On the Same boat

There was two men on a boat, in the water each sitting opposite each other on their respective seats.  One was wise and the other was a fool.  The wise man sat enjoying the day and the wonderful scenery and the fool became bored and started drilling a hole right under his seat.  The wise man screamed, ” STOP!!! What are you doing?”.  The fool replied, ” Mind your own business, this is my side of the boat and I can do as I wish”.  The wise man responded, ” Yes, but we are on the same boat”

And so it is with all of humanity, we are truly on the same boat.  My actions affect others and ripple across the world,  Likewise the actions of others impact me.  We are already unified and intricately tied to all of humanity, however there seems to be a barrier between us preventing us from feeling it.  If we can’t feel it we will not be able to be it, because the outside world is a mirror of the inside world.  What is this barrier between me and the rest of the world?

Egoism is our nature.  It is not our potential or destiny, but is our starting point.  It is the barrier between us and ultimately must be corrected.  But if we are all under this egoism, governing our thoughts, desires, intentions and ultimately our attitudes and actions, how can we cure the problem?  If I myself am drowning in egoism, then how can I ever help pull you out of the waters of egoism?  Indeed I cannot.  We both need something above both of us, higher than us both to pull us out of the water.  If we are under the lower force of egoism then only a Higher force from Above can help us.

We cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that caused it.  Therefore the revelation of our evil inclination within ourselves is our first request from our hearts that must be developed.  We must work with the Upper Force to reveal within us what must be healed.  What you reveal within you will save you.  What you do not reveal will not.  We must not be idle.  We must try with all our might to do it ourselves and come to the exhausted conclusion that we cannot change our own nature.  Only then can we cry out within ourselves to something higher than ourselves for help and it will be answered. 

The only prayer that will ever be answered is not a prayer to change the world, but a true prayer to change ourselves.  The effort must be done, with the knowledge that the effort is a form of prayer, a plea to the Upper One for transformation of our nature from egoism to altruism.  The falls, confusions, and despair create and emptiness or lack within us cause we see no inner changes.  It is like we hit a wall and know that on the other side is adhesion with others and the Upper One, but we can’t climb it.  Our nature keeps pulling us down.  We cry and yell out for help, but our effort produce no results.  Until a true recognition of the depths of our evil inclination is totally revealed and a true need for the Upper Ones help is developed, we remain at the gate of tears facing the wall.  When that yearning for correction is mature the Upper One is revealed gradually like steps on a ladder.

The emptiness, lack and yearning during the efforts to approach the Upper One for correction, eventually becomes the vessel for the Light that reforms your nature.  It is true that egoism is as far from the Creator as east is to west.  However by overcoming ever more difficult layers of egoism within us we climb, correction to correction, closer and closer to adhesion to The Upper One.  With it we will develop a new nature that is in equivalence to the nature of the Upper One.  It is the efforts in the end that is our prayer, but it is the Creator who transforms.  Not by my will Lord….. but Yours.

Jason-John Swartz

2014-5-3    I

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2 thoughts on “On the Same boat

  1. Darlene Lacombe on said:

    Enjoyed your thoughts very much….God bless ya!

  2. Awesome post! My latest prayers have been to have patience and acceptance. I cannot expect my surroundings to change according to my own selfish desires.

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