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Ramblings In My Head And Stirrings In My Heart

Oh Great and Glorious Mystery of Mysteries, my Heavenly Father.  Pour forth from your mercy thy Living Word, your Eternal Wisdom my glorious Redeemer.  Let your wisdom emanating from thy throne of Eternity, shine upon me as to baptise me in your spirit of truth and understanding.  Give me a pure heart that loves without reason. 

For it is with  the pure of heart that the living word dwells within.  It is not what the mind perceives our the intellect believes that is our salvation, but when an honest heart in man comes to you in need to be freed.  Who claims to know the heart of another?  Is it not the maker of hearts who judges His creation?  Then let me not judge others, but instead I invite your living word into my heart and ask for my redemption to be revealed to me daily.   I ask this of you so that I may daily be renewed into your mercy and grace and be transformed into a light upon this world.  So that through the love you give me I may give to others and they may know that our Living God has truly come to dwell with his people.  Give me an appetite to serve you with all my heart and let this be my bread from heaven.  Bless me with a heart that feels others as myself, so that I may know what is lacking in them and do the will of my Father in heaven. 

Then let us not confuse the inner life we live with the outer appearance of things.  For what we see with our eyes will surely pass away, yet what we hold in our heart is eternal.  So I ask my God to plant within my secret garden a love for wisdom and a spirit of truth and understanding, so that I may know the unseen things within me that matter.  Shine what is darkened and water what has withered so that I may flourish in my inner man even as my outer man is dying. 

Blessed be your children who appear upon the earth like flowers and come and go with the seasons, but I know in my heart that with God all ends are a start to an eternity of new beginnings.


by: Jason-John Swartz



It is when we willingly leave the self at the sacred door of that Great Unknown that all others can then reside within you as you.

We reasonably think that by crucifying the self for God we will restrict, limit or even annihilate ourselves , yet giving up your own heart as a willing sacrifice allows God through His Grace to open your soul to feeling everyone elses heart. You do not lose your heart, but gain a new heart that feels others as itself.

How often we think that we must perfect this heart of ours when in reality it is a gift from God that changes the hearts of men.  Dear lord everyday I offer my self as a willing sacrifice, so that daily my will may die and that your love not mine shall be resurrected within the secret chambers of my heart.  If lord it is through my merit and strength that such beauty has come to reside in the gardens of my heart, then let me boast and Glory in myself.    Yet I know that it is you Lord that has saved me from myself.  You have raised me from my concealment of you and made me as a child again at the feet of a loving father. 

Give me a heart that can love you like a son loves a father.  Change my heart so that I may love you the way you love me.  I beg of you to change my nature into a heart that pumps out love to others. I am tired father, of justifying and rationalizing my hatred and anger.  Give me a heart that loves my opposers and shine into my mind the Glory of your wisdom and understanding so that I may be adorned with a divine power within my heart to forgive and therefore love my opposers. 

I do not want to merely believe in Christ, but I pray that I may know Christ in me as my new heart and renewed mind.  I know what I am and who you can make me into so I am asking.  Give me the nature  of your son so that I to can love like Christ.  Give me the nature of your son so that through my new heart I may live in the heart of all mankind.   I ask for this as a fool who does not even know what he is asking for, because I have tried to do it on my own and its impossible.  Oh blessed suffering and endless failure that has shown me how much I need a savior.  Save me from myself, for I am a man speaking to you as a child.  Show me your ways father I am ready to listen.

by: Jason-John Swartz


What Is This Love?

I have seen what earthly standards call love.  I have seen a love that is conditional.  I have been that heart that loves only what is similar to it.  I have been limited to calling love a mere emotion.  I have been blinded by a love that’s not giving.

What is this precious Love that has touched me so profoundly?  Why do my words fail to explain what has occurred here?  I have been visited by a Love that has no reasons.  I have been given a gift that my prior actions do not deserve.   Truly this Love comes not from a selfish sinner such as myself, yet it has found a dwelling space within me.  Then again is it really in me, or have I been consumes by it?  Perhaps it is better to say that it is clearing a path so as to travel through me.  I have attained nothing, in fact I feel at times  that I have lost everything within it.  It is ever-changing in its manifestations which makes any attempt at expressing it pale in comparison to experiencing it.  It whispers in the silence of my heart saying, ” come see”.

I have been wounded in Love and now being freed from my own darkness I fall like dead before this Light within me.  From a slave to a willing servant I have been freed from my shackles and willingly put on new chains.  The chains of Love, that have bound me with a unceasing fervour.

This Love is not even an emotion, but an awareness.  It strips off all knowledge of things and bears the pure longing of ones soul and the burning desire within the heart of all things.  How can such a Love create barriers?  Indeed it does not even break the barriers between people but completely transcends them.  With this Love I rejoice at the saints, but my heart explodes even more before a sinner with such passion to the point of sharing in their sorrow and suffering.  I know the suffering of a soul lost in sin, and I bear witness to this Love that has lifted me up.  It is through this Love that I myself have come to love both the sinner and saint.  

What is this Love that has filled my soul, and brought this prideful sinner to his knees in awe?

I think I know who you are………

I think I know what you have done to me…..

All I can say is I Love you too.


By: Jason-John Swartz

Learning To Walk

Submission….what is submission?  Submission is acceptance of the present moment, because you know who sent it to you.  The present moment is HIS dialogue with you.  Thats why they call this moment the present, because it is truly a gift. That is the power of now, and where your relationship with HIM is found.  Submission the souls left leg.

Prayer….what is prayer?  Prayer is the yearning for HIM.  Let your yearning open your gates and allow wisdom to flow through you.  Your yearning for HIM is the very prayer from your heart which will call HIM to you.  If you have no desire for HIM, then ask that he gives you that desire.  If you cannot understand the present moment yearn for HIS understanding.  Prayer……the pure yearning for your BELOVED.  Prayer the right leg of your soul.

So walk HIS way through prayer and submission and you will find HIM.  However it is even more accurate to say that walking this path will allow HIM to enter, because He has always wanted you to know HIM.  So smile and know that I love you and follow these footsteps in the sand with me.


By: Jason-John Swartz

Light Adds Flavour To All Things !!!

I have found that true love is not an emotion, but an awareness. Most people who I have met who have been truly touched by the LIGHT begin to see a lot more the connection in things than the separations. When the Creator enters the vessel that you have prepared for HIM through your yearning and striving in your own wilderness within you, all of your previous ways of worship become deepened. They are never annulled or discarded, however from a deepening of your heart comes a deepening of understanding and connections between all things. At the end of our collective correction will be the long promised and awaited revelation of HIS love for all. So with joy walk among all of his creation and have the courage to accept all of life’s ways of worshiping HIM. For in the end all is within HIM, as he will be forever within US….on that faithful DAY. Let even the most mundane of daily chores become a way of worship.

It  is with you in mind; as a fellow brother in the LIGHT, that I write this to Noel for warming my heart with his nice comment. Thanks for bringing my next post out of me with your own beautiful message.



By: Jason-John Swartz

Whats Love Got To Do With It ???

When we are talking about love and connection, we are talking about the common desire within yourself and others for the revelation of the Creator.  The revelation will be revealed within the vessel that has been prepared to receive this revelation of the Creator, the housing for this Light..  This is the connection and the foundation of the love of others.  In this way the connection occurs on the level of desire and intention.  The spiritual world is not actually separate from the physical world, however it does transcend it, through a series of branches (consequences) stemming from the one root cause.  The physical world being the playing out of forces occurring within the Upper Heavens (Degrees) all originating from the Root, which can be seen as THE THOUGHT OF THE CREATOR, TO CREATE A CREATURE AND FILL IT WITH INFINITE JOY.

There is of course an egoistic version of love.  Such as I love something because it brings me happiness or gives me something.  However the love that is altruistic is not really an emotion but an awareness.  True love is seeing that we are all connected and that we live in an infinite sea of love called Creator.  It creates, supports and sustains us, and this is all that we need.  Once we tap into this ocean of life within our sensation (soul), we will no longer see others as stepping-stones for our own selfish goals.  Instead we will see that we are one collective creation surrounded by the Creator and love will become an awareness and not just a fleeting emotion.

Divinity……One World, One Love One Heart

A person is sent a spiritual ascent from the Creator and as the Light enters the vessel the person is imparted a new spirit which renews the mind with its own qualities. A persons intentions are elevated, and impure desires seem to flee his consciousness as he receives an influx of heavenly thoughts, insights and understandings.  It is important for him to say in his heart, that he has been rewarded with a gift from the Creator and he has been allowed to enter The Creators Palace to play with his gifts.  The joy and pleasure a person receives must always be redirected back to the Creator, by realizing that the joy that one is feeling is only a small part of the joy felt by the Creator and His Holy Divinity.  Each soul (desire to be filled with the Creator) is only one part of the Collective Assembly of souls, that great and Holy Divinity. Understanding that the joy he is feeling is only a fraction of the actual joy felt and received by the Assembly of Souls (Divinity), his pleasure is not in his own reception, but knowing that the Divinity is receiving pleasure.  That way by working to please the Divinity a persons intention is always in order to bestow to others, which pleases the Creator..  If a person enjoys only for himself then he cannot stay in this state, because reception only for oneself in the spiritual world means separation from the Creator.   The joy felt from the whole is always greater than the joy felt by the part and from this understanding he may do unto others as he wants others to do onto him.  Knowing that the joy he brings unto other parts of the Divinity will surely please the Divinity which he too is a part of.  Once this level of attainment is achieved how then can he hurt another without feeling that he has hurt himself?

When a person is sent a spiritual descent, the Light does not enter his vessel, from lack of a proper intention.  Desires, and thoughts that a person previously understood as impurity, return from lack of the Holy Spirit that has fled from his vessel.  What strength does an empty vessel have in itself to overcome the spirit of impurity?  Only with faith that the Creator will bring Mercy upon him for the sake of the suffering Divinity, can he direct his prayer away from his own benefit back to the Creator..  What else can the person offer with his prayer to the Creator?  At this moment it is important that the person pleads for the Creator to help him.  Not for his own suffering, but because he knows that he is only feeling a small part of the suffering occurring within the collection of souls, that Holy Divinity.  The Holy Divinity must be approached like a mother that suffers for her lost child when a person is in a spiritual descent or exile, because she cannot nurture him.  The same way like a good child who want to please his mommy we love all others sinners especially because it bring joy to the Holy Divinity, your mommy Above.    

This is the way a person does not fall into thinking only for himself,  knowing that his pain is always lesser than the pain of the Supernal Mother, which is how the Upper One treats the collection of souls.  A person starts out seeing this Divinity in his mind, which is a small state or spiritual infancy.  When the blueprint in his mind turns into an actual sensation in his heart then this is a big state, which is spiritual adulthood.   Like in this world childhood is a state of becoming and mistakes are necessary in developing.  All good parents forgive their children because they know not what they do, and it is even more so with the Creator.

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