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Genesis: As Above So Below: The Roots And Branches

Everything in this world has its roots in the Upper World.  When the Creator desired to make a Creature and fill it with Infinite pleasure it was immediately accomplished.  So it is in the beginning that His will was done in complete perfection.  However His creation which was a vessel for His Infinite Pleasure ( Light) was still in a fetal state with no perception of its Maker.  Similar to a child in the womb of the mother does not yet have a conscious awareness of the parent who is creating, loving, nurturing, and sustaining him or her.  Therefore the mother must eventually reject the child and force a separation from her child, so that the child can know his parent and understand his or her relationship towards the parent.  It is from this forced separation that the child may come to know its parent and gradually ascend towards them.  Gradually as a child develops they come to know and yes understand their parent.

Initially the Will to Bestow (Creator) and the will to receive (Creature) formed a perfect union, each accomplishing the others desire, and therefore bringing to perfection the thought of creation.  However at this fetal level of development the creature was in such adhesion with the Creator that it is not considered yet a new or independent creature.  Similar to the stage of development of a fetus within the womb of the mother is still attached by an umbilical cord and is like an organ of the mother. 

Therefore in a benevolent act of creation the Creator created disparity within the creature so as to separate HIMSELF from his creature.  Similar to the separation created through child-birth, the Creator casted out the creature (soul/vessel) from Himself.  The only way to do this was to create within the creature disparity with HIMSELF.  So within the will to receive he gave an intention to receive selfishly.  Because Selfish Reception (Egoism) is a complete opposite in the spiritual world to Selfless Bestowal (Altruism), it was as if the creator and creature were as far from each other as EAST and WEST.

The only way back to the Father is if the soul performs a circumcision (removes) on its Egoistic intention and develops an intention to Bestow to the Creator.  This intention must be asked for through prayer for the Creator to give one this nature.  Obviously the efforts through study, prayer, restriction of selfishness are among some of the works done.  This work attracts the Light of correction and salvation upon the person.  We may also call this the Creators Light of Redemption and Salvation.  Call it the Creator sending His Only Begotten(LIGHT) to the ones that pray for correction.  This is your own very special relationship and call the Upper One what you feel you need to call the ONE.  This is your beloved and you need not share your dialogue with anybody, it’s all yours.  However you cannot help but share your beloved with others when you become married to HIM, as the LOVE that appears within your heart is like an eternal fountain within you.   As a restriction on the persons egoistic desires occurs and prayer for the Creator to give develop altruistic intentions is performed with pure intentions for change, gradual recognition of the Creator within the person develops.  The ever-increasing sensation of the Upper force is the gradual ascent toward the Creator in our inner perceptions.  Like a ladder which reveals more and more the revelation of the Creators LOVE to his creation.  This kind of love is not an emotion, but an awareness and forms a new consciousness within you.

Obviously this is not a complete explanation of what I wish to share, as matters as profound as Genesis would warrant chapters in length, and still remain severely incomplete.  I point more to a certain kinda relationship that has appeared to me from within as a perceived Light emanating from a still hidden area.  Obviously the infinite layers of creation make any attempt at discussion lacking.  I wished to share this with a friendly spirit of childlike banter to another in the school yard of LIfe, and it is a personal view that I have within myself.  I again am no authority on this and only speak what my personal views are. 



By: Jason-John Swartz


The 5 levels Of Desire Within A Person + That Collective Soul STUFF !!!!

All people have desires and these desires come from 5 levels. The still, vegetative, animal, speaking, and soul level. We see that on the Still level, inanimate objects such as minerals desire only to exist. The Vegetative level desires are more complex and they want to also exist and want the solar rays, water, and minerals. The animal level is even more complex and desires to exist, absorb the solar rays, water, minerals, and to eat plants and even animals have been added. They also desire to procreate through sex and to have shelter. The speaking level which is the majority of humanity at this point wants to exist, absorb the solar rays, water, minerals, eat plants and animals, sex, shelter also. However added to this level is honor, wealth, power, and knowledge.


So we see that every level adds to the already existing level before and actually consume the previous levels. So we see that in man all desires of all the other level exist within each of us.  Hence why nature speak only of our story….cool!

I speak about desires because this is not the last level, there is the fifth level of desire, the soul desire. The soul is the next level of evolution happening within man. This is the desire to know the Creator. Man functioning at the speaking level (LEVEL 4) is a pure egoist, who is born into this nature and wants to consume everything.

However when the new desire of the level 5 becomes awakened man begins to want the largest desire of all…..to be filled with the Creators LIGHT. However he cannot receive the Creator egoistically, yet the desire (soul) for the Creator and his yearning for the Light gradually corrects the Egoistic intention (FOR ME) to (FOR THE CREATOR) Altruism. This level is not given by nature but must be a conscious effort by the person to want this correction and new desire.  Only the awakening of the desire in man is from the Creator, then we must make an effort to create a healthy environment for this embryonic soul to flourish.  Flourish…..like a tree right back up to where we started.  So call this growth of the soul a tree of LIFE if you want to.  It fits the metaphor well.

Therefore some people are still at the speaking level of humanity and others are entering the fifth level of development. All human have the seed of the fifth level within them, yet it is the Creator who activates it at the proper time and the proper incarnation. Many incarnations the soul remains like a tiny embryo until the time that the Creator tells it to awaken.

So why do some awaken before others? Well humanity is like a vast body or collective desire. Like a physical body with its many individual cells, certain parts evolve, mature and become the bodies part before other can at certain times during the trimesters. The cells must follow the DNA blueprint in respective orders or else the body mutilates and aborts. So individuals within humanity must evolve following the Creators spiritual blueprint. Humanity should be viewed as one Being and we are the individual and collective parts. Each human has the seed or vessel for the light and will develop it at the proper time. All for the benefit of the collective soul or spiritual body. Like all cells, each soul has the DNA for the construct of the whole body. (Another way of putting it)  The collective soul is like a large ocean and the individual soul is like a drop from that ocean.  The drop of water is no different in substance than the whole ocean, yet a drop is a drop and the ocean is the ocean.  Take the drop out and it feels alone, drop it into the ocean and it returns home…..hey I a rhyming now LOL


There is only 2 things in reality. The Creator and His creature the collective soul. We are one part of the collective soul. Once we develop our soul we will feel all others like a complete body and together be in connection with our Creator. We will always be his creation and he will always be our Creator. He is the Force of Bestowal and we are each a tiny parts of the will to receive.  Imagine how hard it is to deal with your own individual egoism, so that is why we cannot feel the others as connected.  If we felt everyone elses egoism within our individual egoism it would be impossible for us to handle.  So the Creator puts a concealment so we can concentrate on our own tiny part of the correction.  However if we each do our tiny little part and demand correction from the light by our heart-felt prayer for the Creator to help us changes our intention from egoism to gradual altruism, then you have achieved your purpose and will become reconnected to the 24/7 Creators channel for eternity.  That is why every soul is so special and must come to adhesion eventually during one incarnation or another.  If a person with a seed of a soul dies then that soul seed is incarnated back into a body.  The soul is the eternal part of man, this handsome body I have know is only needed while our work must be done.  The soul must complete its awakening and then gradual correction on Earth within a egoistic body.  If the soul develops a lot but is not complete then it has to come back in another body until it is complete and can function 100 % as a vessel to sense the spiritual world.  This is because the soul is actually how we sense the spiritual world, because it is a vessel that receives the Creators Light.  That is why some souls decend into a person at birth and it seems like the Light is very strong within them, they are just great people.  These individuals have an almost corrected vessel and need the finishing touches.  The spiritual world is only the Creator, and the levels within the spiritual worlds are more and more of HIMSELF being revealed to us through the vessel.    We each with the Light of Correction adorn our will to receive with an intention to receive for the Creator instead of our original intention to receive only for ourselves. We basically cloth the desire to receive with a NEW intention therefore allowing the Light to enter our individual vessels and fill it as well as correct and develop it.  Of course this takes great desire and yearning for it to happen, you have to put some sweat into your efforts. However when our vessel (soul) receives the complete light we will all feel each others connectedness as well as fell who is giving us the LIGHT.

So far the corrected vessels feel the Joy within all other corrected vessels, however they also feel the sorrow within the yet to develop vessels. So the collective soul is like a mother who rejoices at the ability to nurture her organs that are connected, however she suffers for the ones still disconnected.

Now it makes sense why we must treat other like they are ourselves, because from a collective soul point of view, well they are ourselves LOL.  The Creator desires to benefit His creation, which is the assemBly of souls as a ONE COLLECTIVE SOUL (DIVINITY). 


By: Jason-John Swartz

Pictures are from google images and the source that I learnt this from can be given if interested on following further on your own.  I have written this in my own words, but the teaching does not come from my mind, but it is written in my heart.



Righteousness is when a person is able to justify in their heart the Creators actions.  It seems like a simple enough statement, however the person often sees things in this world which he cannot justify to a good and benevolent Creator.  It is for this reason that he must have faith above his reason that the Creator is somehow acting for the benefit of His creation and that he has not attained a degree which enables Him to reveal the Creators motives.  It is a blessing that the Creator conceals this from him, or how else can the person grow in faith? 

If the person’s faith is not yet strong enough and within his heart he feels that the Creator is wrong in doing this then he falls from the state of righteousness and must work in strengthening His faith in the Upper Governance.  When the person again achieves a certain attainment of righteousness, then again the Creator will throw some stones along the way so that the person can see where his faith is towards the Creator,.  These stones are measuring blocks for the person to measure his progress, and are again sent from the Creator for His benefit.  The Creators actions towards the person are always for the benefit of the person’s soul which is the true and eternal body of man.  However often a person is not functioning from the level of his soul, and living within his other desires for this world.  Therefore the individual may forget that the Creator sends only good things to him ( Soul) which has nothing to do with pleasing his worldly desires.  A righteous person knows that all is vanity in this world and returns to the dust and desires only that the Creator please his soul. 

 A righteous person first seeks the kingdom of God within himself, and not the kingdom of this world outside himselfWhat does it gain a person to become a king in this world, yet within himself he is a poor slave devoid of any security or lasting joy?  What gains a person who seeks to control others, when he himself has no control over himself?  Would you not give all your Earthly possessions for freedom from your inner darkness?  We must strive to achieve this level of righteousness through faith in HIM now while we have this world, so that when it is taken away from us we do not blow away with the wind of change.    

A righteous person wants most of all to attain the degree called PERFECT LOVE, which is the Creator HIMSELF.  If a person  loves the Creator because he has given him an easy and effortless life with no struggle or strife then how can he exercise the chance at showing PERFECT LOVE to his maker.  He can only say that he loves HIM because he has given him so much in this world.  However only when he has taken away from a person things in this world, can a person know that he has in his heart this  PERFECT LOVE for the Creator.  A PERFECT LOVE is when man finds no condition in this world that the Creator has sent, to not justify the Creator as Just and Benevolent. 

Of course no one should wish only malice and pain, and live the life of an ascetic, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) learnt that this is not the way to Perfect Love.  Only when you achieve non-attachment can you truly enjoy things without the fear of losing themOnly when you give up what you once cherished, can something new and truly valuable be given to you.  Appreciate what the Creator has given to you in this world, and cherish the bounty of this world, but know all of it belongs to the Creator and he gives it and takes it away as is necessary for the Benefit of all the souls. 

The person falls from righteousness if he becomes unable to justify in his heart why the Creator has sent turmoil upon what he has built-in this world.  However the Creator does not nurture the desires of this world, that have appeared only because of the fall from adhesion to HIM.  The Creators Covenant is with the soul of man and not with his Earthly existence.    

In conclusion it is clear that the state of righteousness is not based on any physical action performed by a person, but in the ability to justify the Creators actions through Faith, which is an inner degree called Abraham.

  He eventually became a man who “believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness” (Genesis 15:6).

“By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going” (Hebrews 11:8).

(Hebrews 11:8). On this occasion Abraham trusted God. But Abraham wasn’t perfect.

I must create and uncover the bible stories within myself, I must yearn and find the faith of Abraham within myself.  I must build the desire of Moses to free myself from my own enslavement to Pharoah ( Egoism).  I must build a love for the Creator that David gradually built.  The bible should be read as the story of your very soul, then the Light of Wisdom and Mercy will show itself to you……and all your eye will see is nothing  but HIM.


By: Jason Swartz

The Light In Our Darkness

Humanities growing Egoism will Create such spiritual emptiness that more and more people will begin to turn in search of the Creator. I feel my on egoism as the evil influence, the impure force which the Creator and I must work together to correct. What better place for the evil to hide than in our Egoism so that we can see the evil and impurity in everyone else but not see it in ourselves. Egoism the selfish will to receive only for your benefit at the cost of others. Feed its bottomless desire for fame, material wealth, self-glory, and power over others and the desire never stops growing….as well as the suffering when our egos don’t get what they want.

The Creator, the pure Atruistic Force of Bestowal (love) wants to enter our vessel the soul, the Temple for the Creators Light.  However we must pray for the Light of Correction (Messiah) to change our intention from ” FOR ME ” to “FOR THE CREATOR”

We are vessels destined to receive the Infinite Light of the Creator, we have no Light of ourselves. All we can give back to the Creator is our intention to do for His glory and not for our own.

A true Prayer is when you reveal within yourself the need for correction, and understand that only your Maker can give you the Light to correct your will to receive only for yourself.

A drowning man cannot pull Himself out of the water by his own hair, only someones outside the water can save him.  Humanity is drowning in darkness (Egoism) and only the Light emanating from the Creator can pull us out, of darkness by filling our empty vessel (soul). The Unattainable Essence (Father) Emanates His Light (Son) to fill our vessel (Soul) so that we can Know Our Father ( Unattainable Essence.) He that does not seek the Light (Son) cannot know the Father. I call this Light the Messiah, the Only Begotten Force emanating from the very Essence of Eternity.

All faiths speak of the Light, it is One, it is His only Begotten.  If you don’t know this Light then you don’t know the Father.  Fore only from the Light can you get to the Father.

Don’t interpret these things from this world,  fore they speak only about the world Above.  Don’t use what has been spoken for this world, but use it for the world within you.

One plus one is equal to two.  If two plus One is equal to three then you will not see HIM.

If two plus One is equal to One then the One is all that you will see.

This is not the truth, it only points to A TRUTH


By: Jason-John Swartz


Sometimes The Best Blog To Post Is Another’s

The various internet communities are a wonderful way for people all across this beautiful world to connect and share with each other.  The  unique  accounts and experiences shared are the tiny rays of our future Unity, breaking through our shells of separation .  Some of these account are sweet and others extremely bitter, however within both these extremes the souls desire and the human spirit shine strong.

I read this testimony and came to the conclusion that sometimes the best Blog to post is another’s.  I hope that the post below can bring into this world the power of the spiritual world.  I know it did for me.


Tell Me Your Name

I wrote this message after reflecting on a post from, http://ourbeitshalom.wordpress.com/2011/11/19/living-in-a-darkcave-or-wheres-the-light/ 

I think writing a post from another bloggers questions is a wonderful way of forming a connection,  so thank you very much  Abigail.

Light is always surrounding my vessel, which is my soul. My soul is the one desire among the other nations of worldly desires, that is pointed straight towards the Creator. When I change my intention from, “for myself” to “For the Creator”, I can reach similarity to the Force of Bestowal which I call His Light and through equivalence of form the Light can enter my vessel. However I cannot always overcome my selfish intention to receive only for myself,and therefore I plead with the Creator to correct my desire and intention, and to adorn my vessel with the proper intention (for the Creator)

So I bring to the Creator with Joy my revealed evil, so that I may have need in His Mercy and Grace. What need would I have for the Light if I perceived only perfection within myself? So with Joy and good pleasure I return daily to my Fathers House, with the knowledge that it brings HIM pleasure to help HIS BELOVED.

As the surrounding Light that is destined to completely fill my vessel, (desire for the Creator) performs the corrections so that more and more of the Creator can be revealed to my soul, His endless pleasure transforms my suffering. The Light is One, however within my sensations Grace, Mercy, Truth, Judgement, and His infinite variations are revealed to me. As I live them, the Name of the Creator is revealed to me, within that special desire, my vessel for the KING, my SOUL.

The name of the Creator is not revealed in words, but from the power that descends from His Heaven, that mighty river….Zeir Anpin. ….The Kingdom of God within you.

For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.  1 Corinthians 4:20



By: Jason-John Swartz

Faith and Knowledge

Is there anything in this world perceived as pure or impure by the individual that cannot allow man to cleave to the Creator?  Is there any event revealed or concealed to the individual which is not an opportunity the draw near to the creator?

If man walks only with the knowledge of the Creator, and the knowledge of the Creators intent is completely revealed to the person in all circumstances then how can he cleave to the Creator through Faith above reason? 

If man walks only in blind faith and has no knowledge of the workings of the Upper One and his relationship with the Upper Governance, then how can he achieve any adhesion to the Creator?  It is like an orphaned child who has never meet his parents, what can he know of his parents thoughts, desires and intentions?

It is for this reason that the Creator must reveal a portion of his knowledge and conceal the other.  So that from the portion that is concealed from the person he can draw closer to the Creator through Faith above reason.  By faith above reason it is meant that within the persons reason he cannot always understand where the Creator is leading him, yet follows with the knowledge that the Creator wants only the best for his soul.

The portion that is revealed to the person is achieved through the actual entry of the Light into the vessel which is an actual sensation of the Creator. The proportion of Light entering the soul is proportional to the amount of knowledge gained about the Creator (revelation), which is called the Light of Wisdom. It is called the Light of Wisdom because this is the quality of the illumination within the person.

So the person should strive to remain within the middle line, between knowledge of the Creator (Wisdom) and Faith ( Creators benevolence).  This balance allows a person to maintain the bond within any situation.  When the person can justify the Creators actions in this world, then the individual is in a state of Righteousness and the Light of Wisdom shines upon them.  When the Light of Wisdom is concealed from the person and they lack the understanding of how the Creators action in this world is benevolent, then the person can maintain his Righteousness by seeing that it only appears malevolent because it is Above his reason.  The person maintains his bond with the Creator because he realizes that the Creator has concealed a portion of the Light of Wisdom from him, so that he can draw near the Creator through Faith alone.  Then the individual shines with Grace and Mercy as the sesation of Light from Above descends upon him.

I feel it important to mention that the Light does not change in quality.  However as different amounts of Light fill certain areas of the vessel (soul) it gives us, within our sensations different flavors.

So depending on the ratio of light, we call the Light by different names, by how it feels within us.

So we call the Light,  Truth, Wisdom, Grace, Mercy, Judgement, and much more however the light does not really change, it is us that are sensing it differently depending on the state of our vessel.



By: Jason-John Swartz

“Blessed are the poor in spirit”

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”

Mathew 5:3

Only when there is a sense of lack or emptiness can man enter a state where he now desires to draw near to the Creator.  He comes to realize that he can do nothing in his state, but pray to the Creator to liberate him from his spiritual poverty. 

It is necessary for man to experience both the nearing and subsequent distancing of the Creator.  If the person is continually in a high spiritual state within his inner sensations all the time, the individual will soon come to forget that all comes from the Creators Light.  He will no longer desire to come into adhesion with the Creator.  He will begin to think that it is his own qualities that bring him to divinity and righteousness.  Then what need does he have for the Creator if the light now comes from himself?

The soul is a desire to recieve the light of the Creator.  The soul itself can house the Light and be filled with the Creators light, but has no Light of its own.  Therefore the spiritual declines and the distancing of the Creator is necessary, so that the poverty is sensed and the continual renewal of the prayer and union with the Cretaor can occur.  The distancing of the Creator also allows the person to still perform proper spiritual actions without the pleasure and confidence felt when the Creator nears him.  This allows the soul to mature and walk of its own two feet in faith.  This way the person begins to understand that it pleases the Creator and the Divinity, when a person makes honest effort without sensing the pleasure and joy.  The person can be assured that his intentions are for the Creators joy and not his selfish desire to receive only for the reward.

With this knowlege the person can still work during spiritual declines knowing that it brings joy to the Creator.  The person has faith that the Creator will raise him from the dust and that the emptiness and lack of joy is actually beneficial to his spiritual correction and growth.At this point wether the person feels that the Creator is near or far from him he continues to work for the Creator because he knows that in pleases his maker.

It is important to realize that the Creators Light is constant and does not change.  The Creator does not in reality move closer and farther from him, however this is how the person percieves this within his sensations.


By: Jason-John Swartz


While Unity may seem to be a great concept, when an individual begins to try to make an honest effort they quickly come to the realization that this is extremely difficult nearing the border of impossibility. Even groups of individuals with common goals soon experience first hand the difficultly with Unity. Even within families this desire for Unity can be a great challenge. The more the volume of individuals assembled the more obvious the lack of Unity.  This is even more the case with the topic of religion, spirituality and the Creator.

The desire to unite may be noble, to work together for the good of the whole seems utopian in intention however why is it the more that we try to unite the more it seems further from our reach?  There is division between religion as well as within religions.  Divisions between religious people and spiritual people and so on and so forth.  However I see a window where Unity can occur and it is not in the beliefs themselves.  How can unity occur there, it cannot they are too different.  However the desire to reveal the Creator, and a common intention behind all forms of prayer and worship can occur.  It is my sensation that the Creator is revealed through a pure need and desire to unite with Him.  It is my sensation that when our intention is for his Glory and not our own, his emanation can cloth us.  We sense His abundance as a joy, peace, and serenity that is beyond our understanding.  When this is felt you cannot, NOT fall in love with our Creator.  You begin to want to work for the Creator, there is no threat needed.  Therefore all religions have the potential to build this desire, and to purify this intention.  The Creator searches the heart of humanity only.  If a person has a true need and desire for the revelation of the Creators goodness to his creation, the doors of mercy and wisdom of His ways will not remain closed to anyone.  We must focus on the desires and intentions behind a persons worship…..not how he worships and what language or phrases he utters them in.    

Lets be honest with each other, some Peoples attitudes and personalities might just rub you the wrong way. You my remain silent and act civil however before long the negativity becomes overbearing for most and down comes the whole structure.  However even if this or that individual may be completely opposite in outer qualities we must try to realize that the desires to come closer to the Creator are our bond.  His desire and my desire form a union between us as a collective prayer.  This is where our possibility of Unity lies!!  He or she may have completely different beliefs about the Creator, and this separates us.  However within the heart of these different individual may be the COMMON desire, the common need, the common intention.  Obviously if you do not agree how a person is acting, please leave that persons presence politely.  If you completely disagree with how a religion or group operate then of course do not follow.  However the people within even these places may have a common need desire and intention, however they show it differently. Work within societies laws to non-violently change things, and do not revolt if your efforts do not bare fruit, sometimes there is a higher reasons for unjust things to happen. It is tragic from our narrow perspective especially when something effects you or those close to you personally.  However the masses and the collective advance and evolve through the unfortunate path of suffering and it is only through sometimes very tragic events that the majority recognize the need for change.  Very few from each generation consciously and willing follow the path in equivalence with the Creators plan.  However these few carry the torch of redemption for the masses and with happiness carry on their souls the burden of heaven one could say. 

It is like we are all drowning in the water pulling on each others hair thinking maybe this can pull someone out of the water. We cannot fix a problem in the same state of mind that created it. We must go higher, we must somehow ascend above and see less of and individual perspective and view it from a collective whole.

We must first realize that it is not a group of people who need to change, it is all of humanity. We must realize that our purpose is to work on changing our own nature, not the person to the left or right of me, not this belief structure or that one over there. We can change the world only by changing ourselves.

So for now the only Unity that humanity can hope for is to Unify in one common desire. The desire to reveal the One Eternal Force that is the Light of our salvation. The Force that reforms and corrects our selfish will to receive only for our own personal benefit, and transforms it into a desire to bestow back to the Creator and the collective souls in order to please the Creator.  We must work to receive the Creators abundance with proper intention.  The equivalence of form within our desire, intention can be our bond and together with this bond ascend the mountain of our differences and together receive the purpose of creation. The revelation of His desire to do Good to His creation.

We must bond in a common desire to reveal this Force and Pray as one man and one heart to bring into equivalence our intentions towards each other and the Creator. For Him to adorn and dress our will to receive pleasure for our own benefit, with an intention to bring pleasure to our Creator. As our intention and desires become more and more equivalent to the desire, intention and thought of the Creator we will reveal this Force


By: Jason-John Swartz



A person usual begins his spiritual path after a great deal of suffering, possibly it is physical, psychological, emotional or a combination of these areas. Some require a great deal of suffering which catapults them into the spiritual path while others need very little. Some by the mercy of the Creator are simply born with a certain spiritual desire that seems to point them straight towards the creator at a very early age. However within every genuine seeker, lies a certain void within them that no thing in this world can fill. It is the search for a direct sensation of the Creator. They cannot be content with merely a belief or a theory that satifies the intellect.

Often there is a great deal of shame that appears within many people on the spiritual path. This desire and that desire appears within us, goes away for a week or two then pops back into your desires and thoughts full force. Certain shameful thoughts such as

” Oh no I should not be thinking about this I am spiritual know. What would God think.”

This usually leads to shame and then frustration. On a personal note I remember totally reacting out of anger towards my step daughter once and she responded to me by saying, ” I thought you were spiritual ? ” I later sat down with her in a calmer manner =) and informed her that she doesn’t see me always reading spiritual material because I am some Saint. I am constantly reading because I realize how far from correction I am.

So my point to this posting is simple. It is not us who will correct ourselves directly. It is the Creator who corrects us. We cannot correct ourselves, not even the smalliest aspect of ourselves. The Creator is not hiding from us until we become perfect by our own strenght and then we will merit Union with HIM. The correction of our souls is the work of the one who created it. So be honest with yourself and do not be ashamed of the negative aspects that surface within you. In fact it is good that you realize something is wrong and must change. Being spiritual is not being perfect, it is actually realizing that you are farthest from it. Then what are we to do?

As our efforts increase to fix ourselves with our own strenght and intellect we come to a state of spiritual confusion and exhaustion. We become very sad and frustrated that we seem to not advance, and infact feel sometimes that we are going backwards. However with time this only increases our own desire as we cannot escape this void that must be filled. More and more we enter states of spiritual highs only to again fall back into spiritual darkness. Only when you come to a state of despair and within your heart call out to the Creator will all of your passed effort bare fruit. However it is because you realize that only the Creator can help you. Your plea becomes a true prayer within your heart for the Creator to help you. You can realize that all your passed efforts and failures were necessary. It purified your intentions for correction. It expanded your desire for correction. It developed you need for the creator.

So remember that it is our desire and correct intention that invites the light of the Creator within us. It is the light that corrects us. So of course we make the efforts and try our best, but the ups and downs are normal. The dysfuntion within you is within all of us to certain degrees.

Since none of us have reached the final correction, we must accept with love other peoples flaws like they are your own. The only way we can unite is to go above all of our flaws and connect together in our desire for correction and the revelation of the Creator within of inner sensations.


By: Jason-John Swartz

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