The Gospel Of The Tree

My soul still only a tiny seed was connected to the Tree of Life. It created me and sustained me, we were one.  Until the night I fell from the Heights of its loving branches, and fell upon the dampened soils of this Earth.  Soon the waters of forgetfulness rained down hard upon me.  Deeper and deeper I descended into this world, this Earth my new home.  Where is the Light down here, was it just a dream?  Where comes from this shade of doubt, those shadows of deception. Surely it can’t be the Light that makes these shadows? And like all things in the darkness a great slumber fell upon me.  As I remained alive yet still sleeping, I absorbed all that the Earth had to offer.  I took and I took from the Earth, and as my desire expanded I began to feel the suffering of my captivity.  This shell, this prison, the weight of this Earth upon me!!!!  It was this suffering that began my journey, within my soul arose such fury.  I stumbled into many rocks along the way, as I traveled up through the soils of confusion and dismay.  Where am I headed?  My shell has shredded!!!  The Light, the Light from darkness came sight.  I saw a Tree, my Father, my need.  The memory can back to me, I understood my need to leave, to be free, to become like His Tree.  I fell from the Higher Kingdom of Light and was planted into the kingdom of a certain darkness.  So that I could mature into the Tree of Life’s Likeness. 


Nature is just another way that the Creator speaks to those who do not yet sense a direct spiritual connection to the Upper Force.  The story of your lineage is written upon the heart of mother nature as well.  For all of Creation is speaking only to you.


By: Jason-John Swartz

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