no balance found in the food chain these days. Humankind stands at the top of the “pyramid” with no serious predators except the microscopic kind… and those of their own kind. However, the resources that support this enormous population are dwindling.

    Historically, dwindling resources lead to war and death. Dwindling resources and the devastation of war leads to famine and more death. The devastation of war on infrastructure, famine, and bodies decaying in the open leads to pestilence… and even more death. Is this sounding a little familiar to you? Can there be such a thing as “flourishing” too much?

    Since the Children of Abraham seem to be the greatest source of belligerence in the world today, why not let them just slug it out? They seem intent on doing this anyway. They find their way to their heavenly paradise, while the Earth-centered religions inherit the Earth and everybody is happy… right? Problems solved?

    Actually, I have to side with you on this one. It seems a shame that when humanity needs to work together the most to overcome the problems we face together, far too many are caught up in “the same old song and dance, my friend.” Besides, while the idea of Pagans inheriting the Earth sounds poetic and makes me smile, I think it would get rather boring after awhile.

  3. “Why can’t humanity find unity while allowing for others beliefs to be respected.” – I think there are numerous reasons that are the cause of this. Man’s arrogance in wanting (or needing) to be right with their way of thinking would be one reason. Then you need to ask where this need or want comes from. And that presents its own set of reasons.

    If you in your heart believe in your beliefs, I don’t think you have the need to impose those beliefs on others. Bottom line: Accept others for who they are. Our Creator created all of us and not just the ones that agree with a particular way of thinking.

    • I find that the problem lies in the mind. Our mind is a brilliant thing yet when we begin attaching a self to our thought structure it become harmful. We are not our thoughts and opnions and belifs. We must look at the mind and its nature that divides, separates and labels things. It is a great tool on the subconscious as well as conscious level. Yet when we attach a self to our opnions and beliefs then we need to defend them as if, when someones does not agree it is an attack on our sense of self. The saying use your mind but don’t let it use you, comes to mind.

      The ego within the field of the human mind is in my opnion man own personal devil.

  4. Hey Steve! Long time indeed, I ran into some health problems and the blog hit the back burner for a while. Actually I was a little frustrated that day, very keen of you to notice. LOL I have this regular Jehovah Witness that comes by my house every wednesday. I obviously have my opinions but I allow him to voice his beliefs and I try to navigate around areas that may create a theological debate. I want to make a connection with everybody if possiple and accept differences while finding common ground…it is important to me.

    Anyways this guy and us have become friends and I have told him that I am comfortable with my relationship with God and that I do not consider myself affiliated with anyone group. That is fine but once and a while he brings certain people that seem a little self righteous which makes me feel uncomfortable. I like to share with people not be spoken at. I have opinions but I atleast know they are just my opnion, yet when others are seeing that there opinion is the only true one it makes shaing impossible. So I remain silent because I don’t feel or want to debate.

    The way the gentleman way going on about relationship and marriage ect made me feel like he thought I had never poundered anything deeper than my nose. LOL

    So I just felt like blogging about Labels, and the fact that if I would have talked to them about buddhism or Kabbalah or other paths that have influenced and touched me that it would have been the end of a discussion.

    As for the questions in my post, it is just a form of writing I use so that the reader can question it as they reads, and that my conclusions remain my conclusions and not claim I know the absolute truth of the matter.

    Believe me I know that the desire for Unity is the common theme of humanity, and I too believe that humanity was once and will return to the roots of our common beingness.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your health problems. I hope you are doing better now. I do understand your frustration, having had similar experiences myself many times.

      The desire for unity is strong among many factions today, but they desire unity on their terms only. It is a human paradox that the terms for unity are the very reason we fail to achieve it. Perhaps this is why your post provoked interesting responses.

      My allusion to the Tower of Babel was to suggest that it may not be part of a divine plan for humankind to find this elusive unity. Some have suggested that the development of human culture has been dependent upon conflict, which is the essential product of differences. Hermetic philosophy suggests that extremes (like love and hate, for example) are simply opposite ends of a common spectrum.

      Many people appear to desire some form of paradise, a return to Eden or numerous virgins (for example). However, my observations of human nature suggests that, if they should ever successfully establish a stable “paradise,” it would not be long afterward that someone gets bored and decides to “stir things up,” essentially up-ending the stability of paradise. Is “Paradise” simply the opposite extreme of “Armageddon”? Extreme stability v. extreme instability? Societal unity v. societal fracturing?

      I have no answers, but I recognize an interesting question… and you asked it. Why do we label? Why do we feel threatened by difference? Why do we squabble over trivial things? What is wrong with humankind, or is our belligerent behavior normal? Are we meant to be the natural predator that keeps our own population in check? Do we have to look into a deep, dark abyss to understand our true nature?

      • I think that with human intellegence comes that mind made self. The internal dialogue that creates our story of self. The mind is a fine tool but we fall into the illusion that we are actually our thought structures. Then when someone opposes our view we react as if it is an actual attack on the self. I find that we live to much in our mind rewinding to the past projecting possible futures and the ever present now fades away.

        Obviously humanity should not fall to a lower degree below thought. Yet ascend above thought where it is used and we begin to have a realization that while we use the mind , we are not merely our mind.

        The mind continously divides, separates, and labels on a subconscious and conscious level. That is good and nessecary. Things must be dived and labeled to keep things organized. The mind does that almost by itself. That way memories, skills are at or services instantly when needed. Or ability to reason and analyze is because the mind is a great organizing and processing machine. Yet when the nature of mind which is separating dividing, labeling things begins to apply its very nature to people then conflict arises. However knowing that the mind has a tendency to create division we may have a possibility to use it without believing we are it.

        My thoughts, opinions, views have varied so much throughout my life. Even what I am writing now may be disagreed by myself in the future…maybe not. So I have an opinion… I just don’t take it to seriously. There is no self in it, and if I do become conflicted either internally or externally, chances are I am taking my mind made self to seriosly again.

        I try and use my mind, yet often my darn mind seems to be using me. Yet the awareness of the nature of my mind and its tendancies seems to be an exit for me, into a more accepting , forgiving and loving area of my being.

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