This blog contains my personal writings about spirituality, and how I perceive my relationship with respect to the Upper Force and Governance which I call the Creator.  I share with my fellow readers the subtle discernments and wonderful revelations that occur thanks to the influence of the Creators Light.  My focus is on sharing with the reader the thoughts, desire and intention within my deep yearning to reveal the Creator on a personal as well as on a collective level within humanity.

My focus is on the development of a proper intention, from “for me” to “for the Creator” in all of my thoughts and desires.

This is achieved through a constant demand within my heart for the Creators Light of correction to adorn my desire to receive with an intention “for the Creator” and not “for myself”,  with the faith that only the Creator can  correct my selfish nature.

I focus only on the heart of the matter, which is the yearning for the Creator and the attainment of the purest intentions behind my desires to reveals his Almightiness.  This way I harbor not on theological issues but, on the intention, desire and yearning that all people have who truly want to devote their life to approaching the Creator and living a spiritually conscious life.

I also put some poetry that I have written throughout the years.  Some during periods of spiritual searching and confusion as well as poetry written when I felt that I found something.  So the mood within the poetry varies and even if my perspective my now be different I think that they show where I have been.

On a personal note, I am presently 32 years old.  I have 4 step-children and 2 children, with my partner in life and soul mate Michele.  I am a Respiratory Therapist and I work in the Operating Room for the Anesthesia Department.  I derive the greatest pleasure in my career taking that extra moment with my patients to let them know that I truly care.  I believe that the foundation of the Health Care System should be care and compassion and that the healing of the emotional body should be kept in mind while we attempt to help the physical body.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. You writings are so interesting, as if you have revealed something divine. You have a very clear tone, yet your explanations are open. It gives the reader some space to think. Your words makes the reader to develop his/her own reflections.

    Keep writing! And thank you for all the likes on my post 🙂

    Yumna Olivia

    • My hope is that I can make a connection with other individuals who desire to come closer to the Creator. This way I connect only with peoples heart and transcend the possible theological differences. It is to connect only with the common desire and intention behind the various ways of worship that Unity amongst the masses can occur.

      Samuel 16:7

      For man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.

      Blessings to you too Yumna, and I enjoy your writings and work too. =)

  2. You words are deep and leave the reader thinking that on some level we’re all connected. The Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity are who all should listen to in all things that we do.

    🙂 I love how descriptive that you are with the writing which allows for the words to flow right off the page, out of the screen and into a person’s heart. Touching the heart is what every writer needs to.

    • well I am happy that you were able to make a connection with my writing, that is always wonderful to hear. Sometimes the words just flow out, and other times my intention is not correct and it comes out all wrong LOL

  3. I like how you keep certain things hidden so that a friend could find it by seeking more of the surrounding light.

    michael j contos,
    Conshohocken, PA USA

    • Thanks micheal =)

      The most important is that we all point each other to the Creator and together inspire each other of the imporatance of our own correction. Its from our yearning which is a sensation of emptiness that we can make a place for the Light that surrounds us.

  4. Jason,

    First, thanks for checking in on the “Ray of Hope Ministries” blog, “Today’s Enlightenment”, published by my good friend Patty Perez and myself. Second, I am really impressed by your blog. I mean, really impressed! I’m a retired United Methodist pastor who has always respected and worked with people of other faiths and those with no religious faith. I’m not happy with my fellow Christians, and others, who will not open themselves to the idea that the Creator (God, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever name you use) desires and will ultimately assure all persons will live together in state of joy, peace, and love. Based on your “about” statement, and a quick look at your current blogpost , it sounds to me as though you are thinking along much the same lines. The primary purpose of the blog Patty and I publish is to encourage people to have and keep hope alive for the fulfillment of that ultimate and eternal result. At the same time, we can experience some of that right here and now. We speak of seeing good news in the midst of bad news. Hope where everything looks hopeless. At the same time we believe that the Creator (who we call God) desires that in response to His love for us, we will love Him by participating with Him as He goes about the business of fulfilling that ultimate and eternal hope of nothing but joy, peace, and love. I believe you are doing your part with your medical work and your blog.

    Ray Gough and Patty Perez
    Ray of Hope Ministries

    • Thanks Ray I am really happy that we could make a heart-felt connection. I have struggled and yearned to understand my purpose and the meaning of life, it was a constant void that I felt needed to be filled. This naturally lead me to search basically all faiths, with a hunger almost as vital as the air I breath. I initially saw great differences between faiths however the separations that I was seeing at that point was actually the separation within myself. However I knew that if I was really seeking for my Father, with a pure intention and not as a method to appear superior or wise before others then the Creator would lead me through the darkness to HIS Light. I remember the day that some sort of inner veil within myself melted away and I no longer saw many, but only HIM. From that day He has revealed Himself within my heart evermore like a fountain within me. I sometimes have to hide it or people might think something is off with me. LOL

      It is like a tiny spiritual seed that I never knew existed, was born within my Manger of animalistic desires. My selfishness still the Pharoah of my Earthly desires for my own Glory, remained King of my thoughts and actions. However that spiritual desire for my father silently grew admist the growing darkness within me. The growing darkness perhaps sensing this potential appearing in me waged war on my future potential for salvation Like Moses I began to realize that I was a slave to my own selfish will to receive only for myself. Egoism that Pharoah within me trapping me in my own Egypt of worldly pleasures and indulgencies. Only my growing faith in my Father allowed him to part my Red Sea and for the first time and to begin traveling this world between the waves of Faith and Understanding of that great Sea called life.

      Now it seems that that once vulnerable child of a desire for my Father Above, within me has become a man. This force sent by my Father through HIS MERCY AND GRACE has voyaged within me, healing my spiritual blindness so that I my see that all the Earth sings GLORY GLORY to our Father and that there is nothing but HIM. My savior gave my out crippled intention the ability to walk towards my father in though and action. This man went to many villages within my great land and open my ears to the voice of our Father within my ever expanding heart. The demonic thoughts and feeling were sent away from my consciousness so that I could silently here the whispers of wisdom wash over my body.

      Without the Creator planting that seed of redemption within me I would be forever more at the gates of my own hell, never knowing the true Life that my Father desired to place within me. I am only a vessel, for that GOODNESS and without HIS filling I am poverty itself. So because of what has been given to me, it is with Joy that I lay my own selfish glory for myself that I worship so my days of my exile on the Cross as a sacrifice to the one Above who saved me. So that my selfish intention for myself my die and I be reborn into Joyful service to GOD.

      I see the bible as the very story of my own soul, and it is my Father who gave me the key to reading his message.

      • Wow…sorry about the novel sized reply, I’ve been told that I like to hear myself talk…hehe….so I guess that applies to writing too.

        I have never really put all that on paper before, it kinda just spilled out. If it is okay I think I might make my next post this Above reply.

        Seeing a Christian pastor not objecting to my blog that has a little mixture of different faiths really gave me an energy boost, so thank you for inspiring me to write my spiritual journey through christian terminology.

  5. You Were Born To Succeed on said:

    Jason, your words are powerful and your sharing is truly from the heart with no intention toward dogma but to allow us to see who we are without judgment. Thanks for your blog.

  6. Hello Spiritual Force, Thanks for your recent visit to my website. I have now linked Spiritual Force as one of my neighbors on my website. Feel free to drop by for a visit anytime. Blessings, Connie

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