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Wait, Reflect, Respond

Interactions with the outside world tends to create ripples and waves on the surface of our emotions.  It is best to wait and reflect for a few precious moments to allow these emotional responses to dissipate.  These moments of inner stillness can allow the proper response to surface into ones consciousness from the eternal depths of our being.

When we respond to quickly to the ever-changing  dance of life, we tend to be seduced by the sudden emotions which urge us into personifying them.  Once they make their appearance they soon return from where they came from and we are left feeling somewhat manipulated, frustrated and helpless to their intoxicating nature.

Allow the waves to settle and from the stillness after the storm your higher self may be able to manifest itself and say the right thing at the right time.

Like continual fluctuations on the surface of the ocean so vulnerable to the outside influence of the seasons and environment, we to become led by the winds of change and the turmoil occurring around us.  However the depth of the ocean remain ever calm and tranquil in its solitude.  We to can find our calm and tranquil nature when we reside in our own depths, and allow the waves at the surface of our lives to come and go with the seasons.   Do what must be done on your surface of being, but then step back from the chaos at the surface and return to your depths. 

Find the place within you that is not happy or sad but is at peace with what is.  Find a place within you that is not dependant on outside things.  Love is an awareness and happiness is a result of flowing with and not against the present moment.  All desired things come from a proper intention and attitude towards the Universe and the Creator. 

A good response is as sweet as homemade cookies, you just  have to let the response bake in the oven a little bit.


by: Jason-John Swartz

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