Essence And The Emanation Of Light

The Essence of the Creator is unattainable. However the Light and the quality of this Light that emanates from this Essence can be attained by man through his soul. The soul being a very specific desire within man to experience the revelation of the Creator. So within man are many earthly desires for the basic such as food, sex,shelter. These desires are similar to the animalistic desires. Then man has desires on a human level such as respect, honor, wealth and knowledge, which gives them power in this world. However the soul does not have anything to do with these desires. The soul is a desire for the revelation of the Creator. It is the Light that emanates from the Essence that fills this desire. When the soul or this specific desire awakens within a person they sense a lack of this Light and this propels them into their search for the Creator. They go to religions or other spiritual paths to fill this desire. Initially their intentions in this search may be for their benefit and pleasure, but this gradually becomes for the benefit of others and the pleasure of the Creator. If their intentions are for the proper reasons the Light enters and the persons senses this Light within the soul. As the Light enters the soul a person may experience a change in inner perceptions, situations in their life and past make more sense, peace and serenity can be felt. So it is like other sense organs within a person, ears feel sound vibrations, eyes work with light waves, and the soul feels the spiritual Light that emanates from the Creator. If a person has no desire for the Creator then they function on their other desires from this world.  They have no sensation of the Light because there is no desire for it. Once the soul awakens and develops then the person can at one point begin to actually feel within his emotions and thoughts and intention the upper force.  You may still intellectually believe what ever you want.  What I am pointing to is an actual experience felt and therefore attained within. All souls are awakened at a specific time or life cycle and this is from an awaken by the Creator. Then it is up to us to begin to walk towards the Creator with this desire. There is no competition between people. If one has a desire and another does not, it makes nobody better than the other.  However one may realize that souls that awaken now and in the future evolve and reach to previous awakened souls very quickly. We each have our time. It is the influence of the Light which nurtures this desire In fact the person senses the LIGHT as the Creator, with the knowledge that the Essence is unattainable.

Buddhism speaks of the Essence as nothingness, no mind ect. They are right that there is no mind or self within the Essence however the enlightenment is when the Light enters our vessel. Hence why it is called Enlightenment. It is the Light that enters a previously darkened vessel to enlighten it, this gradually corrects us each and humanity as well.  The influence of the light will feel as if you have made a wonderful revelation and reach a certain discernment..  Your thoughts and desires will change as well as your understanding.  Sometimes the Light is stronger within you and therefore your ability to see things and deal with others will improve.  Sometimes the Light will be less and understandings may disappear and doubts about the path and the Creator will resurface.  This happens to everyone on the path.  We call this spiritual days and spiritual nights and when you become farther down the path you will realize that the spiritual nights are when you can move along the most towards the Creator, because you now have a great need for the Upper Force.  It is easy to delve into the spiritual work when you feel the light within you is strong.  However when you continue to study and make efforts when you feel doubt and lack of pleasure in it you can be sure it is for the benefit of your soul, the collective soul and the Creator.  Gradually you can exit spiritual nights faster and with less suffering because you know that this state is where most of our advancement and work can be done.


By: Jason-John Swartz

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