Finding Peace Within…… While We Walk In The Chaos Without.

Do not be discouraged on your quest to self-realization, for when you stumble do not say to yourself that you have failed, instead you should say that you have not succeeded yet.  For is not a saint a sinner who did not give up?  Do not be hard on yourself, but be very hard on the things inside you that prevent you from achieving your goal. 

Like a child do not hesitate to ask “why”, and please do not settle for the answer, “just because”.  The answer will be found within you, but just remember it doesn’t come FROM you, remember where all true answers come from.     

Yes indeed it is difficult to practice, yet practice makes perfect.  Our soul is like learning to play an instrument.  Proper and regular practice allows gradual mastery.  Like a child who sounds horrible when he first harshly hammers at a toy guitar, the parent allows him to make noise because they know that it is the first steps to becoming a wonderful musician.

It is your yearning and desire with proper intention that will bring you good fruit when harvest time comes.  What merit does it bring a person to accumulate all sorts of knowledge and not use it for their own correction?  In fact wisdom used for anything else but the individuals own self correction only grows the arrogance and self-glory which separates them from true attainment.

What arises the strongest emotions in a parent?  When a child seemly achieves everything naturally without much effort?  Or when the child struggles and remains steadfast in their effort with a proper attitude toward failure as well as success?  Surely the heart flutters more in the latter case.  Let this perspective be the approach towards your spiritual development. 


By: Jason-John Swartz


Do what you must do to the best of your abilities and with your purest intentions, and then step back.  Do not even care about the results of your action.  Asking such questions such as, “did it bear fruit”.  Your actions will sometimes bear good fruit, other times bad fruit or no results at all.  Sometimes the fruitation is ripened into a beneficial result a long time after the seed of your action was planted.  So find pleasure in the intentions that your actions were done by, and do not expect any particular result.  It is in expectation of a certain result from your actions that bring disappointment and sorrow knocking at your door.  LIVE BY AND THROUGH YOUR HIGHEST INTENTION MOMENT PER MOMENT AND DO NOT LOOK BACK.  Do not look back because life is only in that present moment, therefore leave the ghosts of the past moment in peace. 

What does it benefit a person to look back at a good deed done?  Nothing good can come of that, but pride in oneself.  Pride is doomed from the start because it is built on a faulty foundation.  It is assumed that you have done something good yourself, instead of understanding that good fancied you at that moment and decided to flow through you.  What is a prideful heart?  Is it not-self adoration….like staring in the mirror too much?  Being happy for a job well done is not pride, however returning again and again to the memory of that job well done and speaking about it to others is the very definition of pride.  No good can come from it, and even great harm can be done with it.  How can someone infatuated with themselves, direct anything towards another at that moment?  No prides foundation is truly weak, and to build upon it will surely cause that whole thing to crumble.  Do your job and step back…..that path to true happiness and serenity.  Live by your highest intentions and you will be happy because your happiness does not depend on the result.  Caring about results is living on the surface of your being.  Caring about your intentions is living within the depths of  your being.  Define success by acting with the right intention, and do not define success by the results. 

Be joyful when wisdom visits you and you are used as a tool for its purpose.  However never believe that wisdom belongs to you, that is the true indication of a fool.  If you understand that you are being visited by wisdom then how can you take the credit for what it has done through you?  Really have you of yourself done anything at all?  Or did wisdom find a use for you and like the wind pushed you into action?  The same for all truly good and beneficial things that occur towards, through, and around you.  All beauty within you is not from you, but can infinitely dwell within you. 

How can wisdom, grace, or anything of virtue come visit you if you already believe that you have them? 


by: Jason-John Swartz

Interesting Free Site

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Change only me!!!!!!

It is my feeling that besides me, all of the events and people sent my way are from the Creator.  We are all interconnected parts of a collective soul even if it does not feel that way to us in our present states.  Therefore all of us are under the influence of this unified field, and the only free will we have is to work with it or against it within our intentions.  Working towards the intnetion of creation is called the path of Light.  Working against it is called the path of suffering.  Our free will is in the path we take with our intentions, but it is still under the influence of the Upper Force.    Even the varying inner states and emotions and desires that awaken from seemingly nothing are sent to me from the Creator. Therefore I should not waste these moments sent by the Creator to pray and asked for different situations, because each moment is the Creators dialogue with you.  What is the Creator telling you through these events.  All things are from the Upper One sending me exactly what I need at that specific moment.  If it appears that there is an opposite force going against the Creator, it is only because the Creator wills it to be that way.  Even the evil within this world that has dominion for its alloted time will serve as a driving force to bring to completion the will of the Upper One.  Yes of course there is evil in the world, and evil is not the nature of the Creator, however it is allowed to manifest itself and exist for a purpose which becomes revealed as humanity evolves towards its destiny.  In fact the outward reality seen through events and circumstances are in some ways a mirror of our inner attitude towards the Creator and others.  Humanity is a collective entity and the Upper Force uses the individual for the benefit of the totality.  However these events and circumstances often go against the individual desires for that specific person.  However when we begin to want to work for the totality and realize the complexity of the system we realize that what is good for the whole is often against the individuals wants and desires.   Hence the reason why seemingly unfair events occur to individuals, however this view is from the separated individual and not from the perspective of the collective need.  However if an individual desires to work for the correction of the totality of humanity, then the individual blows and turmoil are understood, and put into proper perspective.  This does not make them any less painful however seeing things from our own narrow point of view is always painful.    It is through the proper attitude and perspective that all events can be justified as beneficial to the collective and from this correct attitude help from Above can be received during these difficult events.  When events cannot be justified a person cuts themselves off from the Upper Force and is left to deal with the events on their own, which is very difficult.  They then depend on other individuals which usually fall short and causes further suffering.  Only a connection with the Upper Force can allow a person to understand the purpose behind the suffering seen within our world.  This suffering is not for nothing, and proper understanding and work with the Upper Force through understanding of the Universal law can greatly begin to diminish the suffering occurring.  We can truly change our world by changing ourselves and once we are changed we continue our effort not for ourselves but to bring Light through us to others.  There is always work to be done.  First for our individual correction, and then as a way of passing the Light to others through continued efforts and application of what we have attained.  

I demand only that the Creator prepare me as a proper vessel to house his LIGHT. I am like a container and I am only as good as what I hold within me. So I do everything to demand the Upper one to change ME……not change things outside myself.  What do I know in this state of concealment what is needed to correct my vessel.

Therefore witchcraft, tarot cards, lucky charms and shrines ect, even if it is called white magic and used with good intention or to help others, it is implying that we know what is needed to benefit another.  We do not know what states, circumstances, and events are needed for their vessel to become a resting place for the CREATOR.  We often only see what benefits their earthly existence, and no matter how grand it may be all these accomplishments return to the dust or with time are forgotten.  There is nothing eternal in them and the Creator pays no attention to it, it is not important towards to totality.   The Creator benefits only the eternal part which is real and this often means at the expense of pleasure and Glory in this world.  The Creator promises not Glory in this world, but Glory in the eternal one.  Always do what you can in kind words and actions for another, this is needed.  However never pray for things, people, or events to change because we do not know what other souls need for advancement.  It is difficult enough to know how to advance along our own correction.  The path of suffering is the Creator pushing us to correction just like the narrow path of LIGHT to heaven is pulling us towards our collective destiny. So praying for anything other than to ask for ourselves to change is to imply that the Creator needs consultations and can be bribed with prayers.  This does not imply that we cannot feel compassion, empathy for others who suffer and connect our hearts to what they are living. However what happens must happen and is all within the blueprint of our collective salvation.  So be there for each other and help other people with our actions, however in our heart we should never feel that this should not be happening.  Do not curse the present moment because it is the only connection you have with eternity, and he who cannot accept the present moment cannot connect with the Upper One.  God does not in my opinion stop bad things from happening to good or bad people. However having HIM dwell with you during your deepest suffering give you the support, insight and strength to get through it.


by: Jason-John Swartz

Wait, Reflect, Respond

Interactions with the outside world tends to create ripples and waves on the surface of our emotions.  It is best to wait and reflect for a few precious moments to allow these emotional responses to dissipate.  These moments of inner stillness can allow the proper response to surface into ones consciousness from the eternal depths of our being.

When we respond to quickly to the ever-changing  dance of life, we tend to be seduced by the sudden emotions which urge us into personifying them.  Once they make their appearance they soon return from where they came from and we are left feeling somewhat manipulated, frustrated and helpless to their intoxicating nature.

Allow the waves to settle and from the stillness after the storm your higher self may be able to manifest itself and say the right thing at the right time.

Like continual fluctuations on the surface of the ocean so vulnerable to the outside influence of the seasons and environment, we to become led by the winds of change and the turmoil occurring around us.  However the depth of the ocean remain ever calm and tranquil in its solitude.  We to can find our calm and tranquil nature when we reside in our own depths, and allow the waves at the surface of our lives to come and go with the seasons.   Do what must be done on your surface of being, but then step back from the chaos at the surface and return to your depths. 

Find the place within you that is not happy or sad but is at peace with what is.  Find a place within you that is not dependant on outside things.  Love is an awareness and happiness is a result of flowing with and not against the present moment.  All desired things come from a proper intention and attitude towards the Universe and the Creator. 

A good response is as sweet as homemade cookies, you just  have to let the response bake in the oven a little bit.


by: Jason-John Swartz

Commentary on “The Gospel of Thomas” excerpt 3

(3) Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.”

Translated by Thomas O. Lambdin

Everything has its roots in heaven Above, so that it can be said that the cause of everything is in heaven and the consequences are played out here on Earth.  So if a person wishes to effect any lasting change on his nature it will not be from any changes in this world, but one must journey deep within themselves to find the Kingdom within themselves.  This means that acts of fasting, chastity, repression and denial of the evil within a person are ways of trying to deal with the problem from this world.  However the solution is not from reforming your outward actions, but from finding the root of the problems.  Obviously it is wise to not manifest your dysfunction outwardly into this world, however while you restrict you actions the remedy must be applied on the root of the problem.  This is not by reformation of outward actions but from traveling deep within yourself.  There you will discover what you are and what you are not.  All the suffering and dysfunction that we see in ourselves and others stem from the same root problem, however  it just comes out in a myriad of different ways.  However no true healing can occur by trying to be a better person by our own will power.  We cannot effect change on a level of consciousness with the same level of consciousness that created the problem.  We need salvation from a consciousness Above our own.  However valiant the effort one makes the evil will at one point resurface with a vengeance.  This is because the root of the problem has not been recognized or cured.  By fighting the evil directly in this world with our own power we are merely pruning the leaves of this nasty bush, which in the long run makes the bush grow thinker.  No the journey within one self-will reveal the true nature that man is born into and the root of all of humanities suffering.  From this recognition of true spiritual state that we are in , we can come to a true yearning and need for the Creator to change our nature.  We of course must make the effort at following the path set out for us by the prophets and Jesus, however it is actually the yearning and desire for salvation which reforms us.  So have faith in the process and go fearlessly deep within yourself.  Attract with pure intention the Light unto yourself and see the barrier within yourself that does not allow the Light to enter.  See how your egoism is like mud in the pond of your true beingness, which prevents the reflection of the divine to appear through you. 

The true disciple of God will make efforts to find the Kingdom within, and with honest effort the Creator will first send help from Above which will show you how opposite you are to your true final and destined nature.  This part is very painful to a person…or should I say to the ego which is our false identity.  Then you will yearn for correction and thirst for redemption in the wilderness within you.  No longer a slave to this world and its kings of deception you will seek the Kingdom of your true Father.  You will seek for the Kingdom of God within you, but you will not find it yet.  You must walk the lonely journey away from your former self and beliefs, as the great tempter and deceiver within your will torment your thoughts and emotions.  You will walk deep into your very fabric of being,  towards the unknown…. your inner wilderness…. no longer wanting things of this world, and not yet tasting the cool waters of the Kingdom.  Be brave and steadfast!!  You will walk away from the ways of this world, however not yet able to find the Kingdom you will yearn more and more…..let that yearning grow.  The forces of darkness will push you to and fro and the sparks of Light will flicker like Lightning within the darkness.  Then be it 12 months or 12 years, like a blink of the eye you will enter the Kingdom within you.  It is the kingdom of God within you NOW.

Then you will feel within that emptiness that made you suffer so much during your spiritual exile the filling of that void with the Light of the Creator.  You will be filled with so much love, peace and serenity that you will no longer want anything from anybody, but desire only to express this fulfillment through acts of kindness and true bestowal.  From the peace and stillness within you wisdom will appear and understanding will flood your consciousness.  You will understand the one true God who controls everything and will flow with the one law of “Love Thy Friend As Thyself”, because behind the ego that pollutes our vessels is the one true nature of man.  We are all born into the original sin (EGO), however our true nature is not born from the union of flesh but from the Creator, which comes not from the womb of women but from the Creator which is the soul.   A true virgin birth.  All sustenance will come from Above and you will live within the desire for the Creator.  This small mustard seed of a desire has the potential of reaching the Creator and Governing all our other Earthly desires.  Your other desires will fall into balance and you will view your physical body as a vehicle which you will care for and respect.  However you will not prostitute it and defile it to unclean desires in an attempt to fill a spiritual void.  You will find what you thirst for with the desire for the Creator, let it lead you through the desert to the Kingdom within you.  Let you drink from the flowing rivers of heaven.  Let your spiritual eyes of wisdom and understanding be opened.  Let the Creator keep you straight with His left hand of judgement and His right hand of  Mercy.  Let your faith heal you and walk with the Lord using your left leg of submission to His will, and your right leg of praise and prayer for everlasting adhesion and renewal within HIM. 

Do not pray to change anything and anyone except for yourself.  The true key to the Kingdom.  Everthing is already perfection…. every person, event and obstacle has been put in your way so that you leave the working of this world and attain the true Upper system where all the good and evil fades aways into one perfect singularity.  You and me do not direct the flow, we can only chose to go with the flow.     

Once a connection with the Upper One is developed a person will begin to know when they are doing something against the Upper One because the connection becomes lost, then a correction in thought, intention, or action occurs and if it is in the flow of the Creator the connection returns.  Therefore the moment to moment revelation and concealment becomes like a governing compass to know what the Upper Providence is trying to tell you.  You cannot go against it because to one who has connected to the system, disconnection is like a spiritual death.  With this method a person become self-governed directly by the Upper One.


by: Jason-John Swartz 

So lets do the effort now and together and get back home.  The time is drawing near and the Upper providence is putting more and more pressure on all of humanity.  If you try and work with the flow you can attain the Kingdom in this lifetime.  If you go against the flow it will cause more and more suffering, which will force humanity to conform.  It is each of our own decision as to which hand we want to be corrected with.  The harsh left hand of judgement, or the merciful right hand which comes as help from Above to those true disciples who are trying

One Father to Another

Thank-you to my Father Above who is the one who fills my heart daily with love so that I may give His gift to my children.  I know the One who sends me my strength and with Him, may I add to that foundation daily with the good deeds and kind gestures that I do to please the Creator.  Guide my steps  so that my children may learn Your ways through my actions and not merely by wise sounding speeches lacking your true Spirit.  Give me the patience that You have shown me all of these years, so that I may embody patience with my children.  Let You continually remind me of my own disobedience to Your commandments when I discipline my children, so that my discipline towards them be benevolent towards their development and dressed with Your Mercy.  Give me the proper speech so that I may say what their souls need to hear and not what my pride or vanity sometimes leads me to say.  Shield me from all trappings of arrogance, when dealing with such innocence.

To the children you have bestowed upon me in this life, I know that they do not belong to me, but are intrusted into my care for a certain time.  May I accomplish my task of pointing them back towards you so that through their relationship with me they may come to understand their Father Above.  May they realize that if a flawed and simple man such as myself can love them this much imagine their Father Above, imagine how much more He must love them.

All that I have written and wish for them I cannot do with out You.  You who has worked miracles upon my heart and are showing me everyday how to walk in Your ways.  Do not let these word above become a hypocrisy upon me, but with pure intention and humility I ask of you to make me your servant.


By: Jason-John Swartz

So Tired Of Being Clever

I have mistaken cleverness for wisdom.  There is no rest in cleverness.  There is no peace within the prideful walls of my mind decorated with the ways of this world.  So cold these chambers have become within me that were once so warm with my own pride.  Simplicity!!  Simplicity!!  I beg of you my Father, for I have become lost in my own complexity.  The idols that I have erected in honor of my own glory have become like a curse upon me.  I am tired and weary with this business and seek solitude in your mercy if you shall take me.  


by: Jason-John Swartz

A Really Weird Stupor……

Them concealed foundations of heaven, who holds back my flood gates of salvation?  Let the dawn from the East ascend my abandoned churches, who mourn the promise from her long-awaited hero.  How I have worshiped a harlot in this land of ZERO.   How my box of voices wants to speak with Thee, but a robber sold the message to a talking tree, with the lie that the cost was free.  How now do I find my way to this man who bleeds?    

So a local merchant told me to drink this wine, but I thought him unkind…… I wasn’t thirsty.  So I fell into sleeping right then and there, odd dreams of  a lion and lamb, they were weeping.  I tried to wake up but they said its to late, gotta open my eyes at the end of my gates.

I saw two angels playing a game of chess with a crying baby saying he’d do the rest.  I had to start running cause the class was a started and my hair was a mess, was it straight or was it parted?  Then I saw a wise owl how lived in the dark and he pointed to a rainbow that turned into an ark, that confused me.  So I asked a growing tree on the side of the road and it told me the path that could lead to tommorrow…..I said that I counldn’t…it said I would with a wink .  It said the path of so many will lead into sorrow so he gave me a bus pass that said straight and narrow so I took it.  


by: Jason-John Swartz

Learning To Walk

Submission….what is submission?  Submission is acceptance of the present moment, because you know who sent it to you.  The present moment is HIS dialogue with you.  Thats why they call this moment the present, because it is truly a gift. That is the power of now, and where your relationship with HIM is found.  Submission the souls left leg.

Prayer….what is prayer?  Prayer is the yearning for HIM.  Let your yearning open your gates and allow wisdom to flow through you.  Your yearning for HIM is the very prayer from your heart which will call HIM to you.  If you have no desire for HIM, then ask that he gives you that desire.  If you cannot understand the present moment yearn for HIS understanding.  Prayer……the pure yearning for your BELOVED.  Prayer the right leg of your soul.

So walk HIS way through prayer and submission and you will find HIM.  However it is even more accurate to say that walking this path will allow HIM to enter, because He has always wanted you to know HIM.  So smile and know that I love you and follow these footsteps in the sand with me.


By: Jason-John Swartz

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