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A Really Weird Stupor……

Them concealed foundations of heaven, who holds back my flood gates of salvation?  Let the dawn from the East ascend my abandoned churches, who mourn the promise from her long-awaited hero.  How I have worshiped a harlot in this land of ZERO.   How my box of voices wants to speak with Thee, but a robber sold the message to a talking tree, with the lie that the cost was free.  How now do I find my way to this man who bleeds?    

So a local merchant told me to drink this wine, but I thought him unkind…… I wasn’t thirsty.  So I fell into sleeping right then and there, odd dreams of  a lion and lamb, they were weeping.  I tried to wake up but they said its to late, gotta open my eyes at the end of my gates.

I saw two angels playing a game of chess with a crying baby saying he’d do the rest.  I had to start running cause the class was a started and my hair was a mess, was it straight or was it parted?  Then I saw a wise owl how lived in the dark and he pointed to a rainbow that turned into an ark, that confused me.  So I asked a growing tree on the side of the road and it told me the path that could lead to tommorrow…..I said that I counldn’t…it said I would with a wink .  It said the path of so many will lead into sorrow so he gave me a bus pass that said straight and narrow so I took it.  


by: Jason-John Swartz

Night and Day: Keeping It Simple And Sweet

God He Gives

And He takes Away

But every Night

Brings a brighter Day.

So send your prayer

To change your ways

And draw the LIGHT

A brand new Day



by: Jason-John Swartz

The Tree of Life

Oh how wonderful it is to have the Fiery Rain of my Father descend upon my consciousness.  To flood my nothingness with His Appellations.  The lightning flashes of  Wisdom appearing as to adorn my fields with garments of Understanding.  How Love and Compassion have begun to grow its vines within my heart.  I fear harming this newborn  bud of LOVE sent from ABOVE, that has sprouted in my garden at the dawning of the new morning..  With great Praise to the Heavens I tend to my garden with the Joy and Vitality of a child.  How can such Beauty have appeared from the dirt beneath my feet, that I have trampled during my toils and tribulations.  Truly from my own darkness has Light come forth within me. No longer will I drink the knowledge of my captivity, but ascend that highest mountain to its end……A NEW BEGINNING.

Glory is the One Above who daily sends His Begotten to Shine His Light on my kingdom so that as I am still below, I may come to know my Father Above.


By: Jason-John Swartz

A fallen friend

 Banging rocks around the clock, while the dark ones take stock and behind your back they mock. I been there too and few return, but burn inside that great dark lack and yearn. Did ya miss that bliss a calling while your hopes and dreams have fallen. Blind to see that many people care, and real friends are rare. So go on your way, but remember your inner towers of strength, them towers within…… remember your own fallen September.

A small tribute to a fallen friend who has been getting into drugs and other abuses.  It is hard to see people taking the path of suffering.  May he take a path called suffering to a place called happiness.


By: Jason-John Swartz



Letting Whatever Flow Out

I see that  your kind, and when you find the time to unwind you shine.

The Universal mind your place to find that hidden Grace, thy sin Erased..no trace.

To replace egoic disgrace with the Face of the Lord we race.

I see myself in you, just One, not two in the Universal flow we glow.

In the house of the risen sun we share for fun when our work be done.

Is it your time to turn that water into wine?

Jack and the bean stalk, we climb the vine to a better time.

Shadows buy our Light, at night for a dime, divine crime!!!

We all from time to time  fall from those heights at night, while our soul takes flight

Who am I to say to the Day to hurry on its way?

So I pray.


By: Jason-John Swartz


I have had the blessing of being born into spiritual exile from birth. There I lived and was raised by the shadows of the Creators concealment from me. I suffered the torment of an orphaned child who’s Father Above he had never known. My daily bread I ate, the molded bread of yearning and the hunger pains of doubt. I feared my emptiness would spread though eternity until the day of my resurrection.

T’was the Light who revived me and from the endless abyss, was made space for Him to dwell within me. All these nights searching for the House of My Father, and it was I His Temple.

 I have known the purpose of human suffering, it is through this very suffering that a place…..no a need for Him came from. How can you yearn for the Light without going through darkness. It is when you can leave the self at the door, that all others can see themselves within you.


By: Jason-John Swartz

The Gospel of the Tree

My soul still only a tiny seed was connected to the Tree of Life. It created me and sustained me, we were one.  Until the night I fell from the Heights of its loving branches, and fell upon the dampened soils of this Earth.  Soon the waters of forgetfulness rained down hard upon me.  Deeper and deeper I descended into this world, this Earth my new home.  Where is the Light down here, was it just a dream?  Where comes from this shade of doubt, those shadows of deception. Surely it can’t be the Light that makes these shadows? And like all things in the darkness a great slumber fell upon me.  As I remained alive yet still sleeping, I absorbed all that the Earth had to offer.  I took and I took from the Earth, and as my desire expanded I began to feel the suffering of my captivity.  This shell, this prison, the weight of this Earth upon me!!!!  It was this suffering that began my journey, within my soul arose such fury.  I stumbled into many rocks along the way, as I traveled up through the soils of confusion and dismay.  Where am I headed?  My shell has shredded!!!  The Light, the Light from darkness came sight.  I saw a Tree, my Father, my need.  The memory can back to me, I understood my need to leave, to be free, to become like His Tree.  I fell from the Higher Kingdom of Light and was planted into the kingdom of a certain darkness.  So that I could mature into the Tree of Life’s Likeness. 

Nature is just another way that the Creator speaks to those who do not yet sense a direct spiritual connection to the Upper Force.  The story of your lineage is written upon the heart of mother nature as well.  For all of Creation is speaking only to you.


By: JAson-John Swartz

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