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Ramblings In My Head And Stirrings In My Heart

Oh Great and Glorious Mystery of Mysteries, my Heavenly Father.  Pour forth from your mercy thy Living Word, your Eternal Wisdom my glorious Redeemer.  Let your wisdom emanating from thy throne of Eternity, shine upon me as to baptise me in your spirit of truth and understanding.  Give me a pure heart that loves without reason. 

For it is with  the pure of heart that the living word dwells within.  It is not what the mind perceives our the intellect believes that is our salvation, but when an honest heart in man comes to you in need to be freed.  Who claims to know the heart of another?  Is it not the maker of hearts who judges His creation?  Then let me not judge others, but instead I invite your living word into my heart and ask for my redemption to be revealed to me daily.   I ask this of you so that I may daily be renewed into your mercy and grace and be transformed into a light upon this world.  So that through the love you give me I may give to others and they may know that our Living God has truly come to dwell with his people.  Give me an appetite to serve you with all my heart and let this be my bread from heaven.  Bless me with a heart that feels others as myself, so that I may know what is lacking in them and do the will of my Father in heaven. 

Then let us not confuse the inner life we live with the outer appearance of things.  For what we see with our eyes will surely pass away, yet what we hold in our heart is eternal.  So I ask my God to plant within my secret garden a love for wisdom and a spirit of truth and understanding, so that I may know the unseen things within me that matter.  Shine what is darkened and water what has withered so that I may flourish in my inner man even as my outer man is dying. 

Blessed be your children who appear upon the earth like flowers and come and go with the seasons, but I know in my heart that with God all ends are a start to an eternity of new beginnings.


by: Jason-John Swartz


What Heaven ???? Who’s hell ????

When understood from a place of true love all faiths and spiritual teachings can be powerful tools for Unity and inspiration.

Anytime faiths and spirituality are used to preach separation between this great family of souls called  humanity, we must ask from what place that voice is coming from

For since the great fall, man has eaten the stale fruits of separation, and worshiped the great idols of exclusivity.  What spirit has adorned the man with a heart so prideful, that he suffers the burden of heaven only for his promised reward and not for the lost and sinful?  Our Father blessed us all  to suffer in sin, so that no man could accuse the other.  What purpose is a righteous man but to carry lost souls in darkness within his own heart through hurdles and boulders until the least of them have ascended?  What soul would leave his brother and friend at the gate, to enter Heaven with joy and celebrate?  Could you do that to your brother?  A single souls good deed, puts a scale of merit for the whole of humanity and another’s deceit robs the bank of all our salvation.  Can this great family of God be divided, and still call it HOLY?

I too believe in a hell…….Its separation from God AND  my family I Love.

Is it redemption to merely believe if your heart can’t perceive whats before you? 

These words that I say may sound harsh in a way so forgive me, but my heart sheds a tear from these walls built from FEAR…….yet I love thee.


By: Jason-John Swartz

The 5 levels Of Desire Within A Person + That Collective Soul STUFF !!!!

All people have desires and these desires come from 5 levels. The still, vegetative, animal, speaking, and soul level. We see that on the Still level, inanimate objects such as minerals desire only to exist. The Vegetative level desires are more complex and they want to also exist and want the solar rays, water, and minerals. The animal level is even more complex and desires to exist, absorb the solar rays, water, minerals, and to eat plants and even animals have been added. They also desire to procreate through sex and to have shelter. The speaking level which is the majority of humanity at this point wants to exist, absorb the solar rays, water, minerals, eat plants and animals, sex, shelter also. However added to this level is honor, wealth, power, and knowledge.


So we see that every level adds to the already existing level before and actually consume the previous levels. So we see that in man all desires of all the other level exist within each of us.  Hence why nature speak only of our story….cool!

I speak about desires because this is not the last level, there is the fifth level of desire, the soul desire. The soul is the next level of evolution happening within man. This is the desire to know the Creator. Man functioning at the speaking level (LEVEL 4) is a pure egoist, who is born into this nature and wants to consume everything.

However when the new desire of the level 5 becomes awakened man begins to want the largest desire of all…..to be filled with the Creators LIGHT. However he cannot receive the Creator egoistically, yet the desire (soul) for the Creator and his yearning for the Light gradually corrects the Egoistic intention (FOR ME) to (FOR THE CREATOR) Altruism. This level is not given by nature but must be a conscious effort by the person to want this correction and new desire.  Only the awakening of the desire in man is from the Creator, then we must make an effort to create a healthy environment for this embryonic soul to flourish.  Flourish…..like a tree right back up to where we started.  So call this growth of the soul a tree of LIFE if you want to.  It fits the metaphor well.

Therefore some people are still at the speaking level of humanity and others are entering the fifth level of development. All human have the seed of the fifth level within them, yet it is the Creator who activates it at the proper time and the proper incarnation. Many incarnations the soul remains like a tiny embryo until the time that the Creator tells it to awaken.

So why do some awaken before others? Well humanity is like a vast body or collective desire. Like a physical body with its many individual cells, certain parts evolve, mature and become the bodies part before other can at certain times during the trimesters. The cells must follow the DNA blueprint in respective orders or else the body mutilates and aborts. So individuals within humanity must evolve following the Creators spiritual blueprint. Humanity should be viewed as one Being and we are the individual and collective parts. Each human has the seed or vessel for the light and will develop it at the proper time. All for the benefit of the collective soul or spiritual body. Like all cells, each soul has the DNA for the construct of the whole body. (Another way of putting it)  The collective soul is like a large ocean and the individual soul is like a drop from that ocean.  The drop of water is no different in substance than the whole ocean, yet a drop is a drop and the ocean is the ocean.  Take the drop out and it feels alone, drop it into the ocean and it returns home…..hey I a rhyming now LOL


There is only 2 things in reality. The Creator and His creature the collective soul. We are one part of the collective soul. Once we develop our soul we will feel all others like a complete body and together be in connection with our Creator. We will always be his creation and he will always be our Creator. He is the Force of Bestowal and we are each a tiny parts of the will to receive.  Imagine how hard it is to deal with your own individual egoism, so that is why we cannot feel the others as connected.  If we felt everyone elses egoism within our individual egoism it would be impossible for us to handle.  So the Creator puts a concealment so we can concentrate on our own tiny part of the correction.  However if we each do our tiny little part and demand correction from the light by our heart-felt prayer for the Creator to help us changes our intention from egoism to gradual altruism, then you have achieved your purpose and will become reconnected to the 24/7 Creators channel for eternity.  That is why every soul is so special and must come to adhesion eventually during one incarnation or another.  If a person with a seed of a soul dies then that soul seed is incarnated back into a body.  The soul is the eternal part of man, this handsome body I have know is only needed while our work must be done.  The soul must complete its awakening and then gradual correction on Earth within a egoistic body.  If the soul develops a lot but is not complete then it has to come back in another body until it is complete and can function 100 % as a vessel to sense the spiritual world.  This is because the soul is actually how we sense the spiritual world, because it is a vessel that receives the Creators Light.  That is why some souls decend into a person at birth and it seems like the Light is very strong within them, they are just great people.  These individuals have an almost corrected vessel and need the finishing touches.  The spiritual world is only the Creator, and the levels within the spiritual worlds are more and more of HIMSELF being revealed to us through the vessel.    We each with the Light of Correction adorn our will to receive with an intention to receive for the Creator instead of our original intention to receive only for ourselves. We basically cloth the desire to receive with a NEW intention therefore allowing the Light to enter our individual vessels and fill it as well as correct and develop it.  Of course this takes great desire and yearning for it to happen, you have to put some sweat into your efforts. However when our vessel (soul) receives the complete light we will all feel each others connectedness as well as fell who is giving us the LIGHT.

So far the corrected vessels feel the Joy within all other corrected vessels, however they also feel the sorrow within the yet to develop vessels. So the collective soul is like a mother who rejoices at the ability to nurture her organs that are connected, however she suffers for the ones still disconnected.

Now it makes sense why we must treat other like they are ourselves, because from a collective soul point of view, well they are ourselves LOL.  The Creator desires to benefit His creation, which is the assemBly of souls as a ONE COLLECTIVE SOUL (DIVINITY). 


By: Jason-John Swartz

Pictures are from google images and the source that I learnt this from can be given if interested on following further on your own.  I have written this in my own words, but the teaching does not come from my mind, but it is written in my heart.


My Cry From The Heart


We must let our desire and yearning for the Creator guide us, and with this we are safe to explore all that the faiths have to offer and say. Would the Creator ever let something into our hearts that could ever hurt our relationship with Him, while we wear HIS shield upon our hearts ( A NEED FOR THE CREATOR). Would a good father ever give us poison to feed our hunger for HIS LOVE.  There is none else but the Creator who guides us. Even the darkness is under the Soverienty of the Creators rule as a method to drive us from that very darkness to HIS LIGHT.

How else can we allow our Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other brothers and sisters to enter our hearts if we do not know that the Light of the Creator shines hidden, yet right before us within all of Creation. I have studied all the faiths I can get my hands on. To my Jewish friends I speak  of  the One Creator, the ONE LOVE within the Universe and beyond with their language and culture. I speak with my Muslim brothers and sister with their language about the ONE CREATOR OF ALL, which they call ALLAH. I speak to others about the same thing but using their words.  Behind the words and different ways of expressing that love, I see only the UPPER ONE, and to Him all of my love goes to.  I will not let that love ever be lost in translation.  I will never let WORDS get in the way of that precious LOVE, and I will not let language become a barrier between my brothers and sisters.   Even to an atheist I speak about the Creator by encouraging him to accept and love others, even despite what appears to him is a meaningless world of random chance.  Am I so different from him?  Have I not shared the same doubts once within my own heart?  Would a good father not love his blind child just as much as his others.  For one to say that he is worthy and another is not…is the true sin of hearts……it is poverty within poverty.  Please do not lessen our Fathers MERCY and LOVE for ALL.  If a simple man like me with all my flaws can have this much love in his heart for all of you, imagine the GREAT ONE who has put it in my heart.  Imagine the GLORY of HIS love. I see HIM through your eyes, and I feel HIM through your JOY as well as your suffering.  I type these words on my computer screen while my tears fall upon the (ALT) button and the (SPACE BAR). My yearning is your yearning, my heart is your heart and I feel that Love within that man, who died for that LOVE on the cross.  I feel within that LOVE the simplicity of Siddhartha Gautama’s found serenity once he allowed all of humanities suffering to become his own.  I am Like a brother with Muhammad, who joyfully became a servant to that LOVE through inner praise to the ONE and heartfelt  charity and humility to mankind.  There is no monopoly on truth, it is all of humanities birthright. We cannot grasp the Creator but strive to allow that ONE AND ONLY, TO FLOW THROUGH OuR EVERY ACTION. All of the World is together flowing down this river of LOVE to our INCLUSIVE salvation. The ONE THE INFINITE.

My cry is no different from the other cries from GODS children who had the need for their FATHER.  I do not want to meet my Father unless the least of my brothers and sisters are with me, for to let even one fall from my heart is to be in my own personal hell calling it HEAVEN.  All I can do is cry out from my heart into this vast information super highway like some voice crying out in the desert to HIS MAKER.  ABBA…..FATHER……do you hear my plea……for my brother and sister are waiting for THEE.  Do you think that your God would leave you for trying to see him in everything?  Do you think that he is not a shield onto you, from falsehood if your heart seeks truth within HIM?  These words are not to lead you astray but to add depth to our kingdom so that all can see that the whole of Earth is crying out GLORY, GLORY to the KING of KINGS.  Please open my heart so that evermore my heart can see only your Glory and nothing more.



By: Jason-John Swartz

The Light and I

I have a soul which is a specific desire to be filled with the Creators Light that surrounds me.  I also have a nation of other desires that surround my soul.  These nations are desires for things of this world (wealth ,honor, power, knowledge, fame, ect) and the pleasures of the five senses .  These nations have no desire for the Creator. 

When the Light enters a vessel (soul), it imparts to the person its qualities and with it the spirit (MIND) of that Light can adorns the consciousness of the vessel.  So the Light enters a vessel and gives to the person its spirit ( MInd), with its elevated desires, thoughts and intentions. ( ALtruism).  As if a new person is reborn within you that takes pleasure in pleasing the Creator.  However if this Light does not enter then the spirit (MInd) of the Light cannot adorn the vessel , and the person is left with the spirit they were born into. ( Egoism)  This is why man cannot correct himself on his own without the Creator, because his nature is the root of the problem.  The natureof  man is a will to receives for His own benefit only.  His will to receive is not the problem only the intention attached with it, “For Himself”.  However with a realization of this nature, a demand for the Creator can be made to change this allowing the Light of correction to adorn our will to receive with a new intention, “For the Creator”.  The Creator wants to fill our soul with infinite Light and therefore give us the Holy Spirit (Mind) so that the person can know the Father, then a person works with the Creator through prayer that he may be given from Above this new nature (intention) FOR THE CREATOR .  We cannot “NOT” want to receive, however we need to start wanting what we were made for, and that is to be filled with the Creators Light.  It is not the wanting that is dysfunctional, but what we want that causes the problem with our original nature. 

Initially mans will to receive only for himself was very small, however throughout the generations that will to receive has been progressively expanding.  As this expansion progresses the dysfunction of the original intention connected to the will to receive becomes more and more apparent.  It is necessary for our will to receive to be huge because the Creator has a lot of Light to give us.  However our intention connected to this huge will to receive must be transformed from “FOR ME” to “FOR THE CREATOR”.   However our desire for everything else BUT the Creator  is the root of all suffering. 

It is the Light that must adorn our vessel with the Holy Spirit ( MIND) so that we can come to know our father.  Unless we come to the Light, then we cannot know our Father.  The father is known only with the Holy Spirit (HOLY MIND) and the Holy Mind comes only from the quality of the Light entering the vessel (soul).  The Light is the offspring of the Father, his only begotten, because the Light is the only thing that emanates from that great Unattainable Essence.   

The Creator: A Blueprint For Parenting – A Blueprint to Life

As a parent I have on occasion been to self-absorbed in what I was doing and sent the kids off to play when they wanted to spend time with me.  I am not proud of it, but sometimes we just get self-absorbed and think of our pleasure first.  I’ve actually done that sometimes because I wanted to read up on spirituality or scripture.   How ironic is that?   Then I realized that the Creator treats me exactly like I treat others.  So here I am trying to get closer to the Father Above, by telling my kids to leave me alone and go do something.  Then I wonder why I can’t feel his presence within me sometimes.  Its like He told me to leave Him alone too and go play by myself.  The Creator will always present himself to you the way you treat others.  That is not a fact, just my experience with how life seems to interact with me.

It is for that reason that I have started to try to use my Father Above as a blueprint for parenting.  My father Above shows patience with all my silly antics, so I should be that way with my kids.  I have done so many mistakes in my life, over and over again, yet my Father Above still draws me close to Him and forgives me when my heart repents.   When I really need the Creator he has never left my side, so I will be darn sure to be by my children when they need me.  I reflect the love that my father Above puts into my heart back to Him, by loving my children with that joy.  In actuality I imagine it is just me and the Creator, and all other people, my close family, friends, strangers are the Creator in disguise and he will treat me as I have treated the least of them. 

I remember when I was in total concealment of the Creator, and I was scared, sad and tired.  This was during a depression right before I called out to the Creator to save me, which he did in his time.  Thinking back again at my lowest point I felt dead inside, and it was hard to be a great dad even if I wanted to be because I was empty inside.  I went through the motions hoping it did not show, hoping my darkness inside did not rub off on their innocence.  I think I played the part but looking back nothing was radiating from my heart at that point.  Thats when I came to the conclusion that you can’t do a darn thing right without a strong foundation with the Upper Force.   

I think we have no love of our own, it is all the Creators.  The love that is in our hearts is the Creators love for us and we share that love with others.  He gives that love to all people and if we share it with others we get more of that wealth.  I truly believe that the human heart in the end will be granted from Above the capacity to hold all of the Creators love and that in the end our hearts will become the Holy Grail that holds Eternity itself within it.

If the Creator’s love for us is unconditional, then I must love others in any condition that they may present themselves.  He never gave up on me and I was in a pretty bad condition within my heart.  Having lived through that I can’t hate so-called bad people anymore, cause they just seem sad to me.  The Creator lifted me up when I was in that lowest point in my life.  I have felt his presense save me when I was at my most wicked and ignorant states of spiritual poverty.  Sure he let me dig myself a real nice hole, but when I truely repented within my heart he saved me everytime.  So I will make darn sure that I will never kick someone who is down.  No matter how “BAD” they appear to me.  Of course we don’t have to like the egoism at the surface, but we must realize that behind that egoism is the soul.  Each person on this Earth has within them a true potential for unconditional love to dwell within them.  Maybe if we all stopped hating the spiritually impoverished they would have a chance for greatness.  We must still love the soul hidden behind our enemies.  Sometimes certain souls just need to experience what God is not, so that when they do experience Him they realize the true gift that they have just received.  Maybe a saint is a sinner who never gave up.  If my love for others is conditional, then I will sense that the Creators love for me has conditions too.

I realized that being a parent is a wonderful way of understanding the physics of the Upper ONE.


By: Jason-John Swartz

Sometimes The Best Blog To Post Is Another’s

The various internet communities are a wonderful way for people all across this beautiful world to connect and share with each other.  The  unique  accounts and experiences shared are the tiny rays of our future Unity, breaking through our shells of separation .  Some of these account are sweet and others extremely bitter, however within both these extremes the souls desire and the human spirit shine strong.

I read this testimony and came to the conclusion that sometimes the best Blog to post is another’s.  I hope that the post below can bring into this world the power of the spiritual world.  I know it did for me.


Tell Me Your Name

I wrote this message after reflecting on a post from, http://ourbeitshalom.wordpress.com/2011/11/19/living-in-a-darkcave-or-wheres-the-light/ 

I think writing a post from another bloggers questions is a wonderful way of forming a connection,  so thank you very much  Abigail.

Light is always surrounding my vessel, which is my soul. My soul is the one desire among the other nations of worldly desires, that is pointed straight towards the Creator. When I change my intention from, “for myself” to “For the Creator”, I can reach similarity to the Force of Bestowal which I call His Light and through equivalence of form the Light can enter my vessel. However I cannot always overcome my selfish intention to receive only for myself,and therefore I plead with the Creator to correct my desire and intention, and to adorn my vessel with the proper intention (for the Creator)

So I bring to the Creator with Joy my revealed evil, so that I may have need in His Mercy and Grace. What need would I have for the Light if I perceived only perfection within myself? So with Joy and good pleasure I return daily to my Fathers House, with the knowledge that it brings HIM pleasure to help HIS BELOVED.

As the surrounding Light that is destined to completely fill my vessel, (desire for the Creator) performs the corrections so that more and more of the Creator can be revealed to my soul, His endless pleasure transforms my suffering. The Light is One, however within my sensations Grace, Mercy, Truth, Judgement, and His infinite variations are revealed to me. As I live them, the Name of the Creator is revealed to me, within that special desire, my vessel for the KING, my SOUL.

The name of the Creator is not revealed in words, but from the power that descends from His Heaven, that mighty river….Zeir Anpin. ….The Kingdom of God within you.

For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.  1 Corinthians 4:20



By: Jason-John Swartz

Is that the Creator changing or just me?

The pure force of bestowal which we sence within our spiritual vessel and call Light emanates from the Unattainable Essence and is constant and eternal.  The Essence and the Emanations coming from that source which we call Creator do not change in response to the creation (Soul).  It is the fluctuations within the vessel (soul) itself as it changes from one spiritual state to the next which gives the sensations that the Creator is performing certain actions.  Hence the Creator, the Light is always surrounding the soul and available for it, however it is the soul that is not able to always have the proper intention for the reception of that Light. All of this is occurring within the soul itself while it is already, surrounded in the Creators Light but has not developed its vessel (intention) to receive and sence it.  As equivalence between the light and the vessel occur the soul is said to be ascending until reaching the final correction and enters Eternity the state of perfection and never-ending Light.

Our physiological body that we use to navigate this physical word have instruments which allow us to navigate this world.  The sense organs of the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin receive light waves, sound waves, we taste and we smell odours and feel touch.  All of these are basically vessels of reception.  You receive all the pleasures of this world from them.  We desire to see beautiful and exciting things from this world through them.  We derive great pleasure from the scent of a flower or your mother’s home cooked meal.  We are moved by our favorite music and the different tones of musical instruments.  We crave certain foods that stimulate the palate and possibly bring back childhood memories of you mothers special secret recipe.  Finally one of the most powerful vessels of reception in this world the sense of touch and contact and all the pleasures that humanity craves and derives from this one.  This is how we receive the pleasures from this world, and they are all vessels of reception and the intention is always for your pleasure.  They are instinctual and we share them with the animal kingdom.  If we live and receive only from them we live on a level of this world and all of these vessels stop functioning at the death of the physiological body.  What use do we have for them in the spiritual world?  In the spiritual world there is only the force of bestowal, the Upper force, the Light, the Creator and the physiological organs of reception, eyes, ears, nose, ect are not designed to sense and interpret the spiritual light of the Creator. 

So how do we sence the Creator?  From our soul.  What is the soul?  A vessel of reception.  What is a vessel of reception ? A desire.  However this is a very special vessel of reception.  It is a very specific desire to reveal something outside of the realm of the physical world.  It is a sense of lack that cannot be filled with anything from this world.  We continue playing with our earthly desires for wealth, honor, respect, power and they leave us with maybe a few moment of joy but that soon leaves us too.  All the while this small tiny emptiness in the form of questions continually haunts your mind and heart.  What is the point of all this?  Is there a point?  Is there a God?  If there is a God then what does he want?  All of these questions come from the soul,  comes from the desire to reveal the Creator to draw near to HIM.  It is a desire for the revelation of the Creator, it is a need to feel the spiritual Light.  Initially this may only be a small desire a tiny lack amongst your other numerous, giant earthly desires.  However this tiny point in the heart, initially as small as a mustard seed, is destined to expand and within that desire to reveal the kingdom of Heaven.

 “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches.” (Matthew 13:31-32)

Initially your desire to come into contact with the Creator is very small, when compared to all your other earthly desires.  it is the smallest desire among a field of egoistic desires.  Though the desire to move towards the Creator is the least important one when compared to the others, yet when this desire grows, it becomes the largest and most important desire in your life, so that all the events in your life can become a way of fulfilling it. 

All people have this tiny mustard seed of a desire to reveal the Creator, therefore all people have a soul.  However at the level of a mustard seed it is an extremely small and undeveloped desire.  The demand (prayer) is not strong enough to receive the Light yet and no sensation of the Creator can be felt.  The world seems Godless at this level and the person feels separate from all other people and feels they must fend for themselves. This world is the only world that exists for them as they only perceive from their earthly vessels, the eyes, ears, nose, ect.  They have no desire for the spiritual, therefore no vessel to receive the Creator, therefore no sensation of an Upper Force exist in their reality, and the spiritual remains as a fairytale. 

It is important to understand that the tiny point of a soul within a person cannot be activated or awakened by another persons continual attempts to push them towards the spiritual path and the Creator. The tiny point in the heart, the soul is activated by the Creator Himself, through an Awakening from Above.  It is not our will but the will of the Upper One that begins to grow the mustard seed of the desire which is this persons soul.  If the person does not have this desire yet, then it is the Will of the Upper One and part of the Thought of Creation.  This persons spiritual exile is not to punish him, but to allow through the path of suffering, for this person to come to a conclusion on their own that only the Creator can save them and bring them into everlasting joy and happiness.  This is the importance of not judging these people who have not received their desire and Awakening from Above for it is the will of the Creator.  To judge these people is to feel that it is not the Creator that governs His creation in perfection.  At this point you yourself fall from grace and throw divinity to the dust and enter your own spiritual exile, because you cannot justify in your heart the Creators actions.

It is my hope that at this point it is clear that it is not the Creator performing all of these changes and movements, but the fluctuation in the amount of Light entering and exiting our soul at any given moment.  Why does the Light increase and sometimes decreases?  It is because sometimes we are able to achieve equivalence of form within our intentions and sometimes we cannot.

However once an Awakening from Above occurs and the individual becomes interested in divine matters, it is good to share with them the importance of making attempts to move towards the Creator. It  is good to bond with these individuals to join together all the desires under one intention, in order to Reveal the Creator.  Since the spiritual world is a world of thought, desire and intention, if we all have the same desire, thought and intention then it is said that we are like one connected body through the law of equivalence of form.  In the spiritual world distance and proximity is the result of similarity in the quality of the desire, thought and intention.

It is therefore the soul which is a desire for the Light of the Creator, which is a vessel of reception of the Creators Light, which is how we can sence the spiritual world, in this world as well as after the death of the physiological body.

The soul however must allow the Light of correction to adorn it with the proper intention to receive the Light in order to please the Creator and not to merely receive the Light for its our personal enjoyment.  This is because the Thought of Creation is for the Creator to do good to his creation. 

This is accomplished once a person can be in this world, while all desires, thought and intention are in adhesion with the Upper World.  The Creator is everywhere and infinite, however the Light is felt within you, the revelation is an inner process.  The kingdom is within you NOW, some of us just don’t feel that yet.

 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21


By: Jason-John Swartz

What does fear have to do with it ?

People often have difficultly with the concept of FEAR when relating it to the Creator.  I have heard phrases like, ” fear is the beginning of wisdom.”   I have heard that, “fear is at the heart of love.”  To tell you the truth that does not seem very inspiring when you read those phrases,  they can sound down right threatening.

However this is why language can become a barrier to communicating between individuals about divine things.  The fear that one person may be talking about may be very different from the fear that another person is thinking about.  So it is important to always examine the motivation and intention behind the fear.

The first person may follow the Creator because they believe that this will bring rewards in this lifetime.  Personal health and happiness will follow them and the Creator will be good to them as long as they listen to His rules.  They are motivated to follow the Creator out of fear that the Creator will punish them if they do not obey HIM.  This kind of fear is motivated by seeking rewards and preventing punishment.  This intention is motivated by receiving for themselves rewards in this life and by running away from the threat of punishment in the form of suffering. 

The second person follows the Creator because they believe that this will bring them rewards in the life to come.  The person follows the Creators  rules because they wish to be rewarded for this obedience with eternal life or heaven once they die.  They strictly obey the rules of the Creator out of fear that if they do not obey the Creator, great suffering and torment await them for their disobedience.  Again the motivation behind this kind of fear is aimed at receiving benefit for their efforts and escaping pain and suffering.  They again follow because of the threat of punishment and fear the Creator, who may bring upon them His wrath for their disobedience.

These two kinds of fear are motivated by a system of reward and punishment.  The person would not perform these acts of obedience for the Creator if not for the expected rewards.  If no threat to their personal wellbeing was made they would do as they pleased without any thought towards the Creator.

However there is a third fear that exists.  Once a person attains the understanding, as well as the sensation that the Creator does only good to his creation.  That even tragic events on a collective as well as a personal level occur to correct humanity and bring them to the revelation of His Godliness and His desire to do good to his creation.  The person understands that  it is beneficial to the collective divinity and brings joy to his maker to suffer the burden of Heaven.  He now fears not for his own personal benefit, but fears that he could have done more to please the Creator.  He fears that he may bring sorrow to the collective divinity and the bond between himself and the Creator.  For each soul is like an organ within a body and when the organ is dysfunctional surely the pain felt by the whole body is greater than the pain felt by the organ.

We should view our bond with the Creator, like a mother that fears for the wellbeing of her child, and her actions are always with the intention to benefit her child. A mothers fear for her child is selfless to the point of giving her life for the wellbeing of the child.  We can reach such adhesion with the Creator that our bond with Him is like a child, and you fear harming that child.  Your joyful not for yourself but because your joy is bringing joy to the Creator, and if your sensation of this bond with divinity turns to dust you do not cry for yourself, but realize that if you feel sorrow how much stronger the Divinity senses that sorrow.

When a union is made through equivalence of form between a persons desire and intention and the Upper Force,  joined in mutual bestowal towards one another, this bond is called a child.  Towards this child the individual fears bringing it any harm.  The individuals fear towards the Creator should be from this perspective, continually thinking of the bond and fearing harm to that bond like it is her child.  When an individual feels a spiritual decline and is exiled from that divinity she cries for her lost child ( bond) and not for her own exile, for faith tells her that this too is for her correction.  

This is the fear that is the beginning of wisdom.  This is the fear at the heart of love.


by: Jason-John Swartz

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