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Labels ??? I am who I am.

I am uncomfortable with setting labels onto myself.  Labels lay heavy on my heart.  I don’t have anything against labels such as Christians, Atheists, Muslims and what not.  However for me I am what I am and that feels comfortable to me.  With this perspective I can look at others on an individual basis.  What are you as an individual?  What does your heart desire and your being yearn for? 

Organized religion may save a person’s life and offer great comfort.  To another it is a reason to disagree with others who are different from them in beliefs or other things.  So I can’t say nor do I want to say that it is right or wrong, good or bad.  It is in my opinion what one does with it. 

I feel like the whole world is my congregation and all of humanity is my brothers and sisters.  I feel others joys and suffering inside my heart.  To me humanity is a collective organism, like a body.  A collective soul some may say.  Why can’t humanity find unity while allowing for others beliefs to be respected.  Peoples beliefs and perspectives vary depending on their inner evolution and development.  It is a state of the heart thing, I think.  As love flourishes inside a person view change and the important thing become clearer.  Who cares what someone believes if it does not enter the heart.  Unity will never be found on a mental sphere, only on the level of intentions and emotions.  The true heart of the matter.

Find your way, your truth and live it.  It is fine to be certain in your faith, but the moment that others become in opposition to you because of that belief, I become weary.  Love others the way you would want to be loved.  Treat others the way you would want to be treated.  Does anyone one organization own the rights to these words?  Or does all of humanity own the rights to these words.  If we all lived by these words alone unity between us, nature and the great mystery of life and creation could have a chance to flourish.

No one can see the quality of another’s devotion.  No one can see the heart of another, only the one who created the heart and soul can and should be the one reading them.


By: Jason-John Swartz

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