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The One, The Many, The Only

God…..The Infinite Totality and the Void of Nothingness.  All that is, was, and will be plus what could have been and never will be.  Center everywhere, circumference nowhere. Still these mere mortal words used to explain the seen realm fail to even properly attempt to point at what cannot be brought into limitation by words.

That being said let me fail miserably at expressing what has been revealed in The Spirit and should be read through The Spirit.

The Essence is at rest, and is eternal and unchanging.  It is concealment within concealment and from its hidden darkness Light comes forth.  The Essence is the One unmanifest from which all manifestations come from and return.  Alpha and Omega, Eternal, Resting, Infinity.

From the Above Essence comes all particular Emanations.  From the double concealment comes Gods First and Beloved Offspring.  The Light of Gods Wisdom.  The Light of Gods Wisdom was the First and Only Beloved Offspring of God and with the Light of Wisdom God Created all other manifestations.  The Light of Wisdom being the active and creative aspect of God in Oneness.  The Light of Wisdom stems from God  desiring to create a creature and fill it with His Godliness.  From God emanates Gods Light of Wisdom and through this beloved emanation all of creation was formed.  This offspring from God is the Light of Gods Wisdom, THE LIVING WORD.  

The Light of Wisdom has Created by the Power and will of God all of Creation and all created things within.  The Light of Wisdom Like a loving Mother has Created, Sustained and is developing all of  Creation.  This is the female aspect of the Light of Wisdom. 

We can easily see how all of nature and the seen Universe has been created in perfect Godly Wisdom.  Man is born with a nature that is opposite the Nature of Wisdom.  Man has developed his own form of wisdom completely opposite the Light of Gods Wisdom.  The Light of Wisdom, the Living Word descended into its own Creation as a fellow-man as an atonement for the appositeness of mans nature.  Through this action man can now ask for God to give them the Light of wisdom into their heart and soul.  This is a gift, which turns earthly man into spiritual man.  Selfish heart into Godly heart, foolish nature into wise nature.  Once this gift is received into an individual as a true yearning and desire for atonement, the Spirit of Godliness can enter and commune with man.  The Spirit is a Spirit of understanding of Gods will and the Beloved Son Is the Male aspect of the Light of Wisdom that penetrates mans heart. 

This is why in the old testament when man was still under Providence and development Wisdom was personified as female.  Once the atonement was made flesh and blood and given for mans completion,  Wisdom became known as the Only begotten Son of God.

This Light of Gods Wisdom is available to all those who desire it.  This Light of  Gods Wisdom can be invited into your heart and affect a life giving transformation of mans nature.  A true change of heart!!!  Those who seek for it will find it, and from this revelation one can come to know the Living God and become a loved and knowing child of GOD.  The Holy Spirit can dwell in those that have accepted the Light of Gods Wisdom into their hearts.  It is the Light that will save you from your earthly nature…… the root of all suffering.  It is available now and when you receive it all will become simple.

1 Corinthians 13:8

New International Version (NIV)

 8 Love never fails.

Simple enough for ya,  that goes for everyone.  Only sin will get destroyed not the souls ravaged by sin.  This is the Good News that has been shown to me through the Holy Spirit.  The Christ is the Light of Gods Wisdom and is all-inclusive and available now to all with a pure desire, and deep yearning and a cry for the Creator.

Ask for this gift and the Holy Spirit will witness to you the truth.  Come all ye sinners with your suffering and doubts.  Speak to God about your fears, shames and doubts.  Ask for this gift and let the Living God show you His Wisdom by direct revelation, that he has prepared for his beloved children from the beginning of the  foundations of creation.

God bless you all brothers and sisters, for we are one within the Oneness of our Gods loving Salvation.


by: Jason-John Swartz

My Cry From The Heart


We must let our desire and yearning for the Creator guide us, and with this we are safe to explore all that the faiths have to offer and say. Would the Creator ever let something into our hearts that could ever hurt our relationship with Him, while we wear HIS shield upon our hearts ( A NEED FOR THE CREATOR). Would a good father ever give us poison to feed our hunger for HIS LOVE.  There is none else but the Creator who guides us. Even the darkness is under the Soverienty of the Creators rule as a method to drive us from that very darkness to HIS LIGHT.

How else can we allow our Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other brothers and sisters to enter our hearts if we do not know that the Light of the Creator shines hidden, yet right before us within all of Creation. I have studied all the faiths I can get my hands on. To my Jewish friends I speak  of  the One Creator, the ONE LOVE within the Universe and beyond with their language and culture. I speak with my Muslim brothers and sister with their language about the ONE CREATOR OF ALL, which they call ALLAH. I speak to others about the same thing but using their words.  Behind the words and different ways of expressing that love, I see only the UPPER ONE, and to Him all of my love goes to.  I will not let that love ever be lost in translation.  I will never let WORDS get in the way of that precious LOVE, and I will not let language become a barrier between my brothers and sisters.   Even to an atheist I speak about the Creator by encouraging him to accept and love others, even despite what appears to him is a meaningless world of random chance.  Am I so different from him?  Have I not shared the same doubts once within my own heart?  Would a good father not love his blind child just as much as his others.  For one to say that he is worthy and another is not…is the true sin of hearts……it is poverty within poverty.  Please do not lessen our Fathers MERCY and LOVE for ALL.  If a simple man like me with all my flaws can have this much love in his heart for all of you, imagine the GREAT ONE who has put it in my heart.  Imagine the GLORY of HIS love. I see HIM through your eyes, and I feel HIM through your JOY as well as your suffering.  I type these words on my computer screen while my tears fall upon the (ALT) button and the (SPACE BAR). My yearning is your yearning, my heart is your heart and I feel that Love within that man, who died for that LOVE on the cross.  I feel within that LOVE the simplicity of Siddhartha Gautama’s found serenity once he allowed all of humanities suffering to become his own.  I am Like a brother with Muhammad, who joyfully became a servant to that LOVE through inner praise to the ONE and heartfelt  charity and humility to mankind.  There is no monopoly on truth, it is all of humanities birthright. We cannot grasp the Creator but strive to allow that ONE AND ONLY, TO FLOW THROUGH OuR EVERY ACTION. All of the World is together flowing down this river of LOVE to our INCLUSIVE salvation. The ONE THE INFINITE.

My cry is no different from the other cries from GODS children who had the need for their FATHER.  I do not want to meet my Father unless the least of my brothers and sisters are with me, for to let even one fall from my heart is to be in my own personal hell calling it HEAVEN.  All I can do is cry out from my heart into this vast information super highway like some voice crying out in the desert to HIS MAKER.  ABBA…..FATHER……do you hear my plea……for my brother and sister are waiting for THEE.  Do you think that your God would leave you for trying to see him in everything?  Do you think that he is not a shield onto you, from falsehood if your heart seeks truth within HIM?  These words are not to lead you astray but to add depth to our kingdom so that all can see that the whole of Earth is crying out GLORY, GLORY to the KING of KINGS.  Please open my heart so that evermore my heart can see only your Glory and nothing more.



By: Jason-John Swartz

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