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A Simple And Sudden Revelation

While the Source is Unconditional Love, we are often veiled from this truth.  We do not always feel this truth.  What is the point of this truth if it cannot be felt and experienced.  The inner experience of Gods love is directly proportional to the love that we have for others.  The more that we harvest compassion, empathy and understanding of others, the more that we feel beyond words and rational explanations that the Source IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  When we reach a spiritual maturity that allows us to feel ourselves in others, or others as ourself…….we have entered the world of spiritual perception……we have awakened to our true self.

Any true spiritual growth in my experience is not an adding onto myself, but of a letting go.  By letting go of the finite definitions, labels and concepts of who and what you think you are……..you pave the way to direct experience of the unlimited vastness of your true beingness, which includes all others and everything seen and unseen.

Ever present hidden underneath the mental noise of my mind is the vast field of pure awareness.  That infinite consciousness that is the inner sanctuary where I feel this Unconditional Love.  Where the Source infuses me with a wisdom and love that surpasses all words and even understanding.

If you have not awakened to it you cannot understand it.   It is not learned or explained…. but must be experienced directly.  It is not a competition…….it is our birthright and I feel that it is everyones eventual destiny.

So I am patient with my own darkness and those of humanity because I think that sometimes we must be who we are not, to arrive at the ultimate understanding of who we are.

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